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Judicial Watch • 2011 usaf-obama-africa-trip-request-06282011

2011 usaf-obama-africa-trip-request-06282011

2011 usaf-obama-africa-trip-request-06282011

Page 1: 2011 usaf-obama-africa-trip-request-06282011

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:4

Date Created:June 28, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:duplication, waiver, Force, record, watch, judicial, states, united, EPA, CIA

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United States Air Force
June 28, 2011
Nevertl any responsive record 301 tl()l1 thereof claimed exempt
from produ under FOIA. please provide ent identifying infonnation with
respect each allegedly exempt record portion thereofto allow assess the
propriety tl1e claimed exemption. tglm Rosen. 484 820 (D. i973),
cart. mad -115 US. 977 (1974). addition, any reasonably segregable pottion ons record must provided. after redact any allegedly exempt material.
U.S.( 55203).
For purposes this requcs the term record shall mean: (1) any written.
printed, typed material any ind including without limitation all correspondence, letters. facsimiles. papers, fon elephone
calendars. chronol cal data. minute., boo reports.
eets, receipts. returns. computer prm uts. printed
atements, ehec statistics, surveys, all magazine news aper articles. press relc lly, meehanical_l_ ored material any
without limitation all electronic mail e-mail; (3) any audio, aural, Visual. video
record recordings, nations any kind; (4) any vraphic mater als and data
compilations which mtormation can obtained; and (3) any materials using other
means crying thought expression
Judicial Watch also hereb requests waiver both search duplication fees
the news media. WzrmaI Sect: zjA Dcpzutmem 0fD nSL 880 F.2d 1381.
1387 (DC. Cir. l989)(de ning news media hin FOIA context). Judical Watch has
also been recognized member ofthe nex media other FOIA lit ion. See. .g..
Jzzdicial arch Inc. Depar/mam u_fJu.;t1c2 133 upp.2d (D.D. 2000);
and. J1mz< Melt. Department ofDe;
tD.D Jum 28, 2006). Judicial Watch regulnly obtains information about the
operat government through FOIA and other means, uses its editorial
skills turn this information into 
this request.
Judicial Watch also entitled 
duplication fees pursuant U.S.C. 
shall furnished without any charge charge
reduced below the fees establ bed under cla (ii)
disclosure the information the public interest
because likely contribute signi cantly public
unde tanding the operations activities government
United States Air Force
June 28, 2011
and not primarily the commercial interest the
requester. U.S.C. a)(4)tA)(_111). addition. records are not produced within (20) business days. Judicial
Watch entitled -.1 complete waiver and dupli ation fees und Section 6(:b)
olthe OPEN mnent Act 1007. ich amended FOIA 2115 U.S.L
Judicial ateh 501(c)(3 not-for-profit. educational organization. and. nition. connne ial purpos Judicial Watch educate the public
ions and ies govemment, well increase public
unde tanding about the impoitat ethics and the rule oflax nmcnt. The
particular records requested herein are sought part Judicial Watch ongoing efforts document the operations and activities the federal crnnrtent and edttcate the
public about these operations and activ cs. Once 1alW:ttch obtains the requested
record intends analyze them and cminate the results anal} Well
public dio prograi Judicial W-.1tch website, and/or newsletter, among other
outlc also will make the records available other members the media
res archers upon request, Judicial Watch has proven ability disseminate information
obtain tlnough the public, demonstrated its long-standing and
continuing public outreach ioits. thcs circumstances. Judicial Watch entitled public interest fee
waiver both sea the event our request
for waiver arch and/or duplication denied, Judicial Watch willing pay $150 search and/or duplication Judicial Watch requests that ttactcd any such costs are incurred. order prioritize search and duplication effort facilitate record )I0dl.lCIl01 vithin the statutory time limit. Judicial
lling accept document. electron ormat (e.g. e-mail, .pdfs). When
Judicial Watch will also accept the rolling production documents. ni!/:.i -izt urcc
Junk 28. JUN ;x9,x -:nun! LIrMux~L.uMl H.iuxH~Im .m *vm=11llmwtw m ilk-V H
Wugiziu ;HJihvr):vUnixr.;L1yUI .m}pullinnlhrltni.p .!*~vLHLL1c h\ Hg 1v__ 1iM
.11 4rI \_m u2n:?I)u}L1.1 c);H\.1lc[zwig. hmk m\.mi cqnu.~1ul mw;1H HM:1\LuuMMnlhxuzwgh(11h[dHNIx ;:!i:>1(ml x1iVm1\vIH)
 (Jr Mmxw .45 HLIHJ Mmhnxmn*.mpu:x11-an
Mmiz, 1.,< .u!iy 1M.m::