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Judicial Watch • 2011 treasury-cfpb-request-03222011

2011 treasury-cfpb-request-03222011

2011 treasury-cfpb-request-03222011

Page 1: 2011 treasury-cfpb-request-03222011

Category:FOIA Request

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Date Created:March 22, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:Congresses, duplication, warren, Department of the Treasury, search, Freedom, south, treasury, Virginia, watch, president, Obama, judicial, records, department, states, Washington, united, EPA, ICE, CIA

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Because one above the law. 
March 22, 2011
Elizabeth Horton, Deputy Assistant General Counsel General Law, Ethics Regulation
US. Department the Treasury
1500 Pennsylvania Ave, N.W., Suite 2221
Washington, DC. 20220
Re: Freedom Information Act Reguest
Dear Ms. I-Iorton: September 17, 2010, President Obama appointed Elizabeth Warren serve
the Special Advisor the Secretary Treasury the Consumer Financial
Protection Bureau, among other responsibilities. her Treasury role (according her
congressional testimony Wednesday, March 16, 2011) Ms. Warren has had more
than sixty one-on-one conversations with Members Congress. Accordingly, pursuant the provisions the Freedom Information Act (FOIA), U.S.C. 552, Judicial
Watch, lnc., (Judicial Watch) hereby requests that the .S. Department ofthe Treasury
(Treasury) produce the following within twenty (20) business days: Any and all communications between Ms. Warren and members
the lllth and 112th US. Congresses; Any and all records communications between Ms. Warren and
members ofthe lllth and 112th U.S. Congresses; Any and all communications between Ms. Warren and staffers
the 111th and 112th U.S. Congresses; and, Any and all records communications between Ms. Warren and
staffers the lllth and 12th US. Congresses.
Additionally, Ms. Warren announced December 2010, the Consumer
Federation America (CFA) Financial Services Conference, that she had been busy
talking and meeting with consumer advocates and wide variety stakeholders the
 nancial services industry--CEOs all stripes, big banks, community banks, Ohio
bankers, Oklahoma bankers, California bankers, credit unions, and the list goes on. 
Hence, pursuant the provisions FOIA, Judicial Watch also requests that Treasury
425 Third St., SW, Suite 800, Washington, 20024 Tel: (202) 646-5172 1-888-593 8442
FAX: (202) 6405199 lzmail:
Department the Treasury
March 16, 2011
produce the following within twenty (20) business days: Any and all communications between Ms. Warren and any
 consumer cates stakeholders CEOS bankers and
whoinever else Ms. Warren was referring when she stated that
 the list goes nd,
Any and all records communications between Ms. Warren and consumer advocates stakeholders CEOs bankers
and whomever else Ms. Warren was refen when she stated
that the list goes on.
Lastly. also the conference, Ms. Warren declared that earlier that sain
week she had gone Flori meet with Attorneys General from across the country.
Hence, pursuant the provisions OlA, Judi :11 Watch further requests that Treasury
produce the following within twenty (20) business days: Any and all comniunicatio between Ms. Warren and the state
attorneys general for each the United States and .S. temtories.
conimenwealths, federal districts, and protcetorates namely, they ~3F5f1 >.3 FE5 .*- 5P! l>F:- 
American Samoa
District ofColum
Loni. ana
Michigan inne )ta
New Hampshire
New Jersey
New York
North Carolina
Northem Mariana Islands
North Dakota
Puerto Rico
Rhode Island
Department the Treasury
March 16. 2011
South Carolina Virgin Islands
South ota Virginia
Tennessee Washington
Texas West Virginia
Utah Wisconsin
Vermont ming
Any and all records connnunications between Ms. Warren and
the taste attorneys general for each the United States and U.S.
teirito es. coninionwealths, federal districts, and protectoratcs
listed item above;
Any and all agendas for any meetings between Ms. Warren and the
state attorneys general for each the United States and US.
territories, commonwealths. federal districts, and prntectorates
listed itcm above;
Any and all notes from any meetings between Ms. Warren and the
state attorneys general for each the United States and US.
territories. commonwealths, federal d1SillLtS. and protector-ales
listed item above;
Any and all presentations distributed, displayed, and/or other
disseiniir bctwecn Ms. Warren and the state attorneys general
for each the United States and territories, coninioiiwealths,
federal district. and protectorates listed item above, and,
Any and all Ms. Waircn travel logs, maps. and itineraries
and through any and all the United States and .S. territories,
