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Judicial Watch • Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points FOIA Production 3 (2-25-14)

Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points FOIA Production 3 (2-25-14)

Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points FOIA Production 3 (2-25-14)

Page 1: Rice’s Benghazi Talking Points FOIA Production 3 (2-25-14)

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United States Department State rvashington, D.C. 20520 

Case No. F-2012-38774 
Ms. Kate Bailey Judicial Watch 
425 Third Street SW, Suite 800 Washington, 20024 
Dear Ms. Bailey: refer our letter dated December 19, 2013, regarding the release certain Department State records under the Freedom Information Act, U.S.C.  
552. have identified additional documents that are responsive your request. these documents, have determined that may released full, may released with excisions pursuant FOIA exemptions (b)(5) and (b)(6), and must withheld full pursuant FOIA exemption (b)(5). enclosure explains Freedom Information Act exemptions and other grounds for withholding material. All released material enclosed. 
Review additional records the United States Mission the United Nations ongoing. will keep you informed your case progresses. you have any questions, you may contact Department Justice attorney Robert Prince (202) 305-3654. Please sure refer the case number, F2012-38774, and the civil action number, 13-951, all correspondence about this case. 
;:; U)alh:f 
Sheryl Walter, Director 
Office Information Programs and Services 
Enclosures: stated. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05416022 Date: 02/24/2014 PART  
Randall, James  
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Fellow USUN'ers and alumni 

Many thanks, Caroline 
!REVIEW AUTHORITY: Archie Bolster, Senior 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05416022 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05416375 Date: 02/24/2014 -- 
ATI00001.txt Sep 30, 2012, 2:53 PM, Ahmed, Salman (USUN) wrote: 
From: Joseph Torsella 

30, 2012 02:48
Sunday, September>To: Ahmed, Salman (USUN) subject: 

AUTHORITY: Archie Bolster, Senior Reviewer! UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05416375 Date: 02/24/2014 

-Doc No. C05415744 Date: 0212412014 OFFICE THE DIRECTOR NATIONAL lNTELLrGENCE ASHING10N, 20511 
September 28, 2012 
Statement the Director of.Public Affairs for the Director ofNational Intelligence, 
Shaw.n Turner, the intelligence related the terrorist attack the U.S. Consulate 
Benghazi, Libya  the aftermath the terrorist attack U.S. personnel and facilities Benghazi, Libya, the Intelligence Community launched comprehensive effort detennine the circumstances surrounding the assault and identity the perpetrators. also reviewed all available intelligence .detennine there might follow-on attacks against our people facilities Libya elsewhere the world. the Intelligence Community collects and analyzes more information related the attack, our understanding the event continues evolve. the immediate aftermath, there was infonnation that led asess that the attack began spontaneously following protests earlier that day our bassy Cairo. provided that initial assessment Executive Branch officials and members Congress, who used that infonnation discuss the attack publicly and provide updates they became available. Throughout-our investigation continued emphasize that information gathered was preliminary and evolving. weleamed more about the attack, revised our initial assessment reflect new infonnation indiating that was deliberate and .organized terrorist attack carried out extremists. .remains unclear any group person exercised overall command and control the attack, and extremist group leaders directed their members participate. However, assess that some those involved were linked groups affiliated with, sympathetic al-Qa'ida continue make progress, but there remain many unanswered questions. more information 
available our analysis will continue evolve more complete undtstanding the circumstances surrounding the terrorist ack.  continue support the ongoing FBI investigationandthe State Departme.nt 
review the Benghazi terrorist attack, providing the full
lities and resources the Intelligence Community those efforts. also will continue meet our responsibility keep Congress fully and currently informed. For its part, the Intelligence Community will continue follow the infonnation about the tragic events Benghazi wherever leads. The President demands and ex.pee that will this, Congress and the American people. the Intelligence Community, owe nothing less than our best efforts this regard, especially the families the four COl,lrageous Americans who lost their lives Benghazi service their country. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415744 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014  Mr. President, this morning you went out your way avoid the use the word 
"terrorism" connection with the Libya attack. 
THE PRESIDENT: Right. you believe that this was terrorist attack? 
THE PRESIDENT: It's too early know exactly how this came about, what group was involved, but obviously was attack Americans. And are going working with the Libyan government make sure that bring these folks justice, one way the other. This has been described mob action, but there are reports that they were very heavily armed with grenades. That doesn' sound like your normal demonstration. 
THE PRESIDENT: said, we're still investigating exactly what happened. don't want jump the gun this. But you're right that this not situation that was exactly the same what happened Egypt, and suspicion is, that there are folks involved this who were looking target Americans from the start. we're going make sure that our first priority get our folks out safe, make sure that our embassies are secured around the world, and then are going after those folks who carried this out. Can you tell what kind ofweapons the protestors had? 
THE PRESIDENT: this point, I'm going wait until we've done full 
investigation. There have been reports --obviously this not the first time that there have been --there have been attacks the consulate bfore. There was attack against the British ambassador. you --this occurred September 11th. Can you tell why the Ambassador was Benghazi yesterday --to evaluate security the embassy --or 
the consulate? 
THE PRESlDENT: Well, keep mind that Chris Stevens somebody who one the first 
Americans the ground when were the process saving Benghazi and providing the opportunity for Libyans create their own democracy. So' this somebody who had been courageous, had been the ground, had helped advise and Secretary Clinton when were taking our actions against Muammar Qaddafi, and somebody who was very familiar with the terrain. was doing the work that does diplomat, helping shape all policies the region time when things are still fairly fragile. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014  

But think it's important note that have Libyan government place that 
fully cooperative, that sees the United States friend, that recognizes played 
important role liberating Libya and providing the Libyan people opportunity 
forge their own destiny. And fact, had Libyans who helped protect our diplomats 
when they were under attack. But this country that still rebuilding the aftermath Qaddafi. They don't necessarily always have the same capabilities that countries with 
more established governments might have helping provide protection our folks. 

But beyond that, what want make sure that know exactly what happened, 
how happened, who perpetrated this action. And then we'll act accordingly. Can you tell anything about the Marines that were killed? Were they assigned the consulate? 

THE PRESIDENT: Well_, we're still the process notifying couple 
families. haven't released their names.-And don't want into details that. Okay. Your opponent, Governor Romney used the attack Libya and also the 
situation, the incident Cairo yesterday, attack your policy, after your foreign 
policy fairly broad-based attack. What are your"thoughts that? 

THE PRESIDENT: think most Americans, Democrats Republicans, understand 
that there are times where set politics aside, and one those when we've got 
direct threat American personnel who are overseas. And think that you look 
how most Republicans have reacted, most elected officials, they've reacted responsibly, 
waiting find out the facts before they talked, making sure that our number-one priority the safety and security American personnel. appears. that Governor Romney didn't have his facts right. The situation 
Cairo was one which embassy that being threatened major protests releases 
press release saying that the film that had distured many Muslims around the world 
wasn' representative what Americans believe about Islam, an effort cool the 
situation down. didn't come from me; didn' come from Secretary Clinton; came 
from folks the ground who are potentially danger. 

And tendency cut folks little bit slack when they're that 
circumstance, rather than try question their judgment from the comfort campaign 
offi ce. 

And have say that, more broadly, believe the First Amendment. one the hallmarks our Constitution that I'm sworn uphold. And are 
always going uphold the rights for individ4als speak their mind. the other hand, 
this film not representative who are and our values, and think it's important for communicate that. That's never excuse for violence against ericans --which why number-one priority, and initial statement focused making sure that not 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 
only are Americans safe, but that after anybody who would attack Americans. 

There's broader lesson learned here. Governor Romney seems have tendency shoot first and aim later, and President, one the things I've learned you can't that that it's important for you make sure that the statements you make are backed the facts and that you've thought through the ramifications before you make them. you think was irresponsible? 
THE PRESIDENT: I'll let the American people judge that. know we're moving different segment, but there might one other thing that might useful for tell you about this --if you guys are still filming. 
This also obviously reminder that, for all the progress that we've made fighting terrorism, that we're living volatile world, and our troops, but also our dipiomats and our intelligence officers, they're putting their lives the line every single day some very dangerous circumstances. And think Chris was example the best that our diplomatic corps has offer --somebody who was the ground and because his actions and his courage, helped create environment which thousands oflive have been saved, and was full energy and hopefulness about the relationship that the United States and Libya can develop over the long term.  honor his sacrifice. honor Sean Smith's sacrifice. But think also 
have understand that have remain vigilant, and that even continue apply 
pressure Qaeda and other elements that are affiliated, that big chunks the 
world --in Northern Africa and the Middle East --you've got lot dangerous 
characters, and we've got make sure that we're continuing apply pressure 
them. And that's something that I'm detennined do. 

