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Judicial Watch • 2501_VA Resp to Med Recs Destruction 2

2501_VA Resp to Med Recs Destruction 2

2501_VA Resp to Med Recs Destruction 2

Page 1: 2501_VA Resp to Med Recs Destruction 2


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Date Created:April 14, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:June 17, 2014

Tags:Destruction, Med, 2501, Resp, Recs, FOIA

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Office Inspector General 
Washington 20420 

March 31, 2014 
William Marshall Judicial Watch 425 Third Street, Suite 800 Washington, 20024 
Dear Mr. Marshall: 
This letter responds your Freedom Information Act (FOIA) request for information held the Department Veterans Affairs (VA) Office Inspector General (OIG) regarding allegations made Oliver Mitchell and reported the February 24, 2014 edition The Daily Caller. furnished interim response March 28, 2014. This serves the OIG's filial response your request for information. 
Upon consideration your request and review the responsive Office Inspector 
General documents, will again grant your request part. previously discussed, the news article you provided reflects that Mr. Mitchell revealed himself complainant the Office Inspector General, but only with respect one allegation. Accordingly, will redact information regarding any other allegations pursuant FOIA Exemption and the Inspector General's Act, well Exemption FOIA Exemption provides that information may withheld the information exempt from disclosure another confidentiality statute. The confidentiality statute applicable your request, the Inspector General's Act 1978, amended, prohibits, relevant part, disclosure the identities identifying information about employee-complainants. FOIA exemption permits federal agencies withhold portions records that could expected constitute unwarranted invasion personal privacy. U.S.C.  552(b)(6). With respect the redactions, not find there public interest that outweighs the privacy interests the individuals whose names and other identifying information have been withheld from the enclosed documents. have also applied FOIA Exemption and U.S.C.  5701 withhold patient information. appreciate your patience. you not agree with this decision regarding the release information, you may appeal the Office Inspector General. Please include your specific objection(s) they pertain the withheld information and reference your FOIA request number (14-00772-FOIA). The address is: Office 
Inspector General (SOC}, U.S. Department Veterans Affairs, 810 Vermont Avenue, 
NW, Washington, 20420. You may also email your appeal VAOIGFOIA

You must submit any appeal within sixty (60) calendar days the date this decision. 
Darryl Chief, Information Release Office 
11/27/200 08:3l 5628265987 VISN22 t-E OFFIC PAGE 02/03 PAGE 03/03 



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Olh'er Bnaee MltebeD Iunc2009 010 OBM 
From: Olirer Mitchell To: Dc!partmeat Ve'tealns A1fairs. omce of'lospcator General Attn: Reprel!Ontativo 
Subj: RESPONSE LB'l"l'ER DATBD MAY 22, 2009 response Jetter from 0J0 dated May 22, 2009 pcstmaJbd June 2009 and received June 2009 the foUoWing information pro'Vided: 
The following additional pages 1he names and sooial security numbers oftha patients who MRI orders were cancelled. 
Oliver Mitchell 

3.:lID l::Nlf"'llNT :"I :"I 

TO: 	lnsp$ctor General Department Veterans Affairs give permlselon uae name and employment situation connection with the complaint filed wttn the Hotline 

authorization applies only the specific Hotline complaint identified above and wlll remain effect unless withdrawn writing  have already Initiated grievance, appeal, EEO complaint regarding the matters raised. and n2t wish have nme and situation used e>eample the systemic review.  not.wish pul"8ue conoems 

ATTN: REP 86/[)5(2009-1"6278) 	CONSENTFORM 

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YEAR Ol' REQUEST; 2001 ........


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