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Judicial Watch • 2011 lacounty-docs-2-12202010

2011 lacounty-docs-2-12202010

2011 lacounty-docs-2-12202010

Page 1: 2011 lacounty-docs-2-12202010

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Date Created:December 20, 2010

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SCHEDULE BRIEFINGS BOARD MEMBERS 2010 Washington, D.C. Visit :OOam PT/2:00pm  Bill Fujioka, Brence Culp, John Schunhoff, OHS, and Philip Browning, DPSS 713 Kenneth Hahn Hall Administration (Ryan/Burt/Reggie)  
3:00pm PT/6:00pm  Supervisor Antonovich 869 Kenneth Hahn Hall Administration (Ryan/Burt/Reggie)  

10:00am PT/1:00pm Sachi Hamai, Executive Office, and 
Andrea Ordin, County Counsel 
648 Kenneth Hahn Hall Administration (Ryan) 
2:30pm PT/5:30pm Supervisor Molina 
856 Kenneth Hahn Hall Administration 
3:00pm PT/6:00pm Supervisor Yaroslavsky 
821 Kenneth Hahn Hall Administration (Ryan/Burt/Reggie) 

The following will the briefings dial-in number and access code: 
DIAL-IN 1-877-336-1839 
ACCESS CODE: 9642762# 
HOST CODE: *8432# (Ryan Alsop only) 

WASH/Schedule Briefings Board Members REV: 04271 -6:0Dp 
MAY 5-6, 2010 

(P) Public meeting 

8:00am9:00am  Breakfast Briefing for all County participantsGrand Hyatt Hotel, Constitution Meeting Rooms  
(P)  1000 Street,  
(202) 637-4784, Katey Hubbard, Convention Services Manager) l:OOam  Rep. Jane Harman (D-36)  
(P)  (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning,  
Ordin, Hamai)  
Issues: Medicaid Waiver, Hospital Provider Fee, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP  
Energy Commerce/Energy Environment Sub, E(;!Health Sub; Chair,  
Homeland Security/Intelligence, Information Sharing Terrorism Risk  
Assessment Sub.; Border, Maritime Global Counterterrorism Sub.  
2400 Rayburn House Office Building  
(202-225-8220, Dana Sandman)  
1:30pm  Rep. Lucille Roybal-Allard (D-34)  
(P)  (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning,  
Ordin, Hamai)  
Issues: Medicaid Waiver, FMAP, SCAAP  
Appropriations/Homeland Security; Labor, HHS; Transportation, HUD Subs.  
2330 Rayburn House Office Building  
(202-225-1766, Christine Ochoa)  
2:30pm  Rep. Judy Chu (D-32)  
(P)  (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning,  
Ordin, Hamai)  
Issues: Medicaid Waiver, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP  
Judiciary/Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security Internatioal  
Law Sub, Education Labor Cmte.; Oversight Government Reform Cmte.  
2421 Rayburn House Office Building  
(202-225-5464, Cyndy Hernandez)  

I:/LACounty/BoS WDC Visits/2010/SCHEDULES/BASIC SCHEDULE.doc 5/21/2010 12:32 

3:30prn (P)  Rep. Henry Waxman (D-30) (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Knabe, Yaroslavsky, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning, Ordin, Hamai) Issues: Medicaid Waiver, Hospital Provider Fee, TANF-ECF, FMAP Chair, Energy Commerce Cmte. which has jurisdiction over Medicaid Rayburn House Office Building (Subcommittee Room) (202-225-3976; Norah Mail)  
4:00pm (P)  Rep. Maxine Waters (D-35) (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning, Ordin, Hamai) Issues: Medicaid Waiver, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP Chair, Financial Services/Housing Community Opportunity Sub; Judiciary/Crime, Terrorism Homeland Security Immigration Subs. 2344 Rayburn House Office Building (202-225-2201, Angela Master)  
5:30pm7:00pm  Reception hosted County Los Angeles Board Supervisors (All participants) 2168 Rayburn House Office Building (Independence Avenue entrance)  
7:30prn  Informal County Dinner  
(All participants) Occidental Restaurant, 1475 Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W. (Presidential Room) (202-783-1475, Rana Kuri/Steve Centrella/Melanie Soley)  