And hope that all Americans recognize the sa,crifices that lot our personnel, military 
and civiiian, are making across the world make sure that we'.re safe. Prime Minister Netanyahu 
lay out some kind series --some way measure when might use military 
force? How much pressure have you been getting from Prime Minister Netanyahu 
make your mind use military force [ran? 
THE PRESIDENT: Well, look, have conversations with Prime Minister Netanyahu all the time, and understand and share Prime Minister Netanyahu's insistence that Iran should not obtain nuclear weapon. are lockstep agreement that. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 -- 
interest, well fsrael's interest. And are Lhere going occasional tactical 
differences tenns how achieve that? Absolutely. But I've got tactical 
differences with all our close allies. don't agree with Great Britain Japan any 
country every single issue, and they don't always agree with me. But our general 
trajectory the same. And the friendship and bond between the United States and Israel 
transcends party, and it, frankly, transcends whoever the particular President Prime 
Minister .is any given time. You're saying you don't feel any pressure from Prime Minister Netanyahu, the 
middle campaign, try and get you change your policy and draw line the 
sand? You don't feet any pressure? 

THE PRESIDENT: When comes our national security decisions, any pressure 
that feet simply what's right for the American people. And going block 
out any noise that's out there. 

Now, feel obligation __ not pressure, but obligation --to make sure that we're 
close consultation with the Israelis these issues because affects them 
deeply. They're one our closest allies the region, and we've got Iranian regime 
that has said horrible things that directly threaten Israel's existence and they've acted 
through proxies otherwise attack close friend and ally ours. And that's not 
acceptable. have obligation make sure that are coordinating very closely 

And this not assessment --this the assessment the current Secretary 
Defense Israel --is that the cooperation militarily and tenns intelligence between 
the United States and.Israel has never been closer. That's what counts. Have the events that took place the Middle East, the recent events the Middle 
East, given you any pause about your support for the governments that have come 
power following the Arab Spring? 

THE PRESIDENT: Well, [said even the time that this going a rocky 
path. You look country like Egypt, this the first democratic govenunent they've 
had --what --7,000 years, right? mean, you don't have the same civil society and 
traditions and habiLs where suddenly they're going start operating like the United States Switzerland overnight. 
But the questi6n presumes that somehow could have stopped this wave 
change. And was early assessment that over time, this world where information flowing constantly and ideas are constantly flowing and images are constantly flowing, 
that was untenable expect that the people the Middle East --Arabs, North 
Africans --that somehow they would think,. well, everybody else has freedom, but 
don't have it; everybody"else has voice their government, but don't have it. 

And think was absolutely the right thing for align ourselves with 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 

democracy, universal rights, notion that people have able participate their own governance. But was pretty certain, and continue pretty certain, that there are going bumps the road, because lot these places the one organizing 
pr pie has been Islam, the one part society that hasn't been controlled completely fue govenunent. There are strains extremism and anti-Americanism and anti-Western ;entiment and anti-modem sentiment some those countries that are strong and can tapped into demagogues. we're going have work very carefully these countries say :upport democracy, support freedom, support universal rights, but part what :onsider democracy protecting women from abuse, making sure that religious ninorities are protected, that there's transparency and openness how governments 1perate, that abhor corruption. 
And the more that we're talking about those values and being clear about what 
Ur interests are, then there will probably some times where bump against some ifthese countries and have strong disagreements, but think that over the long term ve're more likely get Middle East and North Africa that more peaceful, more rnsperous, and more aligned with our interests. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415824 Date: 02/24/2014 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415826 Since the Benghazi tragedy, your opponent has attacked you being weak national defense and weak foreign policy. says you need more aggressive Iran, you haven't done enough support the revolt Syria, and that our friends don't know where stand and our enemies think we're weak. 
THE PRESIDENT: Well, let's see what I've done since came into office. said I'd end the war Iraq --I did. said that we'd after Qaeda --they've been decimated the FAT That we'd after bin Laden --he's gone. And that would begin transitioning Afghanistan building our Afghan security forces that can start brnging our troops home. l've executed foreign policy and it's one that the American people largely agree with. 
With respect Iran, we've mobilized unprecedented economic sanctions regime the Iranian government, and consequence the economy weakened. Their influence actually waning the regionAnd think that across the board, what we've done 
we've aligned ourselves with democracies, understanding that it's going bumpy 
road ahead. Governor Romney suggesting that should start another war, should say so. lfhe has specific suggestions rather thanjust'rhetoric, then I'm sure the American people would want hear it. But what think that admi nistration has tried focus those tlu'eats that directly impact the United States, build alliances work together with accomplish our goals, strengthen our alliances around the 
world. And accomplished that. One the things that has been --I think most Americans think we're spending too much money. The national ebt has gone percent the four years that you've been office. know you say you proposed trillion cuts. What are the cuts? And one the big issues entitlements. Are you willing cut entitlements, and how? 
THE PRESIDENT: Well, first all, Steve, think it's important understand the context .here. When came office inherited the biggest deficit our history, and over the last four years the deficit has gone up, but percent that consequence two wars that weren't paid for, consequence tax cuts that weren't paid for, prescription drug plan that was not paid for, and then the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression. Now, took some emergency actions, but that accounts for about percent this increase the deficit. 
And what I've already done worked deal with Republicans cut discretionary spending trillion dollars, the largest reduction discretionary spending very, very long time. And have actually seen the federal government grow slower pace than any time since Dwight Eisenhower --in fact, substantially lower than 

AUTHORITY: Archie Bolster, Senior 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415826 Date: 02/24/2014 
Date: 02/24/2014
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. artment State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415826 Date: 02/24/2014 

the federal government grewunder either Ronald Reagan George Bush. that's the context which we've got make some decisions going forward. I'm prepared lot more and I've already put together package trillion reductions. And I've also said that can some serious entitlement reform, but what won't take Governor Romney and Congressman Ryan's recommendation turn Medicare into voucher system, which would dump more costs seniors. What I'm not willing pay for another tax cut for folks like you and cutting help to young people college, basicTesearch that might end providing cures for debilitating diseases. That's not recipe for growth. 

And can reduce our deficit, including making some smart_ decisions Medicare, particular, where we're focused lowering health care costs reforming how health care delivered. But don't need voucherizing the system and dump those costs seniors, because, frankly, they can't afford right now. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415826 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415294 Date: 02/24/2014 

days. moments such this --so much anger and violence --even the most hopeful among 
must wonder. 

But amid all the images week, also think the Libyans who took the streets wit homemade signs expressing their gratitude American who believed what could achieve together. think the man Benghazi with his sign English, message wanted all hear that said, "Chris Stevens was friend all Libyans. Chri.s Stevens was friend." 

That'.s the message these four patriots sent. That's the message that each you sends every day civilians, litary --to people every corner the world, that America friend, and that care not just about our own country, not just about our own interests, but about theirs; that even voices suspicion and mistrust seek divide countries and cultures from one another, the United States America will never retreat from the world. will never stop working for the dignity and freedom that every person deserves, whatever their creed, whatever their faith. 
That's the essence American leadership. That's 
the spirit that sets apart from other nations. This was their work Benghazi, and this the work will carry on. you --their families and colleagues --to all Americans, know this: Their sacrifice will never forgotten. will bring justice those who took them from us. will stand fast against the violence our diplomatic missions. will continue everything our power protect Americans serving overseas, whether that-means increasing security our diplomatic posts, working countries, which have obligation provide security, and making 
lear that justice will come those who hann Americans 

Most all, even our grief, will resolute. For are Americans, and hold our head high knowing because these patriots  because you --this country that love will always shine light unto the world. 
11Greater love hath man than this, that man lay down h!s life for his friends." The flag they served under now carries them home. May God bless the memory these men who laid do"Wn their lives for all. May God watch over your families and all who loved them. And may God bless these United States America. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415294 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415296 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415296 Date: 02/241f/2?io"11iA4--.- Senator McCain, about Syria. There are reports that the Syrian forces Assad are using 
airplanes strike towns. Now, that was sort red line for our actions, no-fly zone, Libya. 
What's the difference this time? 

