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Judicial Watch • 2011 lacounty-docs-4-12202010

2011 lacounty-docs-4-12202010

2011 lacounty-docs-4-12202010

Page 1: 2011 lacounty-docs-4-12202010

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Date Created:December 20, 2010

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HEADQUARTERS: 72860 Crossroads Parkwa South 

t'haptcr 1R:VFl Nl>OTliFR LXPENSES Page 
5.40.060 Traveling expenses--Travel, lodging and meal cost lim1tat!ons. 

Traveling expenses allowed shall no1 exceed The actual cost transportation when public carrierif privately owned vehicle used travel destinalion other than one specified subsection Section 5.40. 190. rate 
six cents per mile the equivalent the fare via the most appropriate public carrier destination outside the state and more than 500 miles from haadquarters the equivalent
 the fare via the most appropriate public carrier, Ettect1ve July 2000, persons permanently assigned duty Catalina Island shall 
entitled reimbursement for the cost not exceed two round trips any one month boat 
the mainland. Such claim shall filed with the department form(s) required the 
department head 

B.1 Lodging $174.00 per night: breakfast $10 50; lunch $13.50 and dinner $34 .00, not exceed $58.00 per day when three meals are purchased upon any one day. The rates set forth 
this paragraph shall subject annual adjustment the audrtor-controller pursuant Secti 
metropolitan area capital city, defined Section 5.40 090(8), exceeds the l!mitations set 
forth this section and Section 095, reimbursement may, with prior approval the Chief 
the conferer:ce sponsor for the event, and the appointing authority has granted prior approval for attend ance and lodging the contracted rate the designated hotel Unless approved the chief administra'tive officer, meals shall not allowed the county
Los Angeles ept under the following circumstances Persons permanently assigned duty Catalina Island shall allowed meals and lodging when ordered the department head temporary duty elsewhere the countyprovided such

persons are reqbired remain the temporary work location overnight, peons permanently assigr1ed duty the mountains the Antelope Valley shall 
allowed meals and lodging when ordered the department head temporary duty elsewhere the county, provided such persons are required remain the temporary work location 
overnight, Persons perman ently assigned duly other than the mountainsin the Antelope Valley,

Catalina Island in'the Santa Clar,ta Valley shall allowed meals and lodging when ordered 
the department head temporary duty Catalina Island, the mountains, the Antelope 
Valley, the Santa Claqta Valley, provided such ersons are required rmain the 
temporary work location overnight,  Legislative representatives the chief administrative office permanently assigned duty 
Washington Sacramento shall allowed meals, lodg!flg and transportation expenses Los Angeles County approved the chief administrative officer when ordered the 
dep3rtment head trave! Los Angeles consult with county officials, Candidates for employment W!th county Los Angeles, special examiners, subjectmatter experts, when they are approved the chief administrative officer director personnel travel for the examination proross; person traveling pr!vately owned vehicle county car shall allowed actual necessary 
travel time and meals not exceed one day each way route. actual necessary lodging not exceed one day each way route the destination more than 500 highway miles from 
headquarters, would othernise reasonable under the circumstances. The actual cost porterage, not exceed $1.00 per day (Ord. 2006-0003  2006; Ord. 2000-0034  2000 Ord. 99-0026  1999: Ord. 94-0011U  1994: Ord 91-0044  1991; Ord_ 87-0007  1987 Ord. 84-0240  1984; Ord. 82-0251  1982. 
Ord. 12108  (part). 

1980; Ord. 12084  1:980; Ord. 12020  1979, Ord. 11327  1976 Ord 139  1975, Ord. 10936  1974; Ord. 9729  1and2, 199: Ord. 90051and2,1966 Ord 7562  1959: Ord 5867  1956, Ord. 5236  (part). 1948: Ord. 4099 Art 
http://o d!Jnk.con'icodes/lacounty/ DATNTITl.B05/qiaptc:r 40_TRAVEL AND OTH 

Stgna-ture---- our pev, f!>. 

300 WOR ffRHlNAl LOS ANG(l.(S. qQO'IS

SlflRl ooM RtG 001 CASHIER AYOA mJGl:LEI.. ll11lS 
78594410007!>9 7!> 

30002 SUll101AL 
SALES lAX t9.75000Y.} (17 
ean11na Nut Bt1gl .95 
TOTAL .82 
Offl Oil 


You dt.:::lds what's 1nside 

D>illes Concourse B-!i2 Sterling, 20166 703-661-5018 

Host: Danie1 05/06/2010


Carnitas B::i1l 6.50 
Small Soda 1.55 
Subtotal 8.05 
Tax C.40 
DINE Tota 8.45 Cc: 20.00Change .55 
Qrder onlir:e r'l chipotle.CDff 

Time: 1111111111 
Orjgin trip: l,_,
Destinaticm 2-S-

tM 2819 U:U I'll 
t.OS LES Pl#llClli 151 WITl.ll1 lit.I.Ir 
LOS A/GI ES.  JlQMl lfU 
TERn IO: Al'l:lV02S2l C0!1P IO:APCA 
APPROVAL COOE: illl77ll< S1AN> U:fi'l!!lS 

httrs//www.1rginamericacom/va/html/Virgin_A;i1erica Boarding Pass.html 05/0"3/201 

Maria LaTanya McGlothen/ADM/LADPSS@LADPSS

04/07/2010 11:36 


Below Mr. Browning's ticketed itinerary for his travel Washington, May 2010. And, have confirmed with Carina that Mr. Browning has aisle seats. 
Please let know you need further assistance. 
Thank you! 
Maria Munoz 
Department Public Social Services 12860 Crossroads Parkway South City Industry, 91746 
(562) 908-8330 

Confidentiality Notice: Tho information contained this e-mail message and ;my attachment(s) the property the County Los Angeles and may i:;rotected County, Stale and Federal laws governing ilisclosure private information. intended solely for lhe use the en1ity 
whom this e-mail addressed you are not the intended recipient. you are hereby notified that reading. copying distribution tills transmission STRICTLlf PROHIBITED. The sender has not waived any applicable privilege sending the accompanying transmission you have received this lransmission error, please 
notify the sender 
returning the e-mail and delete the message and at!achment(s) from your system. Thank you 
----Forwarded Maria Munoz/BAS/LAOPSS 04/07/2010 :33 AM---
Carina Gonzales