lO:OOam  Rep. Linda Sanchez (D-39)  
(P)  (Molina, Itid-ley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning,  
Ordin, H1,tmal}  
Issues: Medicaid Waiver, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP  
Judieiary/Immigration, Citizenship, Refugees, Border Security Internatioal  
Law Subcm(e.; Ways Means/Social Security Subcmte.  
1222 Long'Worth House Office Building  
(202-225-6676, Ruth Carnegie)  
10:30am  Rep. Xavier Becerra (D-3  
(P)  (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning,  
Ordin, Hamai)  
Issues:  Medicaid Waiver, Hospital Provider Fee, FMAP, TANF-ECF  
Ways Means/Health Sub with jurisdiction over Medicare, child support,  
foster care; Budget Cmte.; Vice Chair, House Democratic Caucus Longworth House Office Building  
(202-225-6235, Stephanie Venegas)  

l:/LACounty/BoS WDC Visits/2010/SCHEDULES/BASIC SCHEDULE.doc 5/2 l/2010 12:32 

l:OOpm  Depart U.S. Capitol for the White House, Street Pennsylvania Avenue, N.W.  
--Must bring photo :30pm  Security Check-in the Eisenhower Executive Office Building/ 17th Street State Place (Michael Blake's staff will there escort the delegation the meeting)  
2:00pm3:00pm (P)  Cynthia ("Cindy") Mann, Director, Center for Medicaid State Operations, Centers for Medicare Medicaid Services, Department Health Human Services; others (Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Knabe, Yaroslavsky, Antonovich, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning, Ordin, Hamai) (202-456-4772 office, 202-503-5649 cell, Michael Blake)  
3:15pm  Depart White House for Dulles Airport  

Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA) 
(P) 	(Molina, Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning, Ordin, Hamai) Issues: Medicaid Waiver, Hospital Provider Fee, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP Chair, Environment Public Works with jurisdiction over transportation (excluding transit), highways, waterways, and civil works; Commerce, Science Transportation Cmte.; Foreign Relations Cmte.; Chair, Ethics Cmte. 112 Hart Senate Office Building (202-224-3553; Kelly Boyer/Rachel Cohen) 
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) 

(P) 	(Ridley-Thomas, Yaroslavsky, Knabe, Antonovich, Fujioka, Schunhoff, Browning, Ordin, Hamai) Issues: Medicaid Waiver, Hospital Provider Fee, FMAP, TANF-ECF, SCAAP Chair, Appropriations/Interior, Environment Sub; Commerce-Justice-Science; Energy Water; Transportation-HUD; Defense, and Agriculture Subs, Judiciary/Terrorism, Technology Homeland Security, Crime Drugs; Immigration Border Security Refugees Subs; Rules Administration, Intelligence Cmtes. Hart Senate Office Building (202-224-3841, Bryer Davis) 
I:/LACounty/BoS WDC Visits/2010/SCHEDULES/BASIC SCHEDULE.doc 5/2112010 12:32 

I:ILACounty/BoS WDC Visits/2010/SCHEDULES/BASIC SCHEDULE.doc 5/21/2010 12:32 

I:/LACounty/BoS WDC Visits/20 O/SCHEDULES/BASIC SCHEDULE.doc 5/21/2010 12:32 

F'-1/ Limo-Sedan Service  Master Invoice  
Make Check Payable To: Alfred Pim.hie 4815 7tti Street, Washington, 20017 202-674-4583 Name Clients: County WDC Visit  Billed To:  Date: 5-10-10 Amount Due: $11,922.00 County WDC Office Mass. Avenue Washington, 20001  
Invoice 1000 Invoice 1001 Invoice 1002 Invoice 1003 Invoice 1004 Invoice 1005 Invoice 1006  $1058.00 $1684.00 $1740.00 $1980.00 $1800.00 $1680.00 $1980.00  
Total Cost  $11,922.00  
Thanks for using Lim>-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service  Invoice 1000  
Make Check  Date:  5-10-10  
Payable To:  Alfred Pimble  Amount Due: $1058.00  
4815 t1' Street,  
Washington, 20017  
Billed To: Connty WDC Office Mass Avenue  
Washington, 20001  
Name Clients: County WDC Visit  

Date Description Service Time Cost 
5-03-10 lADP!Usuv $202.00 5-03-10 IADPIU $114.00 5-04-10 IADP/U $228.00 5-04-10 IADP!Usuv $404.00 5-10-10 IADDIO $110.00 
Total Cost $1058.00 
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service 
Make Check 
Payable To: Limo-Sedan Service 4815 7th Street, Washington, 20017 
Name Clients: County WDC V18it Invoice 1001 
Date: 5-10-10 Ammmt Due: $1684.00 
Billed To: County WDC Office Mass Avenue asbington, 20001 