SEN. MCCAIN: The president refuses lead. The president refuses even speak up. When 
was the last time the president the United_ States spoke for the over 20,000 people -men, 
women and children ....:. that have been massacred Bashar Assad? 

Obviously, are not providing assistance them, according published reports. It's obvious 
that the region cries out for American leadership, which totally missing. And the slaughter 
goes on. question the president the United States and the administration is, how many more 
have die? How many more Syrians have wounded, raped, murdered and tortured before 
the United States will least provide them with weapons they can defend themselves? 
Now they are being attacked tanks, artillery and airplanes. Ct's shameful chapter 
American history. Thank you. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415296 Date: 02/24/2014 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
White House. Press 
Note: This includes topical inde.xfor ease use. Note that Toria did not brief until 4:30pm, will provide that transcript soon it's available. 
Libya/Unrest the Middle East 
the film 
15. will ensure 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

Doc No. C0541 5297 
Date: 02/24/201 also need understand that this fairly volatile situation. And response not 
United States policy, not to, obvi?usly, the administration, not the American people. response video, film, that have judged reprehensible and disgusting. That way ustifies any violent reaction it, but not case protest directed the United States writ large U.S. policy. This response video that offensive and --to Muslims. 
Again, this not any way justifying violence. And we've spoken very clearly out against that and condemned it. And the president making sure his conversations with leaders around the region that they are committed, hosts diplomatic facilities, that --to protect both personnel and buildings and other facilities that are part the U.S. representation those countries. intelligence that could have been acted prevent these attacks One colleagues the Associated Press asked you direct question, was there any direct intelligence suggesting that there would attack the U.S. consulates. You said that story --referred story being false and said there was actionable intelligence, but you didn't answer his question. Was there any intelligence, period --intelligence, period, suggesting that there was going attack either the
MR. CARNEY: There was intelligence that any way could have been acted prevent thes.e attacks. --I mean, think the DNI spokesman was very declarative about this, tbat the report false. The report suggested that there was intelligence that was available prior this 

that led believe that this facility would attacked, and that false. Refer State security Benghazi, President ordered review security around the 
world Why was there not adequate security around Ambassador Stevens? 
MR. CARNEY: tenns the security the Benghazi facility post, would have refer 
you the State Department for specifics about what security was there. 
There was security presence. was, unfortunately, not enough resist the attacks that saw, 
and resulted the tragic loss life, bui there was security. also the case that reaction 
this, the president has ordered that review all our security arrangements for embassy 
facilities and other diplomatic facilities around the world. But terms the specific security 
that was place Benghazi, I'd have refe you the State Department. Violence not reaction the 9/1 anniversary U.S. policy Wouldn't seem logical thi,it the anniversary 9/1 would time that you would want 
have extra securit}' around diplomats and military posts? 

MR. CARNEY: Well, you know, there --we are very vigilant around anniversaries like 9/1 
The president always briefed and brought speed all the precautions being taken. But 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
failure the Obama administration? Did the president and his administration mess any 
MR. CARNEY: Jake, again, what have seen unrest around the region response tl:J 
video that Muslims find offensive, many Muslims find offensive. have seen incidents like this the past reaction other actions, cartoons, and other actions that have been taken that have been --have led protests and violence the region. 
And have managed those situations, and are working ensure that our diplomatic 
personnel and our diplomatic are secure deal with the response this video, 

which believe offensive and disgusting. (Offmic.) 
(Cross talk. 
MR. CARNEY: Again, don't think --I think you have understand what happening 
currently the region and what response to. This not --this has been No, don't need understand that, think the people who protect the embassies need 
understand it. 

MR. CARNEY: The cause"ofthe unrest was video, and that continues today, you know, anticipated. And may continue for sometime. are working with governments around the 
region remind them their responsibilities provide security diplomatic personnel and 
facilities, and are ens-uring that more resources are put place protect our embassies and 
consulates and our personnel these parts the world where unrest occurring. 

11. There's anti-American sentiment around the Middle East, violence not proper 
reaction offensive film You mentioned number times now that this was response video film. Would you not agree, though, that's moved beyond that, tbat some are stirring violence focusing 
U.S. policy targeting the U.S. general, that it's longer j1..1st about film? 
MR. CARNEY: Well, the reason why there unrest because the film. Well, that's --(inauciible)
MR. CARNEY: don't doubt --sparked -it. 
MR. CARNEY: think that's what sparked it. Right, but it's moved beyond that, 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

Date: 02/24/20:f14nl 
MR. CARNEY: Well, don't --we obviously are not polling protesters find out what their motivations are. There question that there's anti-American sentiment various countries around the Middle East. That's not discovery think we've made today. Vhat the case_is that the protesters these countries are not representative the broader sentiment those countries 
.--at least the sense that sentiment that would say that the reaction --the proper 
film tliat offensive violence.   said yesterday, that's not keeping with [slam and it's certainly something that not accept. And have made clear leaders the region that they need make clear that not acceptable reaction film, however offensive might be. Again, this not film that the United States government had anything with. reject its message and its contents. find both disg1,1sting and reprehensible. 
America has history religious tolerance and respect for religious beliefs. And that history 
goes back our nation's founding. But there absolutely --as I've said, absolutely 
justification all for responding this movie with violence. And are making --we are 
working, rather, make sure that Muslims.around the globe hear that message. 

12. Should those arrested for the attacks tried the U.S.? Jay (inaudible) --sorry, it's understanding that least four people have been arrested 
the deaths the Americans. Does the president think that whoever's arrested for these --for this 
violence should tried here the U.S.?  CARNEY: This ongoing investigation. We're obviously working with our  with the 
Libyan government this matter.   
The president has made. clear that wants the assailants, the attackers, brought justice. 
But I'm not going pejudge outcomes courses of. action this investigation under way. 
13. Netanyahu call, co1.11mitment preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon, stlll 
time for sanctions, options are off the table (Off mic) -another question about the phone call that the president had with Benjamin 
Netanyahu. correct that the president refused lay down red line terms what Iran 
shouldn't cross with its nuclear program? 

MR. CARNEY: This has been ongoing discussion the press. It's not specific the phone 
call, the one many, that the president has had with Prime Minister Netanyahu. The president's 
red line has been clear. The president has made clear that committed preventing Iran 
from acquiring nuclear weapon. are completely sync with Israel that matter. There daylight between the United States and Israel when comes the absolute commitment 
preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapon.  

.We are pursuing policy that includes incredibly intense punitive sanctions, ooprecedented 
history, against Iran - sanctions that are place result ofdiplomatic work that has created international consensus that did not exist prior President Obama taking office and that has 
resulted, again, unprecedented pressure and isolation for the regime Tehran. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
21. U.S. denounces (not apologizes for) video, cannot and will not squelch freedom 
expression think you just answered question. Muslims --the Muslim Brotherhood both Egypt 
ind Tunisia have suggested they want the U.S., the Obama administration, apologize for this 
video. that something you all have considered doing have done? 

MR. CARNEY: Absolutely not. have made clear that find offensive and reprehensible 
and disgusting. But --I mean, --if i_n that sense yciu mean --l mean, have denounced it. are --we have said find offensive and reprehensible, but will not --you know, 
cannot and will not squelch freedom ofexpression this country. --it foundational principle this nation. Jay, freedom the expression issues aside, you know any government agencies are 
frying get the bottom who produced this video? there any --(inaudible)
MR. C;RNEY: don't. I've seen lot reporters attempting find out its origin, but have 
not heard any --but just --you would have direct that some other agencies. But --not 
that I'm aware of. you --do you see any reason for any federal agences look into it? 
MR.CARNEY: don't. --I mean, think, based what I'vejust said, the issue here isn't --. 
you know, all know what the --what the film and its contents and understand why is 
offensive Muslims. also understand that there justification for violence reaction 

at and have made that message clear around the world. We've --the presidentis mad.e 
.;tatements, the secretary state, have consulted with leaders --Muslim leaders around the 
world and asked theqi make clear that violence not acceptable response this film. 
Was the president made aware this film before after the violence --(off mic)? 

