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Judicial Watch • A Fish Joe – 2008

A Fish Joe – 2008

A Fish Joe – 2008

Page 1: A Fish Joe – 2008

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:October 21, 2009

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Tags:A Joe Fish, Inflation, Allen, shares, texas, reported, vanguard, stock, 2008, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, Codes, dividend, reportable, reporting, report, Federal Judge, income, Judge

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III. N-INVES TMENT ME. (Reporting intlividulll 11nd spme; see pp. 17-24 filing instructions.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours, not spouSJ:s) Spouse Non-Investment Income -Ifyou Wf!re married during 11ny portion the reporting year, a1tnplete this sectiotL (Dollar amount no/ required except for honorario.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 2008 St. Johns Episcopal School--Salary 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -transportation, /odging,food, entt!rlainment (Includes those spouse and dependent children; see pp. 25-27 filing instructions.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable reimbursements.) 
V GIFTS. (lncl11da those spoMU 1ind dependent children; see pp. 28-31 offrling instr11ctions.) NONE (No reportable gifts.) Law clerks (present fonner), interns Cruise from Alaska Vancouver via the Inside Passage $4,100.00 (present former), staff, and friends 
VJ. LJABJLJTJES. (lncl11des those ofspo11se and dependenl children; see pp. 32-33 filing instr11ctions.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) EdFinancial Education loan  
Date Report 
Name Penon Reporting 
05/1512009 Fish, Allen 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, transactions (lnc/11des those spo11se and dependent childnn; see PP 34-60 filing instr11ctions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Type (e. 
Description Asaeli 
(includingltuSt assets) 
Place (X) after each asset exempt from prior disclosure City Irving, Texas Jr. Lien Texas Stadium Interest Inco during reporting period Gross value end reporting period Transactions during reporting period 
(I) Amount Code (A-H) (2) Tyg, div., rent, int) (I) Value Code2 (J-P) (2) Value Method Code3 (I) buy. sell, rede mption) (2) Date Month-Day (3) Value Code2 (J-P) (4) Gain Code (A-H) (S) Identity buyer/seller (if private transaction) 
Revenue Bonds 
Texas Federal Credit Union Accounts, Dalla Dividend 
Guardian Ins. Ann. Co. deferred annuity 
-Guardian Stock Fund Dividend 
-Centurion Fund Dividend 
TIAA-CREF deferred annuity 
-CREF Stock Fund Dividend 
-TIAA Real Estate Fund Dividend 
-CREF Inflation Linked Bond Fund Dividend 
JO. 	IRA#l 
-Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Index Fund Dividend Buy 09130 TSMX) 
-Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities Dividend Sold 09130 und(VIPSX) 
-Vanguard Total Stock Mkt Index Fund Dividend Buy 09130 TSMX) 
-Vanguard Inflation Protected Securities Dividend Sold 09130 und(VIPSX) 
-Vanguard Total Stock Mkt VIPERS (VTI) Dividend Income (lain Coda: A-Sl,OOOorlas -Sl.001  $2,500 $2,SOI -SS.000 -SS.001 -SJS,000 E-su.001 
(See Columns and 04) F-SS0.001 -$100,000 -SI00,001  $1,000. 000 ss.000.000 More lhan SS,000,000 Value Coda -SIS,000 leu -SlS.001  SS0.000 -sso.001 M-S100.00l -S2SO.OOO 
(See Collll1llll and 03) -slS0,001 -SS00,000 O-SS00,001  Sl,000,000 Sl,000,001-SS,OOO,OOO -SS,000,001  $25,000,000 -$25,000,001  SS0,000,000 -More than sso.000,000 Value Method Codes QAppraiaal -CO.t (RealEstale Only) Auesament -CUh Market 
(See Column C2) UBook Value u()ther WEstimated 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, volue, transGctions 
r1nc1udes thoeof spouse and dep endent chiUJnn: see PP. J4-o filing instructions.; NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) Income Oain Coda: A-Sl,OOOorlON -Sl.001 -$2.SOO C-$2,501  SS.000 D-SS,001  SIS,000 ESIS,001  SS0,000 
(See Columns and 04) F-SS0,001  SI00,000 -SI00,001  Sl,000,000 -Sl,000,001  SS,000,000 112 More Ihm SS,000,000 Value Codes J-SIS,OOOorlON -SIS.001  SS0,000 L-SS0,001  SI00,000 M-SI00,001  S2SO,OOO 
(See Columns and 03) N-slS0,001  SS00,000 SS00,001  1,000,000 -Sl,000,001  SS,000,000 P2-SS,000,001  $25,000,000 
Pl-S2$,000,00I  SS0,000,000 More thin SS0,000,000 Value Mdhod Codes QApprailal -cost (Real Estote Only) SAaeament T-CuhMarkel 
(See Column C2) UBook Value -other Estimated 
Date Report 
Name Penon Reportin 
Fish, Allen 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inca1ne, vat11e, transactions