Date  Descriptionof Service  Time  Hrs  Cost  
5-04-10 Directed from IAD  4:45pm 8:40pm  4brs  $244.00  
5-05-10  AsDirected  8:30am 10:30pm  14hrs  $840.00  
5-06-10  AsDirected  7:45am 5:20pm  lOhrs  $600.00  
Total Cost  $1684.00  
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service  Invoice 1002  
Make Check Payable To: Limo-Sedan Service 4815 'f' Street, 'l0()17-' V. 202- $720.00 Directed 8:15am 8:00pm 12hrs $720.00 5-07-10 Directed 8:00am :OOpm 5hrs $300.00 
Tobi Cost 740.00 
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service 

Make Check 
Payable To: Limo-Sedan Service 4815 Street, Washington, 20017 202-674-4583 
Name Clients: County WDC Vuit Invoice 1003 
Date: 5-10-10 AmOWl.t Due: $1980.00 
Billed To: County WDC Office Mass Avenue Washington. 20001 
Date Description Service Time Hrs Cost CAR#3 
5-05-10 Directed 8:30am 10:30pm 14hrs $1260.00 5-06-10 Directed 8:15am 4:00pm Sh.ts $720.00 

Total Cost 	$1980.00 
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service  Invoice 1004  
Make Check Payable To: Limo-Sedan Service 4815 tt1 Street, Washington, 20017 202-674-4583 Name ofClients: County WDC Vuit Date Description Service  Time  Billed To:  Date: 5-10-10 Ammmt Due: $1800.00 County WDC Office Mass Avenue Washington, 20001 Hrs Cost  

S-05-lO Directed 8:30am 8:00pm 12hrs $1080.00 5-06-10 Directed 8:15am 4:00jJm 8hrs sno.oo 
Total Cost $1800.00 
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service Limo-Sedan Service 
Payable To: Llm....dan Service 4815 Street, w;hington, 20017 202-674-4583 
Name Clients: County WDC Vuit Invoice 1005 
Date: 5-10-10 Amount Due: $1680.00 
Billed To: County WDC Office Mass Avenue Washington, 20001 
Date  Description Service  rune  Hrs  Cost  
5-04-10 5-05-10 Directed AsDirected  9:00am 6:00pm 8:30am 7:30pm  9hrs llbrs  $540.00 $660.00  
5-06-10 Directed  8:15am 4:00pm  8hrs  $480.00  
Total Cost  $1680.00  
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service
 Limo-Sedan Service 

Make Check Payable To: Limo-Sedan Service 
Washington, 20017 
Name Clients: County WDC Vuit Invoice 1006 
Date: 5-10-10 Amount Due: $1980.00 
Billed To: County WDC Office Mass Avenue Washington, 2000 
Date DescriptionofSenice Time Hrs Cost CAR#6 5-05-10 Directed 8:30am 8:00pm 12hrs $1080.00 
5-06-10 Directed 8:15am 6:30pm 	lOhrs $900.00 Total Cost 1980.00 
Thanks for using Limo-Sedan Service 


County Los Angeles 
Carol Byers 
Wednesday, May 05, 2010 

Event i.D. Number: 3i5045 
Based 125 Guests 
CapitolHost Charges: 
Food 2,312.50 Equipment 162.95 Beverages 1,312.50 

950.0B CapitolHost Subtotal: 5,738.03 
Other Charges: 
Misc 250.00 
Other Charges Subtotal: 250.00 
Adjustments Discounts 
-1,162.95 Taxes Excluding Delivery Charge 0.00 Grand Total: 4,825.08 

ServiceCharges 725.00 
Balance Due: 5,550.09 Anna Marie Lowery 
Date Prepared: 04/13/2010 
Please sign this agreement in.the space provided below and return with the amount due indicated above to: Capitolhost, Attn: Accounting Department. The rates and charges utilized preparing this estimate are guaranteed upon execution this agreement, and for days from the date the agreement was prepared. Any changes must made least three (3) working days prior your event. These changes will reflected your flnal bill. Unpaid balances are required three (3) days prior ttie date the event, guaranteed credit card. Failure may result the cancellation this agreement. You may pay with check charge your deposit and any balance due your VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS. 