MR. CARNEY: Made aware the film? 
Because seems like you're pinning lot this the film. I'm just curious when the 
president was aware film that could potentially incendiary. 

MR. CARNEY: would have take the question. I'm not aware --I certainly wasn't aware the film before there was unrest related it. 
OK: And could just follow --you earlier said the course --the cause the unrest 
was video, then you (redid that similar --something similar (later ?). That --I just want clear --that's true Benghazi and Cairo? 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 Date: 02/24/2014 

MR. CARNEY: l'm saying that that --what --the incident Benghazi, wetl el,sewhere
these are all being investigated --what I'm saying that have evidence this time 
suggest otherwise, that there was preplanned ulterior instigation behind that unrest. 
22. Carney; don't believe the White House asked Yout.ube take the video down Jay, did the White House ask YouTube take that video down? 
MR. CARNEY: I'm sorry, I'd have --l don't believe so, but I'll have --l'll have take that question. anybody the administration? 
MR. CARNEY: --we'll have take it. And the Chicago teacher strike
MR. CARNEY: believe --I mean, wasn't --again, l'm just --based press reports, was taken down the --in the region, right, not everywhere? Yea, I'll have --I'll have take (Off mic) --intervened made request anything like that? 
MR. CARNEY: Let take that. 
23. Morsi call discussed need secure diplomatic facilities and personnel, important strategic partnership with Egypt Can you back little bit the call that made the president Egypt? What --was anything particular that prompted that call? And apparently they've erected new fence, wall, overnight, concrete wall. Was that dicussed during the call with the president? Was anyone

MR. CARNEY: don't think specific measures discussed. The point the call --I 
remember made several --he has made several calls leaders the region --was discuss 
with them the unrest and the measures that these countries are taking ensure the security 	diplomatic facilities and American personnel. And that was the --that was the crux the 
conversation with President Morsi. (Off mic) -he expressed displeasure with the initial reaction fro(n the Egyptian government 
and asked them
MR. CARNEY: gave readout the call. don't really have more for that --more that 
for you. think made clear that have important strategic partnership with Egypt. are 
working very closely with Egypt and the government there assist in, you know, helping 
stabilize the situation the country and helping its economy improve transitions 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
But the president also made clear that Egypt has obligations, other countries in-the region and countries all over the world, ensure that diplomatic representations those countries are secure_ The whole point embassies and diplomatic faci lities --the purpose behind them allow for the peaceful interaction between nations build relationships, build partnerships and avoid conflict. And that why important that embassies, consulates, other facilities 
and personnel are protected. 
24. U.S. remains vigilant unrest, tries get out message that video has nothing with U.S. policy Jay, you were talking about the U.S. experience with reactions either accidental purposeful anti-Muslim --burning Qurans, cetera. question is: For U.S. personnel who are abroad who are --who are seei"ng this erupt now over what you're saying is, far know, based film --purportedly anti-Muslim folks --is there concerp. the U.S. government that this would encourage others who have these motivations continue trying inj ecf these thoughts into that part the world where this reaction could predicted? And the United States the government making any additional effort either surveil protect, you know, American personnel monitor this infonnation consider this almost like act war, continuing inject that kind thought into that region? 
MR. CARNEY: Alexis, think have, nation, been posture, especial since 9/1 but even prior that, where have monitored and been aware anti-American sentiment that region the world and elsewhere. 
And obviously are absolutely vigilant and continue be. And that the work many agencies, particular the intelligence community.  --you know, have seen --since 9/1 have seen periods like this, where there ha been unrest reaction specific incidents, including Danish cartoons and including other incidents that have taken place that have offended Muslims different countries and led unrest directed either the West specifically the United States. 
And this something that both this administration.and the prior administration have had 
manage. And tenns policy, continue make clear that this case find the video reprehensible and disgusting. continue try get the message out broadly can, that this video --has nothing do, not any way related the American govenuuent. 
does not represent who are what believe. 
And continue pursue policies the region that are aimed helping these countries that. 
are transition through this traumatic transformation that's lJ.appening towards democracy, 
towards better future and towards, hope and are working for, stronger, better relationship 
with the United States. 
25. Focus shoul the four American lost Libya, will debate foreign policy later Jay, notwithstanding your explanations today for the reasons for the violence the Middle East, there are Republicans --Donald Rumsfeld, John McCain --who say the attacks our diplomatic posts the Middle East are_ result perceived American weakness. you want respond that? 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

Date: 02/241/:/22COi1144-..I 
Muhammad and all prophets because they are symbols for humanity, for the entire humanity, and 
insulting them insult millions human beings who respect them and hold them high 
esteem. And any kind insult would only provoke hate and conflict between people. An'd world that tired conflict. It's tired hate. And needs policies that promote 
peace and security. 
Speech Egyptian President Mursi joint news conference with bis Italian counterpart Rome September 
Thank you President for these words and for this greeting, thank you all for attending. feel spirit real friendship while holding these talks during visit Italy following the 
visits yesterday with the and officials, and quick visit with the prime minister 
Belgium, but there doubt that relations between Egypt and Italy are historical and 
important, and now make great steps this trac make the relations more distinguished 
and stronger all fields. thank the president, the prime minister, the government and people Italy for standing 
beside the Egyptian people during their revolution. noteworthy that none of the Italian companies operating Egypt stopped their work during 
and after the revolution and during this transitional period. Rather, their production increased. 
Also, the decrease the number Italian tourists Egypt was limited during and after the 
revolution and the number now increasing and becoming bigger than before the revolution. 

The talks held today are complementary yesterday's talks with the Italian prime minister 
and the government. handled many issues, dear president explained. Among these 
issues was the Italian support, the people, government and leadership, the Egyptian people their democratic process, the democratic transition, the establislunent new Egypt; the 
freedom; Egypt the country citizenship; country that based citizenship and democracy, 
the respect constitution and law; modern q:rnntry have made great progress this process Egypt, and now move the direction 
comprehensive development and economic development. this regard, our friends, Italy 
the top, supporting and cooperating with all these field.s.  
There doubt that international peace needs communication, understanding, and mutual 
respect; respect beliefs, respect diversit}r and respect opinions, and the existence 
diverse opinions. 

Peace cannot achieved unless there mutual respect among all peoples the world. 
Egypt are committed this. respect this diversity, and (have] contact with all nations the 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
The Egyptian nation respects all nations. The Egyptian people have ancient civilization, and are now making quantum leap the field public freedoms, the achievement ofjustice, equality and social justice, fair distribution wealth, the geat renaissance look forward to, and the stability aspire [to achieve]. 
The Egyptian people are also moving towards the world and opening all doors all the East and the West; all doors are opened, but not the expense others. exert efforts, conununicate love. came you with clear message peace after Europe and many areas the world suffered, and still suffer, from agonies wars. 
There way for this world live prosperity and stability but through genuine peace, 
which cannot achieved through aggression against one another; individuals against 
individuals, nation against nation, governments against governments. you know, what happened several days ago, that the bad attempts -which reject -to insult Prophet Muhammad Islam. reject this; the Egyptian people reject it, and antagonize those who did that. We'll never accept this. Also all free people the world reject this. People and governments Europe reject this; also the est and west the world; also the people know, the president told -reject this behavior. all stand against this behavior. cannot accept this type aggression any attempt bum the means communication spread discord among people. 
All the wold have realize that these itnmature and bad actions yield good [results] rather they draw attention away frotn: the real problems this world, like the problem Syria,the issue Palestine and Palestinians, the instability and lack peace the Middle East. all realize that this will not derail from accomplishing our main mission. are going 
ahead with achieving peace the region. are keen that peace. talked with the president about this, and this unacceptable. 
Islam, you know, respects beliefs [of others] respects the others, keen the ahie.vement freedom. All humans are respected arid have rights. [Koranic verse] "We have honored the sons Adam." 
People have the right believe they like. coercion religion, and coercion belief. restriction opinions. So, all should and realize that. 
All attendants, President, look forward more peaceful future, and more cooperative 
future. look forward extending the hand cooperation all nations. also look forward 
very distinguished ties with Italy all fields, industry, agriculture, trade, exchange expertise, development, research, and modern science the light genuine peace and distinguished relations. Egypt said quite clearly that never accept the killing illl1ocents, attacks embassies, consulates diplomatic corps. our duty and the duty all governments the 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 Doc No. C05415297 
Date: 02/24/2014 

world protect diplomatic missions, tourists, ambassadors, and public and private property. And Egypt part this world will that. flatly and strongly reject any kind attack murder these [innocent] people. 
completely reject this. And stressed words the last days various occasions that 
extend condolences the people over those killed Benghazi. The Libyan people are 
against this, their leaders said. Egypt -leaders and people -are against this. our 
perspective, the killing people prohibited. [Koranic verse] "[.f any one slew person -unless for murder for spreading mischief the land -it would slew the whole 
people: and ifany one saved life, would ifhe saved the life the whole people." thank the president for these useful and constructive talks and for this pleasant atmosphere. 
wish you aU. best luck, and look forward better and stronger ties between and [taly the 

