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Judicial Watch • 2011 nlrb-3rd-extract-11082011

2011 nlrb-3rd-extract-11082011

2011 nlrb-3rd-extract-11082011

Page 1: 2011 nlrb-3rd-extract-11082011

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Date Created:November 10, 2011

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From:  Solomon, Lafe  
Sent:  Wednesday, April 20, 2011 9:14  
To:  Schiff, Robert; Garza, Jose  
Subject:  Boeing call log  
Attachments:  Boeing call log-Lafe.doc; Boeing call log--Barry.doc have attached files: one summary conversations and the other Barry Kearneys conversation with Boeings outside lawyer. Lafe 

April 14, 2011 
Telephone conversation with Bill Kilberg, Boeing attorney, Thursday, April Kilberg called (Barry Kearney) because earlier conversation had concluded that Boeing and the
nion were interested discussing different issues and further efforts bring the parties together would fruitless. the start the conversation told that Boeing concurred that nothing more discuss and understood that meant complaint was likely issue. Kilberg said that Boeing was going the Hill see they could forestall issuing complaint. said was very disappointed hear that. told him the Agency realized last October that this was big deal and that why reached out Boeing that they would have every opportunity address the concerns had about the case. After that process said again reached out Boeing try resolve this before any public decision was made. tried good faith work with this situation and give Boeing every opportunity. said doesn't appear account for anything. Kilberg response was have what have and you what you have do. The conversation ended. 

3/18/11 Mike Luttig, Boeings GC, called pm. told the was miffed

case. told hat have get suchroughe Senate. said thad 
imthewouldhariderththatIhthatth CEO tape saying the move was not because economics but because the Machinists strike. said hat would whough triable case and thatever tht was right under the NLRA. But reiterated thoughe parties tht thould meet and try reacha settlement. 3/28/11 Luttig called and asked Barry Kearney the call withme. Luttig said Boeing 
would not agree  
Exemption 7(A)  

Senator Grahe Museum Modern Art NYC and called 11:15 am. was thtalked him cell phone. told the retaliatory che Mach tharge thinists against Boeing would huge economic and political consequences. said the
arge would scare Boeings customers and could affect orders. said the political fallout would huge and that han was more reasonable this Senate counterpart (Sen. Mint). explained hat his case for ths, and thad been trying settle the last month said the was pessimistic the Machings out, but hat thinists and Boeing could work ththat never tht was bad idea talk. thim for being willing
oughanked help. 4/11/11 left message for Debbie Durkin, tham whe call Fri. aide Senator Graho place thI received call back from Walt Kuhim noon. told hat was following conversation withthat wanted know had been successful Senator Fri and the hin contacting Boeing. said the Senator would call back later this week. told Walt the complaint process and thold was ready begin that could not hindefinitely. said the Senator today possible, and hat wanted talk the said thhath would see whe could do. 4/11/11 Senator Grahat had talked Boeing, and thad 
amcalledmeat3pm.Hesaidtheheyh whichwas totally withat
out merit. said the 
agreed withBoeing and understood that complaint was filed, 
eir position. said thwill nasty, very, very nasty. said this was case thow not grow theconomy. said that had whad do, and had whe
atwehehathadto do. was us. said the was going full guns a-blazing. complaint issued,

From:  Anzalone, Mara-Louise  
Sent:  Wednesday, April 20, 2011 5:00  
To:  Pomerantz, Anne  
Subject:  Re: Senator Graham's statement  

Awesome. Sounds like they're just going furlough you and me.
 M-L.A. Apr 2011, 12:0 203 PM, "Ahearn, Richard L."  wrote: 
From: Wagner, Anthony Sent: Wednesday, April 20, 2011 12:00 To: Cleeland, Nancy;
olomon, Lafe E.; Ahearn, Richard L.; Mattina, Celeste J.; Garza, Jose Subject:
enator Graham's statement
id= 74179e31-802a-23ad-4e6e-3b1394738c8d 
Senator Graham Press Releases 
Contact: Meghan Hughes (202-224-5972) Kevin Bishop (864-250-1417) Date: 04/20/2011 

Graham NLRB Complaint against Boeing 
NGTON  U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R-South Carolina) today made this statement the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) complaint against Boeing. 
This one the worst examples unelected bureaucrats doing the bidding special interest groups that Ive ever seen. this case, the NLRB doing the bidding the unions great cost South Carolina and our nations economy. 
It makes perfect sense for world-class company like Boeing diversify their production capabilities. Boeing made solid business decision coming South Carolina, and welcome them with open arms. They could have gone anywhere, but they knew that South Carolina was great place business. Their decision open their new facility North Charleston will pay dividends for the company, its workers, and our state for many years come. Its decision that will stand the test time. 
If successful, the NLRB complaint would allow unions hold virtual veto over business decisions. Left their own devices, the NLRB would routinely punish right-to-work states that value and promote their pro-business climates. The current makeup the NLRB Board has been skewed against business. This action will not allowed stand. 
I would surprised any court recognized the legitimacy this complaint. Its pretty easy see that its heart, this about union politics. Senator, will everything power, including introducing legislation cutting off funding for this wild goose chase, stop the NLRBs frivolous complaint. 