Receipt 093422 
Short-terni prking tkt-
WP--No. 036845 
05/04/10 01:34  
05/00/10 :2-1 :Of> 
Period 2cit3h32 
(Tax) $50,67 
Net Total $50.87 

Tax 10" 
$5,09 Gross Total $55.96 
VALDN 0074 
Cash $55.96 
All mounts in USD .Del iv. Dote=Receipt bate AGREE PAY ABOVE TOTAL AMOUNT 

TOTAL $55.96 
llll!lAll roJIOXA 
Cll910IU CDPV 

You have checked Ou' Room 615 credi:ed

5/6/2010 S:20:4S 


Ooslfnoilon LosAngeles, 
Pl;ino 6oolng 771 
Oaparilng 5:25PM Mo"1elnonamong 
Arrival Tarmlnal TERMINAL $1!81 188 Cla$$ Slandnrd 

Total Room Nights: 

The Hotel confirms the following guest room rates: 
Single Occupancy: 329.00 
Double Occupancy: 329.00 
Triple Occupancy: 354.00 

Quadruple Occupancy: 379.00 
Grand Club: 60.00 additional per room, per night, based availability 
Business Plan: 35.00 additional per room, per night, based availability 

Room rates are quoted exclusive ofapplicable state and local taxes (wbich are currently 14.5%) applicable service, hotel specific fees effect the Hotel the time the meeting. 

The Hotel understands that the Group willserve asthe Housing Bureau for all guest room reservations. reservations will accepted the Hotel from individuals. The Hotel will receive least Fo11r (4) weeksprior, complete rooming list, 
including each individual's name, address, payment irultructions, actual arrivaVdepartw-e dates, and type and occupancy 
accommodations desired_ 
The Group will prepare and use its own housing form. The Group agrees tbat authorized person from the Hotel staff shall review the form prior printing and distribution the members. 1bis will insure that all information pertaining theHotel correct and complete, thus betterenabling theHotel serve the Group' smembership. 
Hotel agrees securestandardrooms for VIP guests noted rooming list provided. 
These rates are confinned anet non-commissionable basis. 

Hotel relying on, and Group agrees provide, minimum Sixty-Eight (68) paid guest room nighis.Should the Group 
fall below this amowtt, the Group will responsible for the difference between theminimum guest room nights and 
actualized guellt room nights multiplied the single convention guest room rate multiplied 800/o (guest room minimwn nus guest rooms actualized multiplied bysingle convention room rate multiplied 80%), plus any applicable taxes. 
For any day that the hotel achieves 100% occupancy during the official event dates, theGroup will receive credit for full 
achievement the contracted block for that day. such acase, the Group's total pick will becalculated byadding the 
difference betweencontracted and actual room nights for sold out nights the Group's total pick up. 
The Hotel and Group intend liquidate the damages the event that the Group fails meet the Guest Room Minimum set 
forthin this section. Therefore, Group and Hotel agree (a) that the above formulais reasonable estimate the Hotel's 
damage the event that such minimum not met and (b) that the liquidated damages set forth this section not 
constitute penalty. 

The "cut-offdate" Monday, April 2010. Reservation requests received after the cut-off date will based 
availability the Hotel's prevailingrates and will creditedto the Group's Guest Room Block 

The Hotel currently holding function space based the attached Program ofEvents. This considered finn 
commitment bythe Group and any increaseor decrease that commitment may result modification room rental 
the Hotel. All function and meeting space assigned the Hotel according the number persons guaranteed attend the Group's function. The Hotel reserves tbe right reassign the space listed ontheProgram ofEvents accommodate both the Group and all other groups using the Hotel's facilities during the Gro11p's meeting. failure submit finali:r.ed Program 
ofEvents the Hotel Friday, June 12, 2009 may result release the Hotel the space being held for the Group 
and/or reassignment space more suitable for the finalized Program Events once submitted. The Group agrees 
promptly notify the Hotel any changes its function space requirement 
Meeting room rental for this program complimentary. (All fees for meeting and function space are subject applicable taxes.) 

Group agrees provideaminimum $2,000.00 banquet food and beverage revenue (excluding tax and service charge). Should the Group's banquet food and beverage revenue fall below this amount, the Group will responsible for the difference between the minimum banquet food and beverage revenue and the actualized food and beverage revenue multiplied 40% (minimum food and beverage revenue minus actualized food and beverage revenue multiplied 401.), plus any applicable taxes.This amount will placed onthe Group's Master Account. 
The Hotel shall promptly notify the Group achange the management company which operates the Hotel prior the meeting, which event Group shall have the right terminate this Agreement without liability upon written notice the Hotel. the event tennination the Hotel under this section, the Hotel shall refund all deposits and/or prepayments made the Grollp within five (5) days the notice termination. 