Thank you very much. 
'Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan 
Quotes from H.E Prime Minister Recep TayyipErdogan' Speech Delivered 
Yalta Annual Meeting
September 14, 2012 

Today the holy Friday. should very careful against provocations that may lead 
violence, terror and hanning innocent people. Friday, pray and gather the name 
our high values. sho1:1ld protect oui values with utmost care and remain committed the 
sense Alliance Civilizations. should never 
deceived the provocations. want 
remind the Muslims the world one more time. The movie was serious provocation and 
highly serious instigation. 'Those who have resorted violence seek 
launch provocations against Muslims and not accept it. can never accept it. insult the high values Islam and Holy Prophet Muhammad cannot branded freedom expression beliefs. Insults religions, Prophets and sacred values 
cannot interpreted within the context freedom ideas criticism. Such 
offensive approaches harm the realm thought, belief and criticism. This also cause and 

effect relationship. therefore, leaders, should take necessary precautions against such provocative movements. The movie insulting Islam and Prophet Muhammad open provocation and hostile action. All must strongly and decisively condemn such actions the name fundamental human rights and world peace. While peaceful protests are legitimate and components democracy, violence and terrorism cannot seen this context. this regard, Istrongly condemn the terrorist attacks against the Embassy Libya killing innocent people. 

This neither conscientiously nor Islamic Islam, advising peace all 
humanity, condemns terrorist actions causing hann innocent people. Nobody can put the blame [slam justify terrorist actions and acts violence such the attack the USA 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
diplomatic mission Libya. Those perpetrating such actions exploiting Islamic discourse and 
symbols are the ones that cause the most damage the Muslims. Therefore, both the mentality 
an.d organization behind this movie and those perpetrating terrorist actions exploiting fslamic 
symbols and discourse must condetlllled vehemently." 

Saudi Arabia 
Saudi Arabia today condemned the violent reactions number countries against U.S. 
interests and the film that offensive the Prophet Mohammed. 
"The Kingdom Saudi Arabia expressed condolences and sympati1y the United States 
America over the victims the violent acts Libya, which targeted the U.S. Consulate 
Benghazi," official source said statement. "The Kingdom Saudi Arabia also deplored 
film that offensive Prophet Mohammed (peace upon him) produced irresponsible 
group the United State.s America, con.firming the Kingdom's rejection all acts that hann 
religions and their symbols," the official source added. 
Tunisia Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali 
TUNIS (TAP) -Prime Minister Hamadi Jebali condemned, Thursday, "the attacks that target 
diplomatic missions" which are offered immunity international tradition and Islamic 
teachings. communique made public the Prime Ministry, following Wednesday's "terrorist attack" the American consulate Benghazi, and killing the l.J.S: Ambassador and three his 
assodates, Mr. Hamadi Jebali extended his heartfelt condol.ences the family ofthe defunct and the American government. 

The Prime Mnister reasserted "Tunisia's commitment comply with the international customs 
that guarantee protection the diplomatic missions and safety all representations, well 
all tourists and visitors hosts." 
Statement Egyptian President Mursi September the name God; Islamic sanctities, the Prophet (peace upon him) red lin all us, 
Muslims. All Muslims reject any sort violation offence against our Prophet Muhanunad 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
(peace be. upon him). All redeem the Prophet with our souls and hearts. not accept all; condemn and antagonize [anybody] who assaults attacks our Prophet (peace upon him) words,deeds, terms. This attitude rejected all Muslims and all Egyptians. Expressing the entire Egyptian people, conde!llll and confront everybody who makes any sort offence against lhe Prophet (peace upon him), any our Islamic sanctities words 
deeds. say those irresponsible people, who want foment sedition and fuel conflicts among 
peoples: You will not succeed; you will have place this soil. know that peoples the free world, peace-loving people the world, condemn, reject and 
stand this. This what want stress our part. the same time, all realize that Islam rejects the [violation of] the sanctity oflife, the 
killing innocent people, and the aggression against any people. 
Expression opinion, freedom demonstrating and announcement positions are guaranteed, but there should violation against public private properties, diplomatic missions 
 embassies. our duty protect our guests and those who come from the outside world, protect the places where they live, and protect their work. This lies the core our religion. All should fulfil this duty. Thus, callon everybody take this into consideration, and not commit arty violation assaults embassies, consulates diplomatic missions, public private properties owned Egyptians foreigners. know well that the conscious Egyptians wouk not that.Those who attack embassies not represent us. All should cooperate expressing our opinion, while preservfog our principles and peaceful, righteous means, which the whole world agrees with us. the same time, own behalf and behalf the Egyptian people, offer sincere condolences and feeling sympathy, and [expressJ rejection the killing the ambassador and those who were with him Benghazi.We reject this and does Islam. God, the sanctity oflife greater that the sanctity Al-Ka'bah. Our Prophet (peace him), whom defend taught this. defend our Prophet and antagonize those who conunit any offence against 
him, wherever they come from. 
This morning spoke with the president, and stressed the necessity taking legal deterrent procedures against those who sabotage relations among peoples, especially between the and Egyptian peoples. 
This act was committed before this person who offended Qur'an. Now tries desperately [in cooperation] with others insult the Prophet (peace upon him).I stressed the president that this rejected and cannot accepted.We realize the civilized nature ofthe peopleand assert that the Egyptian people less civilized, less keen preserve international relations and peace, than any people the world. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 reject what happened Libya. And know well that the Libyan people and leadership reject this, and they announced this clearly. assert everybody that are against anybody who violates sanctities. But all 

antagonize those who attack our sanctities Prophet (peace upon him). And all stand fomly them. This does not mean that offend anybody act the same way conunit any sort violation against others. 

'If anyone killed person not retaliation murder, (and) spread mischief the land -it would ifhe killed all mankind, and anyone saved life, would saved the life all mankind'. 

This our stance and this our religion. not assault anybody and never accept assault against our sanctities. The Egyptian state able protect its soil; people, guests, 
diplomatic missions, embassies, hotels, consulates and all properties owned Egyptians and those who live Egypt. spare effort protect them. 
God willing, nobody will never offended. are keen that. interact with the whole world peaceful way; hope that peace would extend the whole world. 

his sincere apologies President Obama and the people the United States America for the attack that occurred earlier today the U.S. embassy Sana'a, Yemen. 
President Hadi ordered the authorities conduct expeditious and thorough investigation into today's events. H.E. ensured the public that the perpetrators these acts will prosecuted the full extent the law. H.E. described the protesters "rowdy group" that acted without any knowledge conspiracies derail Yemeni-American relations. H.E. also highlighted that the divisions among Yemen's security and military forces due the 201 events have contributed the amplification the incident. H.E. warned the public that such acts will reflect negatively the warm relations between Yemen and the American public. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

The General National Congress Libya (GNC) and the Transitional G9vemment ytish express their strong condemnation a!J.d disapproval for the criminal attack the American Consulate Benghazi yesterday, the death his Excellency the Ambassador and staff 
members, injury numerous people, and daage the building. emphasize that this disgraceful act contrary the teachings our values and religion, well:as the Islamic and Arabic cuttural norms hospitality. During time when strongly condemn any attempt abuse insult the Prophet 
This criminal act has coincided with numerous attempts those who seek hamper the democratic aspirations Libya. They have taken stance against the GNC and Transitional 
Government order spoil the joy the Libyan people and derail what has been accomplished Libya, and obstruct our progress, which includes capturing some the exregime members like Abdulla Sanousi. This confirms that the cowardly act comes part series ofincidents of.the 2117 revolution, which conspires thwart the security the country. After the joint meeting which lasted until the early morning between the GNC and Transitiona 
Government and its many members and security and military offices, some strict legal measurements were taken put stronghold the offenders and bring them justice, in. protection the national and homeland security. Also, united entity was formed between the GNC and Transitional Government follow the security situation and specifically ensure that security measures are taken. There will constant communication and confirm that one will flee large from justice and accountability. 