 Subject: Re:

None the articles tie craig boeing. Just mention his recess appointment. one raining your parade. Sent via BlackBerry ATT 
Original Message From: "Solomon, Lafe E."  

Subject: Re: Boeing 
The article gave new idea. You geneva and get job with airbus. screwed the economy and now can tackle europe. didn't read all the meltwater articles but some the headlines tie boeing craig. Unbelievable. 
Last night went fine but you didn't miss anything turning down. I'll see you this afternoon. 
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Original Message

To: Cleeland, Nancy; Wagner, Anthony R.; Solomon, Lafe Sent: Fri Apr 08:12:00 2011 Subject: Boeing 
From european planet labor website(some wording oddities are just due translation (from french)): 
United States: Boeing could not able open its new plant South Carolina because antiunion behavior 
Experts from the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) turned the administrative justice prevent the start production Boeing's new factory South Carolina. The reason that the aircraft manufacturer allegedly chose this location the basis antiunion criteria. (Ref. 110281) 
The NLRB, which arbitrates conflicts between unions and businesses, blaming Boeing. Legal expert Lafe Solomon filed complaint against the aircraft manufacturer, accusing the company breaking Federal Law investing into another assembly line for its 787 Dreamliner production South Carolina. The lawyer thinks that Boeing management decided relocate production partly retaliate against unionized workers for past strikes its Puget Sound site Washington State. The management says they were too inclined strike. Yet, A worker's right strike fundamental right guaranteed the National Labor Relations Act, Solomon said. 
The NLRB expert looked the Boeing case the request the National Association Machinists and Aerospace Workers (IAMAW). The union represents 25,000 Boeing workers Washington State, where the manufacturing owns many factories. 2007, Boeing management launched negotiations with IAMAW representatives Puget Sound. There, Boeing already assembled Dreamliners month and wanted open another line produce three more 787 each month. Talks lingered. Finally, October 2009, the management decided invest South Carolina, right work state where unionists arent welcome. 

Two billion dollars were invested Charleston, 1,000 employees were recruited, and the site was supposed open July until the NLRB meddled in. Lafe Solomon investigated for two years, notably looking Boeing executives declarations the local media. article published the Seattle Times reads that the overriding factor move South Carolina was not the business climate. And was not the wages were paying today. was that cannot afford have work stoppage, you know, every three years. Boeing management has listed strikes Puget Sound since 1989. 2008, lasted for days and cost the company $1.8bn, which was particularly noticed. packing, the IAMAW leaders are saying that the manufacturer retaliating against past strike and trying deter future social movements. 
Boeings general counsel, Michael Luttig, said: This claim legally frivolous and represents radical departure from both NLRB and Supreme Court precedent. For his part, Lafe Solomon said that didnt want the Charleston site close and hoping for out-
of-court settlement between Boeing and the IAMAW. the parties cannot arrive settlement, the next step will hearing before NLRB administrative law judge set for June 14. The case could last for years. 
Planet Labor, April 22, 2011, No. 110281 you have any questions comments this dispatch, you can reach the editorial staff calling +33 (0) sending email  Sent via BlackBerry ATT 

From: Szapiro, Miriam Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:30 
Willen, Debra Subject: RE: Boeing's lablems: Moving factories flee unions The Economist 
our prob
Exactly; just shows you how incredibly reactionary the is, that the conservative Economist thinks were Neanderthal. 

Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:28 To: Willen, Debra Szapiro Miriam Subject: FW: Boeing's labour proving factoflee uniono
blems: Mories tons The Ecomist 
Well, who knew the Economist would endorse you?! 

Sent: Thursday, April 28, 2011 10:22 

Subject: Boeing's labour proving factoflee uniono
blems: Mories tons The Ecomist 
Tracking: From: 

Sent:  Friday, April 22, 2011 8:15  
To:  Willen, Debra  
Subject:  FW: DeMint: Labor Relations Board Acting Like 'Thugs'  

thought you might find this amusing. 

retired couple years ago after year career field examiner the 

Sent: Friday, April 22, 2011 2:5 

Subject: RE: DeMint: Labor Relations Board Acting Like 'Thugs' 

You retired with your integrity, which makes you far wealthier than Sen. Dement will ever be. 

Sent: Thursday, April 21, 2011 9:43 

Senator Dement weighs in. Someone might want tell him that the Board independent agency, and the cojmposition the five member Board traditionally the subject agreement between Democrats and Republicans Capitol
And someone might also advise Boeing that the next time they make unlawful decision assign work based whether plant not unionized, they might want keep their mouth shut when they are talking the press. 
Damn, missed calling. could have been management consultant. "Look, put the work South Carolina and just don't tell the Seattle Times why you did it. And the NLRB asks, tell them the decision was based legitimate economic and business considerations." For such work, would have retired far wealthier than right now, and doesn't seem complicated. 
Your now retired agent thugs,