Hotel agrees defend, indemnify and hoid hanniess Group from and against aii ciaims, actions, causes action, liabilities, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out resulting from any act undertaken committed Hotel pursuant the perfonnance its obligations under this Agreement. Hotel also agrees defend, indemnify and hold 
harmless Group from any liability resulting from any claim, action cause action, which may asserted third parties 
arising out Hotel's perfonnancc pursuant this Agreement, except for those actions liabilities which are due the 
misconduct negligence the Group. 
Group agrees defend, indemnify, and bold harmless Hotel from and against all claims, actions, causes action, liabilities, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising out resulting from any act undertaken committed Group 
any contractors hired engaged the Group connection with the performance Group's obligations under this Agreement Group also agrees defend, indemnify, and hold hannless Hotel from any liability resulting from any claim, action cause action, which may asserted third parties arising out the performance Group's obligations pursuant this Agreement, except those actions which are due the misconduct negligence ofHotel. 
Group and Hotel are required insure their obligations set forth the section entitled 'Indemnification and Hold Harmless' above, and provide evidence such insurance upon request. For any activity introduced onto the premises outside contractor hired Group, Group will fully responsible for the actions such outside contracto. Upon request, Group will provide certificate insurance covering the actions such outside contractor, naming the Hotel Owner and Hyatt Corporation additional insured's with regard the activities such outside contractor. 
Compliance the Hotel -The Hotel shall responsibe for complying with the public accommodations requirements the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) not otherwise allocated the Group this agreement, including: (i) the 'readily achievable' removal ofphysical barriers access the meeting rooms, sleeping rooms, and common areas (e.g., restaurants, rest rooms, and public telephones); (ii) the provision auxiliary aids and services where necessary ensure that disabled individual treated differently the Hotel than other individuals; and (iii) the modification the Hotel's policies, practices, and procedures applicable all guests and/or groups asnecessary provide goods and services disabled individuals (e.g., emergency procedures and policy holding accessible rooms for hearing and mobility impaired open for disabled individuals until all remaining rooms are occupied). Any extraordinary costs for special auxiliary aids requested the Group shall borne the Group provided the Hotel notifies the Group such cost writing. 
Compliance the Group -The Group shall responsible for complying with the following public accommodations 
requirements ADA:(i) the 'readily achievable' removal physical barriers within the meeting rooms utilized the Group which the Group would otherwise create (e.g., set-up exhibits anaccessible manner) and not controlled mandated the Hotel; (ii) the provision auxiliary aids and services where necessary ensure effective communieation the Group's progrwn disabled participants (e.g., Braille enlarged t>rint handouts, interpreter simultaneous videotext display); and 
(iii) the modification the Group's policies, practices and procedures applicable participants asrequired enable disabled individuals participate equally the program. 
Mutual Cooperation Identifying Special Needs  The Group shall identify advance any special needs ofdisabled registrants, faculty and guests requiring accommodation the Hotel and will notify the Hotel such needs for acconunodation writing soon asthey are identified the Group. Whenever possible, the Group shall copy the Hotel correspondence with attendees who indicate special needs covered ADA. The Hotel shall notify the Group requests for accommodation which may receive otberwise than through tbe Group facilitate identification the Group its own accommodation obligations needs asrequired ADA. both parties. Any notice hereunder shall given the individuals listed the first page this Agreement the addresses set forth herein.Notice must given through certified registered mail, return receipt requested, overnight 
delivery, with signature signifying receipt, facsimile order effective under this agreement and shall deemed delivered upon receipt 
Neither party shall liableto the other for any special, indirect, incidental, consequential, punitive exemplary damages, including, but not limited to, lost profits, even such party has knowledge the possibility such damages. 
The parties agree that any and all claims, controversies disputes between the parties which arise out relate any way this Agreement breach hereof and which the parties are unable resolveinfonnally shall submitted binding arbitration the DISTRICT COLUMBIA, conducted accordance with the Commercial Arbitration Rules the 
American Arbitration Association, such other dispute resolution provider asotherwise agreed the parties. The parties expressly agree that this arbitratioa shall linal and binding the parties and judgment may entered upon the award and may enforced appropriate judicial action any state federal court havingjurisdiction thereof. this connection, the parties hereby submit themselves thejurisdiction the DISTRICT COLUMBIA. The parties agree that the arbitrator shall adhere faithfully the laws the DISTRICT COLUMBIA and that the arbitrator shall award the prevailing party arbitration the reasonable attorney's fees and costs expended connection with any arbitration conducted WJder tbis provision. one party agrees waive its right enforce any term ofthis Agreement, that party does not waive its right enforce such 
This Agreement, along with the attachment called The Program Events, which incorporated herein reference, references all the terms agreed the parties. Any changes these terms must made writing and signed both parties effective. All prior agreements, verbal orwritten, are longer effective once this Agreement signed the 
ENFORCEABILITY any provision the Agreement unenforceable under applicable law, the remaining provisions shall continue full force 
and effect. 
When signed representatives both parties, this Agreement (which includes The Program Events) constitutes binding agreement between the Group and the Hotel. the Hotel's the Group's 
Authorized Representative Authorized Representative 