Also, the GNC and Transitional Goveriunent present the name the Libyan .people their deepest condolences the Government, the American people, the families the Ambassador and victims, and confirm the close ties between Libya and the United States, which have becom:e even clqser since the decision the American government support the revolution 211 conclusion, assure that diplomatic delegations, foreign companies and expatriates Libya are under the protection our security, which shall ensure their safety. call for all the Libyan people and the Libyan institutions stand united front against anyone who tries undennine Libyan safety, thwart the potential Libya distort the Libyan image. 

Press Release 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

Date: 02/24/2014  
lslamic Society Greater Houston (ISGH) Condemns Attack Libya 
ISGH mourns the loss Ambassador Christopher Stevens, and other members the 
Libyan diplomatic mission this act senseless killing Libya, and uncertain words, 
condemn this heinous crime. have message these people who claim have done this the name Islam: 
First, the Quran very explicit; whoever kills innocent person has killed all 
humankind :32). Second, Islam religion law; not lawlessness. person has the right plaintiff, judge and executioner. therefore the obligation ofthe Libyan government 

track down the criminals and bring them justice. 	 extend our heartfelt sympathies the family Ambassador Chris Stevens and the others, 
who sacrificed their lives help the Libyan people their struggle for independence and
Vfe must amplify the voices moderation and strengthen the moderates who stand forjustice 
and peaceful coexistence. 
Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families this painful day. stand 
solidarity with President Obama and members the United states Department State serving 
throughout the world, and support them their continued resolve combat the spread 

American Islamic Congress 
WASHINGTON, Sept. 12, 2012 The American Islamic Congress (AIC) expresses its deepest
condolences the families four fellow Americans killed Benghazi, Libya yesterday, 
including U.S. Ambassador Libya John Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean 
Smith, and two othe.r civilians yet named the U.S. Department State. 
AIC joins the nation mourning the tragic loss life and expressing our sympathies the 
 	families, friends and colleagues these brave Americans who were Libya serve our 
country. AIC, the strongest tenns, unequivocally condemns these attac against our 
diplomatic missions Benghazi and Cairo. The taking these innocent lives not justifiable 
for any reason. While details continue emerge about yesterday's deplorable incidents, AlC 
more determined than ever continue working the ground this region encourage the 
growth civil society and promote respect for human and civil rights, including free_ speech and 
religious freedom. 

AfC also encourages responsible leaders recognize that they carry the burden confronting 
extremism and protecting the lives civilians. 
A[C 501(c)3 
organization with offices Cairo, Tunis, Basrah, Baghdad, Boston and headquarters 
Washington, .C. ACC, Vhich was founded just. after the 9/1 terrorist attacks, dedicated 
religious understanding, civil rights and the strengthening civil society throughout the world. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 0212?.4ii-12?io1"11"A4-.- 
goodwill and faith will refrain from actions .akin crying "fire" crowded movie theater. But 
even such imprudent actions like tis film can never justify violence against anyone, which 
unreservedly condelTU1ed the teachings the Quran and the Prophet Mohammed (pbuh) 
himself pray for the victims this and all horrific acts violence, and any 
provocations designed incite such violence. 

Muslim Public Affairs Council 

(Washington, -9/12/12) --The Muslim Public Affairs Council today strongly condemns the attacks the U.S. Embassies Cairo and Benghazi, Libya, and grieve along with the rest our nation over the deaths four Americans, including 
U.S. Ambassador These attacks were not just attack our embassies but our nation whole. 
The attacks come after low-budget movie YouTube called "Muhammad" incited anger
depicting Prophet Muhammad (peacebe upon him) demeaning and .degrading manner. MPAC condemns the film and its. desecration religious symbols. 

"This sad day for America mourn the deaths four citizens who were living country help Libyans achieve freedom," said Salam Al-)'vfarayati, MPAC President. "It deplorable and unfortunate that such irrelevant film has succeeded its objectives causing violence and death Egypt and Libya." 
Earlier today, President Barack Obama and Secretary State Hillary Clinton held press 
conference the White House about the attacks. 
"No acts ofterror will ever shake the resolve this great nation," said. "Make mistake: 
Justice will done those responsible for this attack." call for the protection all U.S. personnel throughout the world. look our Muslim 
leadership reflect how have reached such extreme point our communi ty. 
Council American Islamic Relations (CAIR) 
The Council American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) tody condellUled the "disgraceful" killings American diplomats Libya and said that extremists must not allowed control the 
political and religious discourse worldw{de. 
CACR, Washington-based Muslim civil rights and advocacy organization, made that statement noon news conference today Capitol Hill Washington, D.C., which representatives CAIR and other Muslim organizations* condemned both the killings the U.S. ambassador Libya and three other diplomats that nation and the attack the American embassy 

(*NOTE: Other organizations represented the news conference included the Islamic Circle North America (fCNA), Muslim American Society -Public Affairs and Civic Engagement 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-201 2-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
(MAS-PACE), the Coundl Muslim Organizations ofthe Greater Washington, D.C., Area (CMO), the Libyan Emergency Task Force, and Dar Al-Hijrah Islamic Center.] his prepared statement, CAIR National Executive Director Nihad Awad said:"We condemn
the disgraceful killings the American diplomats Libya the strongest terms posible." 
also condemn the attack our nation's diplomatic facilities Libya and Egypt. The actions 
the attackers are totally inexcusable and un-Islamic.  
"We agree with Secretary Clinton, who said that 'violence like this way honor religion faith.' The extremists who carried out these attacks deserve punishment, and the extremists who produced and promoted intentionally inflanunatory film deserve condemnation."lslamic traditions include number instances which the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) had the opportunity retaliate against those who abused him, but' refrained from doing so. One tradition, hadith, states: 'You [Muhammad] not evil those who evil you, but you deal with them with forgivness and kindness.' (Sahih Al-Bukhari) "Muslims are also taught the tradition the woman who would regularly throw trash the prophet walked down particular path. The prophet never responded kind the woman's abuse. Instead, when she one day failed attack him, went her home inquire about her condition. 
"In another tradition, the prophet was offered the opportunity have God punish the people town near Mecca who refused the message [slam and attacked him with stones. Again, the prophet did not choose respond kind the abuse. "We must not let extremists control the political religious discourse. That means that people all beliefs should repudiate those who Would commit acts violence response intentional provocations and repudiate those whose only goal offending religious sentiments." CAIR yesterday called on. Muslims the Middle East the distribution the anti-Islam film, clips which are circulating oline, that resulted the attacks Libya and Egypt. 
Interfaith Alliance 
Washington, D.C.-Interfaith Alliance president Rev. Dr. Welton Gaddy issued the following statement today following news uprisings Libya and Egypt that resulted the death the 
U.S. Ambassador Libya and three members his staff. 
Our deepest condolences out the family, co-workers and friends U.S. Ambassador 
Libya Christopher Stevens and his three colleagues. The tragic news their killing connection the uprising th13:t took place yesterday Libya sad end what was all accounts exemplary career. That this happened September only compounds the tragedy. Violence cannot the basis for dialogue between the U.S. and the Arab world, and improved relations will difficult until that understood. the same time, the anti-Muslim bigotry that has become all too pervasive the United States only ampl ified when reaches the rest the world and runs the risk being perceived the view all Americans. That misconception then used those who seek target Americans means ofstirring hatred among their followers. The hateful film used justification for this vio lence little relevance the vast majority Americans and certainly doesnot represent the views the U.S. government. i.s excuse for 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED Cas No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
Cslamic Society North America 
ISNA' President CObtained Judicial Watch, Inc. via FOIAndemns Killing Ambassador 
(Washington, -Sep 12, 2012) statement this morning, ISNA President Imam Mohamed Magid said: "The Islamic Society North America (ISNA) unequivocally condemns the killing U.S. Ambassador Libya Christopher Stevens, and his staff, and condemns the attack the Embassy Cairo. Reports indicate that those who killed them did reaction video depicting the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) profane mailller. Although believe that this video hateful and bigoted, this could never excuse commit any acts violence whatsoever. The Prophet (peace upon him) loved and respected hundreds millions people across the world, and one can take this from our hearts. one should fall irtto the trap those who wish incite anger. The Prophet (peace upon him) should our example everything do, and even though was attacked and insulted many times throughout his life, always reacted with compassion and forgiveness, never with revenge violence." 
ISNA Statement Profane Video Prophet Muhammad 
Special Announcement  (Washington, -Sept 12, 2012) The Islamic Society North America (ISNA) deeply disturbed learn about online video being circulated anti-Muslim hate groups that depicts the Prophet Muhammad (peace upon him) very profane manner. The making this video presents extremely false narrative American society and American values. does not represent the views the American public whole, nor does represent Jews, Christians, people any other faith. condemn the creation such hateful video, and also call for end support for such mechanisms hatred and bigotry. inexcusable propagate such hateful media, and lend helping hand those who would this, knowing full well that may incite some violence. 

