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Judicial Watch • 2011 usaf-pelosi-docs-2-07062011

2011 usaf-pelosi-docs-2-07062011

2011 usaf-pelosi-docs-2-07062011

Page 1: 2011 usaf-pelosi-docs-2-07062011

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:50

Date Created:June 28, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 30, 2013

Tags:lnflight, Contingency, ESCORT, Qatar, receipt, sheet, agent, Communications, house, official, GSA, staff, obtained, speaker, watch, funds, judicial, EPA, ICE, CIA

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Staff Suinmary Sheet Actien Signature (_S1Irnam.e), Grader, Date Action Signature (_iSurTname)., Gratle, Date SAFILLO Apple (b) YC-ti}3, ll?-t May 2(7) HAP/RM Appreve
Rattkfhlame Office Syitnbe] Suspetise Date
.l/laj (6$> SAHLLH
Subject. SSS Date
Accbuhttitng fiC)I CODEL Pelbsig. May 2010 May
Sumnlarjy Atttac.hecl you will find the package, for ,l1. .lCi.S a,(Ti,V3..I1C for the eX.p6I1S 0fCODEL Pelbsi...
Order MA- T1. 144-10. certify that the attaeilied true and ebifreet 8.CCOL11].ti.1Tg funcls, [.i11a. [i()1 L:*DEliL. Qatar, Atgi1anista.n.. Germany 6-10 May 2010. Speeia.l request items prbvicied crew due long ying hours 11p1 SS6d timeframe. Authority for Ttravelz USC 31.
E/sigtied-ii-1 May 10: 
W53 Maj, USAF
ii? Tabs Aecburiting for FUt].dSi :StEtt lTl IliZ ()fE}i]3 I1S Acceunting Tab Paying Agent Tab 1081..pclf
for funcls_SOE.>i:i;{:;: z*s;f 3e;*%;%:*2; m::;
 E?%:% %;: {:3 %?% g:3 :sL *%$% EX: i{%Z 
?;:m2; i=3$Z
 $223. ~a::z;z% s:g ymz $6? :::;y :i:*:$ [tag sm, ::; ;;%2 %:: 
 %%;:i%: 2t: m;i*;% %:m ::j: :23? gay ;?: %;,2%7 zgr is; t::% %z:sm$:%:
isms:-3% 53% ?%;?.::;?% :m:*::g%%; z** fii $5; ;% -*s.z* :?, %2: izsmm z::: %:% %m%:% %;; %E*E@ iii: :r;%m:;;: ;%=%g; %Emx:%::%gj E.? 3%E_ mazi mas zgag-: f:z :*; *w%$2: *