June 2009 

Check-In Time 
Check-in time :00 p.m. Room assignments prior that time are available" basis. 
Check-out Time Check-out thne 12:00 noon.1idec check-out available from the television screensin all gu.est rooms from a.m.-1 p.m. for 
your convenience. 
Cancellation Fee cancellation fee one nights room and tax will assessed any guest who cancels their reservation within hours arrival. The fee will automatically posted the credit card file time cancellation. Emergency and other special circumstance situations will reviewed case-by-case basis. early departure fee one nights room and tax will assessed any guest who departs prior the date confinned check-in. The fee will automatically posted the guest folio, after departure. This fee will waived only with 24-bour advance notice from departure date. Emergency and other special circumstance situations will reviewed case-by-case basis. reservationsare submitted rooming list, please include individual arrival and departure dates and pair those sharing accommodations. Ifconfumations are sent individuals, addresses should included. All lists are due the cut-off date found the contract. reservation requests are made fonn distributed the group, sample the reservation form must submitted the hotel for approval prior printing.  the event attendee does not have major credit card, the hotel requires full payment room and tax advance, along with refundable deposit for incidentals, ($50 for the first day, and $25 for each additional day). the guest doe3 not want establish credit for incidentals, the hotel reserves the right restrict phone access (except from room room), all room charges from the Food and Beverage outlets, movie charges, and servi-bar charges. For your convenience, the hotel does accept the following credit cards: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Carte Blanche, Diner's Club and Japan Credit Bureau (JCB). 
All charges applied master account must signed authorized person readily available for this purpose.The outstanding master account balance paid later than thirty (30) days from the date the original invoice. Balances thirty 
(30) days overdue shall charged interest oneand one half percent (1.5%) per day. 

including registration and special set-ups, must meet the guidelines existing fire codes and ordinances for the District Columbia. facilitate this, require that copy all diagrams and floor plans submitted least sixty 60) days prior your meeting. 
Credit Policies 
Upon submission completed credit application, our credit department will evaluate the information provided and determine the establishment direct billing privileges. Upon approval direct billing privileges, deposit (to applied the master account) typically required. Within ten {10) business days the final group check-out, the master account invoice prepared, audited, and submitted the group for payment. 
Payment undisputed balances due from the group within thirty (30) days receipt the master account invoice. Any disputes the bill must submitted writing the time that payment due. All disputes submitted will reviewed and reconciled within fourteen (14) days. The final invoice, with any necessary adjustments, will sent out upon reconcil iation and due immediately upon receipt. 

Food and 
The Grand Hyatt Washington's convention services and catering departments will contact the group's authorized representative, 
approximately one (1) yearprior the Group's meeting, assist the planning and actual details producing the meeting 
(these details include specific food and beverage arrangements, program revisions and room set-ups). 

Prior the subrnission the final schedule events, the hotel retains the right reassign any meeting rooms function space accurruuodate the business needs ihe hotel. food and beverage any kind can brought into the hotel the customer any tbe customer's guests invitees. All food and beverage arrangements must made through the hotel. Licensing restrictions require that only Hyatt purchased food andbeverage can served hotel property. The hotel reserves the right close any and all bars for any infraction applicable liquor laws, including but not limited consumption minors. arranging for private functions, the final attendance must received the catering office later than 11:00 a.m. three (3) working days prior the commencement the function. This number will considered aguarantee, not subject reduction, and charges will made accordingly. The hotel cannot responsible for service more than beyond the guarantee for groups 1,000 people. For groups over 1,000 people maximum overset people will apply. the guarantee increases within the seventy-two (72) hours, the oversetwill not apply. 
All federal and local taxes and charges which may imposed applicable this agreement and the services rendered the hotel are addition the prices herein agreed upon, and the customer agrees pay them separately. Taxes not apply group tax exempt 