ISNA continues work with communities all faiths respond bigotry and hatred against Muslims. When issues anti-Muslim bigotry arise, many people goodwill stand shoulder-toshoulder with condemn them and work for better society for all people. Prominent Jewish and Christian leaders across America are among the first support our community, with the perspective that attack one religion is, effect, attack all religions. work with them day and day out, united common purpose peace and mutual respect, and know that the messages this video stand stark contrast with their moral and religious values. are confident that they will continue stand with condemnation this video and support Muslim conununities face the many challenges ahead. urge all religious communities publicly condemn this act and help make clear that are united against hatred, regardless circumstance. horrific and offensive the video might be, nothing justifies the sort violent acts have heard reported Egypt and Libya. Already four innocent people have lost their lives Libya, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens, who was great friend. and ally the Libyan people. mourn the loss these individuals, call Muslims across the world 'not pay any attention the voices extremists such the ones that created this video. These 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
individuals not represent our American government --in fact, many them crudely insult our President more regularly than they insult Muslims --and they not represent the vast majority Americans. Our great country guarantees all its citizens the right to freedom speech, and unfortunately some use this simply perpetrate bigotry and hatred. The words these individuals are intended only create tension and solicit violent reactions from Muslims and people other faiths around the world. critical that one aid them this task. American Muslims, can state with confidence that these individuals hold views which remain the fringes our society. The vast majority Americans and American news outlets completely disregard them, and urge all people around the world the same. 
As-lSNA President lmam Mohamed Magid stated, "As Muslims, love our Prophet (peace upon him) dearly. the Holy Qur'an, Allah (may glorified and exalted) has praised the Prophet (peace upon him). video could impact his status our hearts." 
Muslim American Society 
Washington, -September 12, 2012) -American Muslims join President Obama condemning the horrific act killing Christopher Stevens, U.S. Ambassador Libya and three other Americans mob attack Benghazi today. 
The Muslim American S9ciety (MAS) stands 1with people ofconscience and sends its 

condolences the families the victims. 
"We finnly believe this was cowardly act totally contradicting the teachings Islam," said Oussama Jammal, chairman MAS-PACE. "If people had objections film about the Prophet Muhammad, they should exemplify his character peace, mercy and forgiveness instead resorting murder." "Islam religion peace and tolerance and respects the freedom expression" Oussama Jammal emphasized. this point time, when the world making strides going forward the realms democracy and freedom, such acts fake several steps back. MAS hopes that the perpetrators are brought justice swiftly and that all those serving the United States home and abroad can lfill their duties safely and freely.  
National Council Churches 
The following statement about the deaths Ambassador Christopher Stevens and other U.S. 
embassy staff Libya issued National Council Churches President Kathryn Lohre, and 
Dr. Antonios Kireopoulos, NCC associate general secretary, Interfaith Relations: 
Persons faith and good will everywhere are deeply distressed reports that U.S. Ambassador 
Christopher Stevens and three his staff were killed attack Tuesday the U.S. embassy Benghazi, Libya. 

The attack has been appropriately condemned both the U.S. and Libya governments. Member 
communions the National Council Churches USA denounce this mindless violence 
travesty and mindless rejection the historic preceptS ls.lam, Judaism and C!uistianity, which 
are based God's love and peaceful regard for all God's people. 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
Our hearts and prayers out for the families and loved ones Mr. Stevrts and the other victims oflhe attack. are sadly aware that this attack. took place the 1th anniversary the terror attacks September 11, 2001. reiterate statement made made then and ask all people abide its call: "We assert the vision comrnlUlity, tolerance, compassion, justice, and the Obtained Judicial Watch, Inc. via FOIA
Religious Action Center Reform Judaism response the recent violence Egypt and Libya, and the deaths Ambassador Chris Stevens and three other colleagues, Rabbi David Saperstein," Director the Religious Action Center Refomi Jtidaism, issued the following statement: appalled and deeply saddened this morning learn the deaths Ambassador Chris Stevens_ and three other colleagues the U.S.consulate Benghazi. behalf the Reform Jewish Movement North America, the largest segment North American JeWr-y, offer our deepest condolences and sympathies the families those killed. This act violence, and the violent pro.tests the U.S. Embassy Cairo, must condemned unequivocally. While the actual killings diplomats seem have come from group looking for opportunity target the U.S. 9/1 the loss life this manner affront the values humanity and tolerance that are the core Judaism, Christianity and Islam. also stand here today condenm the video that apparently spurred protests Libya and Egypt. While defend the right engage free speech, even repugnant speech, such anti-Muslim Internet postings are clearly crafted provoke, offend, and evoke outrage. The denigration religion, the mocking religious figures and the intentional framfog religious tex:ts and tenets this manner must likewise repudiated all religious leaders. 
The video and the views espouses not reflect the views the overwhelming majority Americans and people faith. is, purely and simply, creation those the fringes American society whether they are Christians Jews Muslims. Two years ago, was Evangelical leaders who persuaded Rev. Terry Jones from burning the Koran. And was the leaders all the major religions America that exp.ressed universal condenmation such religious hatred -in that case now, anti-Muslim hatred. appeal the religious lea.ders and the media the Muslim world denounce violence the name their religion make clear the citizens their nation and their co-religionists the wall-to-wall condemnation America's religious Leaders religious hate speech, and thereby help bring end the violence before further tragedy occurs. must all oppose efforts divide people -in the United States, Egypt, Libya and around 
the world -along religious lines. Small violent groups extremists, matter their religious 
identity, cannot allowed define their religions their nations. Instead, let lift those 
who appeal the best humanity, those who seek build bridges over longstanding divides, 

and those who speak the language peace and tolerance."  
Arab American Institute 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

The attack U.S. diplomatic missions Egypt and Libya outrageous and horrible tragedy. The film that the demonstrators claim protesting might deplorable, but excuse for the wanton murder innocent diplomats. This was act murder, plain and simple. wholehearted support the strong and clear position expressed this morning Secretary State Hillary Clinton, and reflect this tragedy, need remember that was carried out small mob that way characterizes the opinions and attitudes people the region. good that the Libyan government has condemned this act, but now they must take immediate steps hunt down those who committed this crime and bring them justice. they are government, they must act like one. the Libyans not act quickly, there will doubt severe political consequences for their country. final note about Ambassador Chris Stevens: Ambassador Stevens was amodel diplomatwho served his country with .grace, dignity, and the utmost respect for both the United States and those whom represented it. His. career the foreign service spanned the region, including posts Jerusalem, Damascus, and Riyadh. Before being appointed Ambassador Libya, served Deputy Cheif Mission when the United States reopened its Libyan embassy 2007 and later Special Representative the National Transitional Council. The United States has lost kind, brilliant, and empathetic public servant. 
American Arab anti-Discrimination Committee 
The American._Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC) strongly condemns the brutal attak the U.S. Consulate the Libyan city Benghazi that erupted during protests last night. Four Americans were killed the attack, among them the U.S. Envoy Libya, Ambasador Christopher Stevens.   
This senseless act violence occurred amidst angry protsts decrying anti-Islamic film produced the U.S. that appeared YouTube. Thousands Egyptians also protested the film the U.S. Embassy Cairo yesterday. The film highly insulting the religious sentiments 
While ADC committed the right enshrined our nation's Constitution free speech, there question that the purposeful prov0cation any religious group divisive and 
reprehensible. However, responding with violence only plays into the hands those who seek 
divide and inevitably leads painful loss. 
ADC extends its deepest condolences the family, friends, and colleagues those killed; and 
urges Muslim Americans and Muslims around the world always react with reson, not anger, 
against any ignorant attack Islam. 

