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Judicial Watch • 2011 senate-ethics-committee-per-diem-letter-06082011

2011 senate-ethics-committee-per-diem-letter-06082011

2011 senate-ethics-committee-per-diem-letter-06082011

Page 1: 2011 senate-ethics-committee-per-diem-letter-06082011


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Date Created:June 15, 2011

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June 2011
Thomas Fitton, President
Judicial Watch
425 Street, sw, Suite 800
Washington, 20024
Dear Mr. Fitton:
The Select Committee Ethics has received your correspondence requesting investigation
into possible violations Senate Rule 39, which governs the use offoreign travel per diem
Senators and Senate employees. Your correspondence appears have been prompted article
The Wall Slreet Journal, which all the Senators and staff mentioned are noted having
complied with the requirements Senate Rule and returned unused per diem funds. The
Committee has not received any additional allegation information that would suggest that members the Senate community have violated Senate Rule 39.
The Committee has previously concluded that mere allegations, with evidence
information support their substantive merit, are insufficient extend the Committee investigative
process. Thus, based upon review ofthe information that you have provided, appears that your
complaint lacks merit and further Committee action not appropriate with respect this matter. The
Committee, however, has recently circulated Dear Colleague letter ensure that all Members and
staff, especially those who are new the Senate, understand and adhere the rules unused per
diem. have enclosed copy with this letter.
Thank you for your Ullki Il,k the Committee.
SPx l.
ChiefCounsel and StaffDireetor
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mmuuz: I202) 2154521
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June 2011
Dear Colleague:
There has been recent media attention regarding the use foreign travel per diem
Members and staff the Senate. want make sure that you and your staffs know that any
unused portion your foreign travel per diem must returned the United States Treasury
after you return home. Speci cally, Senate Rule 39.3 states: per diem allowance provided Member, officer, employee connection
with foreign travel shall used solely for lodging, food, and related expenses
and the responsibility the Member. cer, employee receiving such
allowance return the United States Government that portion the allowance
received which not actually used for necessary lodging, food, and related
The Committee encourages Members and staff with questions about returning travel per
diem consult the Department State Official Foreign Travel Guide for the US. Congress
(copies available from the Committee). According the guide, travelers returning unused
per diem the U.S. Treasury may personal check money order. The repayment,
along with memorandum about the trip and the amount returned, may delivered the
Department State Senate Liaison Office the Russell Senate Building. also
understand that the Department Congressional Travel Office will arrange for the pick-up
unused per diem.
Thank you for your attention this matter. you have any questions, please feel free
contact Committee staff 224-2981.
arbara Boxer Johnny Isakson
Chairman Vice Chairman