comriionwealths, federal districts, and pretcctorates
item above.
The time frame for this request Jfroni September through the pres it. placing this request. Judicial Watch calls your attention President
January 2009 Meniorandurn concerning FOIA which sta
All agencies should adopt presiiinption favor disclosure
order renew their cornmitiricnt the principles embodied
FOlA...The presuinption disclosure should applied all
Department the Treasury
March 16, 2011
decisions involving FOIA.l
The memorandum goes state that FOIA should iinistered with
clear presumpt the case doubt. openness prev Nevertheless, any
responsive record portion thereof claimed cmpt from production under
FOIA, please provide sufticient identilying information with respect each allegedly
exempt record portion thereof allow the propi the claimed
exemption. mg/In Rosen, 484 F.2d 820 (DC. Cir. 1973), denied. US. 977
(1974). addition. any reasonably segregable portion nsive record must
provided, after redaction any allegedly exempt material. U.S.C. 552(b).
Judicial Watch also hereby requests waiver both search and duplication fees
pursuant U.S.C. S52ta)(4)(A)(ii)(II) and 552(a)(4)(A)(iii). Judicial
atch entitled waiver arch fees under (_a)(4)(A)(ii)(l1) because member ofthe news media. See National Scum US. Department
I)eferzse. 880 1381 1387 Cir. 1989). Jud ial Watch also been recognized member the IJSV media other FOIA litigation. See Judi Watch, Inc. US.
Department Justice, 133 Supp.2d (D.D.C. 2000); and, Jztdiciai Watch,
Dep, 2006 Dist. LEXIS 44003, (D.D.C. Jun 78, 2006). Judicial
Watch regularly obt iiiformation about the ope tions and ies government
through FOIA and other means, uses its editorial skills turn this infonnation into
 net wot and publishes and disseminates these Wor the public. intends the records receives response this request.
Judicial Watch also entitled complete waiver both search fees and
duplication fees ant U.S.C. 552(aV)(4)(A)(iii). Under this provision. records:
shall furnished without any ch- charge reduced below
the fees established under clause disclosure the
infonnation the public interest because likely
contribute signi cantly public understanding the operations activities govemnient and not primarily the commercial
interest the requester. U.S.C. a)(4)tAt(iii). addition. records are not produced within twenty (20) busin days, Judicial
Watch entitled complete waiver search and duplication fees under the OPEN
Government Act of2007. Section 6(1)).
Judicial Watch 501(c)(3), not-for-profit, educational organization, and,
definition, has commercial purpose. Judicial Watch exists educate the public
 President Barack Obama, It/lemorandum for the Heads Executive Departments and Agencies, Subject:
Freedom Infonnation Act, January 2009: ttp:/ press_
office/Freedomo nI}-rmationAct>
Department the Treasury
March 16, 2011
about the operations and activities government, well increase public
understanding about the importance ethics and the rule law government. The
particular records requested herein are sought part Judicial Watch ongoing efforts document the operations and activities the federal government and educate the
public about these operations and activities. Once Judicial Watch obtains the requested
records, intends analyze them and disseminate the results its analysis, well
the records themselves, special written report. Judicial Watch will also educate the
public via radio programs, Judicial Wateh website, and/or newsletter, among other
outlets. also will make the records available other members the media
researchers upon request. Judicial Watch has proven ability disseminate information
obtained through 01A the public, demonstrated its long-standing and
continuing public outreach efforts.
Given these circumstances, Judicial Watch entitled public interest fee
waiver both search costs and duplication costs. Nonetheless, the event our request
for waiver search and/or duplication costs denied, Judicial Watch willing pay 50.00 search and/or duplication costs. Judicial Watch requests that
contacted before any such costs are incurred, order prioritize search and duplication
efforts. effort facilitate record production within the statutory time limit, Judicial
Watch willing accept documents electronic format (eg. e-mail, .pdfs). When
necessary, Judicial Watch will also accept the rolling production documents. you not understand this request any portion thereof, you feel you
require clari cation, please immediately contact Judicial Watch Research Assistant Justin
McCarthy 202-646-5172 Judicial Watch looks
forward receiving the requested documents and waiver both search and
duplication costs within twenty (20) business days. Thank you for your cooperation.
Hn vi; lLll tmmH.J.D.
Senior Investigator
Judicial Watch, lnc.