American Task Force Palestine 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
Honorable Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his fallen colleagues. Our thoughts and prayers out their families, the U.S. government and the American people for their loss. Ambassador Stevens was admired and liked many Libyans for his humbleness, courage and 
support the Libyan people their struggle for freedom. walked the streets Tripoli, ate sandwiches popular food stands and shared meals with Libyan families will missed 
The few criminals who conunitted this cowardly act violence and betrayal not represent any way the values the LAO, the Libyan-American community the majority the Libyan people. The LAO urges the Libyan General National Conference and Transitional Government take immediate and strong action bring those criminals justice and restore security and order the country. 
The Libyan-American community stands solidarity with the goverrunent and the rest the American people during this difficult time and pray that such tragedy never repeated again: And wil never forget the courageous stand that the American govenunent and people 

took with the Libyan people during the February 1th Revolution. 
This tragic incident reminder all that the situation Libya still highly volatile and need stand together help during this transitional phase and raise awareness the shared values between the Libyan and American peoples. 
Assembly Turkish American Associations 
The Assembly Turkish American Associations (AT AA) strongly condemns the terrorist attack. against the Consulate Benghazi, Libya, resulting the death Ambassador Christopher Stevens and his three staff members. 
Turkey and the United States are close cooperation 'to stop terrorism and bring perpetrators justice. The United States provides substantial funds and resources protect Turkish diplomats from terrorism the United States, particularly from the Armenian left-wing ASALA and  Dashnak right-wing Justice Commandos Against Armenian Genocide (JCAG) terrorist groups. Since 1973, Annenian militant groups committed 239 acts involving terrorism which killed least 70, inCluding Turkish diplomats and wounded 524 innocent people. Annenian terrorists took hostages, executing 12, one whom was American. 
(PKK) has caused the deaths over 35,000 people, including Americans. The PKK has caused billions dollars property damage Turkey and other countries. The PKK claims represent Kurds, but inclues sliver roughly 5000 radicals and militants, PKK terrorist attacks still continue Turkey. our mother country Turkey was also subjected years terror PKK, ASALA and JCAG, 
we truly understand and share the grief the American people and offer our deepest 
condolences the families and friends Ambassador Stvens and staff members who lost their 
lives while serving their country. 

USPAK undation 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 
The USP Foundation strongly condemns the violence against the Embassies Libya and Egypt over September th, 12. The Foundation deeply disturbed that the violent attacks resulted the death U.S. Ambassador Libya Christopher Stevens and three more American officials. Ambassador Stevens was longtime supporter the Libyan people and helped citizens Benghazi achieving freedom from the Kaddafi regime. 
The attacks are mob-reaction low-budget, amateur, anti-Muslim film, trailer which posted the internet. The Foundation urges all Muslims worldwide refrain from violence, and ignore this deliberate attempt provoke.a reaction this will only provide additional publicity the makers the film. The Foundation especially urges the cessation this extreme violence forthwith. Using the film justify this violence runs counter Islamic teachings practiced the majority the l.62 Billion Muslims worldwide. ask Governments Muslim countries take concrete measures avoid loss innocent lives. this uneasy time must reminded the saying Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) "The ink the scholar holier than the blood oflhe martyr". urge American Mslims participate active discussion this issue their local and national media, and ask for practice 
responsible journalism rather than snsationalism this time. 

USPAK Foundation respects the tight freedom speech; however must remain cognizant the American values respect and sensitivity others. Time and again movies, cartoons, 
documentaries, void facts any scholarly value have been made that have hurt the feelings 
Muslims; they only promote and ignite hatred each other. ask Western Governments 
discourage producers from making such movies and not let them hide behind the veil 
freedom speech.  also ask the Governments Muslims countries start "Centers Islamic Understanding" 
throughout the world educate others about the true elements Islam. 
The USPAK Foundation seeks promote the aspirations Pakistani Americans. The 
Foundation seeks promote values mutual respect, especially multi-religious and multi
ethnic societies such the United States. 

(Chicago, -9/12/12) --The Council Islamic Organizations Greater Chicago today 
strongly condemns the attacks the U.S. Embassies Cairo and Benghazi, Libya, and 

mourn along with the rest our nation over the deaths four Americans, including U.S. 
Ambassador Christopher Stevens. 
"As American Muslims, condemn these senseless attacks. There justification for this 
kind violence Islam and join the rest our country mourning the deaths four 
Americans, including U.S. Ambassador Christopher Stevens," stated CIOGC Chairman Dr. 
Zaher Sahloul. 
"Ambassador Stevens was known having played significant role the transition Libya 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415297 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415299 Date: 02/24/2014 

Remarks President Barack Obama 
 Weekly Address 
The White House 
September 15, 2012 

This week" Libya, lost four our fellow Americans. Glen Doherty, Tyrone Woods, Sean Smith, and Chris Stevens were all killed outrageous attack our diplomatic post Benghazi. 

These four Americans represented the very best our country. 
Glen and Tyrone had each served America Navy SEALs for many years, before continuing their service providing security for our diplomats Libya. They died they lived their lives -defending their fellow Americans, and advancing the values that all hold dear. 
Sean also started his service uniform, the Air Force. then spent years the State Department, several continents, always answering his country' call. And Ambassador Chris Stevens died two countries -here the United States, where inspired those ofus who knew him; and Libya, country that he.helped save, where 
ultimately laid down his life. 

O Friday, was able tell their families how much the Americ""11 people appreciated 
their service. Without people like them, America could not sustain the freedoms enjoy, "the security demand, and the leadership that the entire world counts ori. mourn their loss, must also send clear and resolute message the worlq:  

those who attack our people will find escape from justice. will not waver their pursuit. And will never allo"w anyone shake the resolve the United States 

This tragic attack takes place time tunnoil and protest many different countries. have made clear that the United States has profound respect for people all faiths. stand for religious freedom. And reject the denigration any religion -including 

Yet there never any justification for violence. There religion that condones the targeting innocent men and women. There excuse for attacks our Embassies Consulates. And long [am Conunan_der-in-Chief, the United States will never tolerate efforts hann our fellow Americans. 

Right now, we; are doing whatever can protect Americans who are serving abroad are contact with governments around the globe, strengthen our cooperation, and underscore that every nation has responsibility help p"rotect our people have moved forward with effort see that justice done for those lost, and wil not rest until that work done. 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415299 Date: 02/24/2014 

UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415286 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415286 Date: 02/24/2014 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415286 Date: 02/24/2014 
ttt'.:iu request: Lare mis weeK, u1recror t>etraeus gave HY::>LI nors sp01:s o.ne1111g anu wd:; d:;Keo iu1 
uncl.assified talking points that its members could use about incident Benghazi. {f'.pparently NCTC Director Matt Olson received similar committee from congressional committee.) The first draft apparently seemed unsuitable (based conversations the SVTS and afterwards) because they seemed toencourage the reader infer incorrectly that the CIA warned about specific attack our embassy. the SVTS, Morell no.ted that these points were not good and had taken heavy editing hand them. noted that would happy work with Jake Sullivan and Rhodes develop appropriate talking points. McDonough, Rhodes's
behalf, deferred Sullivan. Itwas agreed that Jake would work closely wit the intelligence community (within small group) finalize points Saturday that could shared with HPSCI. spoke Jake immedia:tely after 
the SVTS and noted that you were doing the Sunday morning shows and would need aware the final 
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department State Case No. F-2012-38774 Doc No. C05415286 Date: 02/24/2014