The group aclmowledges that the Grand Hyatt Washington cannot responsible for the safeguarding equipment, supplies, written materials any othervaluable items left function rooms the group. Accordingly, the group aclmowledges that will responsible provide securityfor any such above mentioned items and hereby assumes responsibility loss thereof. 
Electrical/ Audio Visual complete line audio/visual equipment available through SWANK Audio Visuals, our recommended in-house supplier. Electricity required solely for audiovisual equipmentrented from our in-house company will provided complimentary. the event client wishes contract separately with different audio visual company, client agrees the following provisions: 	Client will notify the hotel writing least one (1) year prior the beginning the convention their contracted company. 
All electricity required operate outside equipment will prevailing rates asoutlined separate electrical service contract with the hotel and will billed the hotel. 	Storage space for outside companies' equipment will the sole responsibility the company. The hotel will make its best effort secure storage space for the group once notification given, however, under circumstances the hotel obligated provide such space. space available for store client's AV, separate room rental storage fee will apply above and beyond the provisions outlined under meeting room rental. Currently that fee $1,000 per calendar day. Such room rental will paid directly the company. 

All cords, wires, cables and equipmentmust safely secured. All equip ment must placed compliance with all applicable occupancy and fire regulation codes. 	Under circumstance will the hotel liable for lost, damage, stolen misused equipment from outside rental companies. maintain the quality and integrity our in-house speaker system, outside companies are not permitted patch into our in-house speaker system. 	The hotel requires certain minimum levels liability insurance from any outside company doing work the hotel. 

Outside Audio Visual 
Swank Audio Visuals the preferred vendor for the Grand Hyatt Washington. Should the group elect contract outside vendor, the terms and conditions below will apply. Failure follow these procedures/rules could result refused admission the hotel the vendor dismissal from the property on-site violations occur. 
All outside vendors must contact GHW writing less than sixty (60) days prior load-in detailing its plans and requirements while the Hotel. 

All outside vendors (and sub-vendors primary vendor) must place file with the Hotel current certificate insurance (COI) with minimum million coverage for general liability, automobile liability, property damage, and proof statutory coverage for worker's compensation. The COI must list the Grand Hyatt Washington and Swank Audio Visuals "additional insured's." The vendor's insurance detailed the COI must primary and not contributory with Hyatt Swank Audio Visuals insurance. 

All outside vendors must provide the Hotel letter confirming that all individuals coming into GHW behalf the vendor and client are employees; freelancers hired the vendor, contracted hourly labor hired the vendor. later than hours prior setup time, vendor must provide the Hotel list all onsite individuals working for the vendor, that GHW Security can provide badges. All vendors must adhere dress code casual business attire. Business attire defined collared shirt dress shirt, dress slacks khakis, and appropriate shoes. tee shirts, jeans, shorts tennis shoes are permitted any time. All representatives outside vendors must adhere hotel grooming standards. 

Swank Audio Visuals required the Hotel manage and coordinate all outside vendors working the Hotel. load-in and load-out supervisor will provided prevailing rates for the duration the Vendor's load-in and load-out prevailing rates. Load and Load Out times must arranged with the Hotel's Convention Services and/ Catering Manager. The loading dock use constantly and first come first serve basis. Due the size and amount space, all vehicles must have lift gate. The freight elevator ground level (not dock level). All vehicles must occupied all times; you may not leave vehicle unattended regardless the equipment accessories delivered. The Hotel and Swank Audio Visuals will not receive any equipment from Equipment Vendors (i.e. VER). representative the Outside Company must present receive and move the equipment. 

Vendor's arc not permitted use the house sound system. Outside vendor bids must provide auxiliary sound systems. 

Swank Audio Visuals has exclusive RIGGING rights all GHW meeting/event spaces. the outside vendor needs rig anything ceilings, walls, etc., riggers must contracted through Swank Audio Visuals. All rigging specifications must submitted sixty (60) days prior event for review. single point exceed 450 lbs. dead hang. Please contact Swank Audio Visuals for rigging costs. 

Storage space within the Hotel for outside vendors will the sole responsibility the outside vendor. Once notified, the Hotel will attempt secure space for the outside vendor prevailing rates but under obligation provide storage space. 

 equipment cases are remain the "back the house" areas anytime. Any empty cases must stored removed from the hotel and brought back for load-out. 

All electricity/power required operate the outside vendor's equipment will coordinated, installed, removed and billed through the Hotel Engineering Department prevailing rates. 

Outs ide vendors are responsible for leaving all the Hotel facilities used the same condition provided them. This includes disposal all trash, props, cardboard, plastic, etc. Rapid setup and strikes are required all outside vendors. group requires additional setup and strike time that needs arranged prior contracting with the Outs ide vendor. dumpster required, needs dropped off and removed the same day. Any charges related clean-up are the responsibility the outside vendor. 

All floor surfaces must covered with protective covering the outside vendor during all loan-in/load-outs. Cleaning and/or damage fees will assessed the outside vendor should carpeting/floors require more than basic vacuuming sweeping. Nailing, screwing, similar actions into staging, ceilings, flooring, walls are strictly prohibited. All screens must have appropriate dress kit, all cabling must away from the main doors any meeting room, all cabling must taped down securely with gaffer tape that matches the carpet (no black gaffer tape audience areas), all stand carts must draped, equipment allowed roll through the foyer areas, access rooms must through the service entrance, service conidors must kept clear cases and cabling securing taped down (Banquet servers must have access from service doors, regardless ofstaging needs). 
Under circumstance are pyrotechnics used the Hotel. Hazer and foggers are only allowed with permission the security department supervisor. Security department must contacted writing sixty (60) days prior event load-in and setup detailing the type hazer/fogger that used and for how long. fire watch will setup the Securitj department, prevaili.."lg rates, monitor the installed fire extinguishing system. Outside vendor must send copies aii state and iocai permiis showing ihe vendor iicensed provide hazer and foggers. 

The Hotel assumes responsibility for the safekeeping/security the outside vendor's equipment, supplies, written materials any other items left function rooms approved store rooms the outside vendor, group, attendees. Accordingly, the outside vendor will responsibleto provide security and assumes all responsibility for 

the above mentioned items. 
Promotional Materials 
Nothing shall posted on, nailed to, screwed into, otherwise attached columns, walls, floors other parts the building furniture. Distribution promotional gummed stickers labels strictly prohibited. (Anything connection there with, necessary proper for the protection the building, equipment furniture, will the expense the group). For your convenience, the Grand Hyatt Washington has strategically located daily event posting throughout the lobby and meeting room areas. The hotel requires that all signage professionally printed. 

The Grand Hyatt Washington will only accept pre-paid packages (not applicable shipping exhibits and materials). The hotel will refuse any packages delivered C.O.D. and the hotel will make notification the shipper. All packages must contain label giving the following information: 
Return address 
Name the group with which the recipient associated 
Room where meeting held and when 
Group contact (sales convention service manager) 
Name person that will claim the package(s) 
Date ofrecipient's arrival handling fee of$10.00 per box will assessed all incoming packages and $12.00 for any outgoing boxes. Pricing skids $175.00. 
The Grand Hyatt Washington shall not liable for safe timely arrival ofany packages sent the hotel for the group. the group's responsibility check the arrival any packages and check ensure that the contents are intact. The Grand Hyatt Washington accepts liability for lost, stolen damaged goods. 

The hotel offers complete line services, available throughout your convention. The hotel has in-house florist, in-house off premise caterer and full service business center. the event that any maj planned hotel construction scheduled which would interfere with the group's conference during the group's convention/meeting dates, the hotel agrees provide the group with notice soon reasonably possible. such major planned construction shall occur during the group's convention/meeting dates, the hotel shall make its best efforts conduct the construction manner which will not disturb the group scheduled events. The hotel reserves the right to, all times, make any emergency repairs, which the hotel deems necessary for the safety and welfare its guests and employees. Construction shall defined follows for the purpose applying this provision: 

"The erection ofwalls, ceilings, partitions other work area the hotel frequented the group attendees, which could reasonab expected materially disrupt the guests' enjoyment hotel facilities that the group requires utilized under this agreement." Willi 
The client agrees solely responsible for all charges and activities meeting roomsheld for tlieir use 
authorized client representative win directly finalize ali arrangements for meeting space with the hotel's catering and convention services 
Groups meeting conjunction with conference, but not asa part the official convention program, which require meeting space and separate billing, are subject credit approval. Requests for such space should sent writing directly the hotel. All meeting space, available, will the hotel's normal prevailing room rental fees and will subject the hotel's contract terms and conditions. 
Please note that convention assigns any their held space another group, the space longer considered part the convention, but will handled asany other ICWand therefore subject additional fees charges. 
Outside Contractors 
All vendors providing services group the hotel are required carry certain minimum levels liability, workers compensation, and automobile insurance. These vendors will required submit proof insurance naming the Grand Hyatt Washington and olir owners and partners additional insureds for the duration their work here. Contact your convention services manager for specific wording and liability limits. 
Vendors and their employees (regular contract) are also subject the standards conduct and the policies and procedures the hotel. have received and acknowledged these policies and procedure from the Grand Hyatt Washington. 

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