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Judicial Watch • Alan C. Kay – 2003

Alan C. Kay – 2003

Alan C. Kay – 2003

Page 1: Alan C. Kay – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:14

Date Created:February 2, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 08, 2014

Tags:Alan C Kay, Pacific, stock, court, district, 2003, TRUSTS, Codes, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Report Requiracl the; Ethics Goverri111ent 011978 
Re, l/20114 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.(;, pp. llfi 101-11 Reporting (LllSI name, llL m11ne, Middl11 iniliul) Court Orwini:aalio11 Kay, A11111C U.S. Di11tri111 Court, llawnii 1itlc (Article Ill JudJ.111 indicate aclivc 11Cnior 11t11l111i; .S. epnrtT)IJ>e (check appropriate type) mugi,lrntc judgCll indicate tull-or pllrttillQ) NL1111ln;oioo, Date 71311986 LS. Dittlct Judge, Sr. Initial An111111I Pinn! D11t11 ofMCJK>n 3f18/W04 Reportillg 
1/1/2003 12/31nooJ 	C:humbers Office Address th bai t1f infonualio11 contained thi Report and any modificuliom; perUtining thereto, is, opinion, cbntpli1111ce 
300 Moann Blvd., C415 
with upplicubl11 laws 111d n:g11l;Wgn1L Honolulu. 96850 IMPORTANT ;.()lES:-Th-icti;ns C.omplolc 1111 NONi::--:;;-ch part where you have n::portablc: lnlbnnalion. Si1n lul Piii. -- --..... -.......... __________ ..,,..,_ -----.. ..... -_..-----..,-----1 POSffiONS. -t3 lilina instru11ti1Jnl NONE  CNn rcportuble posilioM.) SB.FNTIATED AMENDIENr C.ounsclur American Court -Hnwalt AGREEMENTS. (RCJ>nrtin11 i11diidu1Ll only; !II:: pp. 14-16 offlllng ln.muctinnH) NONE -CN,, n:pullllblc: Q8roc:men11;.) 12/90 	IRA wilh Pacltlc Century Trull (flea Hllwalian Cn., Ltd.) 
Name tmmn Reporting 
Date Report 
Kay, Al1111 
ill. NON-JNVl?STM.ENT INCOME. (Rcpnning inJividt111l 11nd llpWllc; ace pp. 17-24ottilillg in.tnu:lians) Fil.,rs Non-lnntmcnt Inct>m l!!J NONE (No n:pnniible incunic.) 
(youn. DOI llpDUWll) Spouses Non-Investment ncome(lf }ttu were muni1 durini: any portlnn the Jepurlilli: year, plsc mplctc thi lliOClion. (dullat amount not requin:d .,,xccpl fur hopnlllria) 
j;;] NONE (Nu ropolQlhh: 11un-i11vcstn11;nt income.) 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS 1nmspo11Ation, 1aJ.,>in11. rood, cntcminmcnt. 
(Includes lhuSI! ftJICIU.IC um! dependent children. 8c:c PJI 25-27 ufillstructioos.) 
hl.J NONE -(No 5llll nopurtable rclml11.1ncmon1.) 
MAR-j1-2004 15:22 FROM:US DISTRICT COURT Rqx1t1 
J{a.y, Alan 
3/IR/2004 GIFTS. (Includes !hose spouse and dcpemlent childn:n. Sec pp. 28-31 lnstructlnni;.) i;rJ NONE (No such teporiablc gift.) 
VI. UA.BilJ11ES. (Iitc:ludcH lhuae spOUllC and adent children. See pp. 3.2-34 lnstn1ctkm..) 
NONE (No portable: li11bililics.) 
div. RnL vD.. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inconx:. Ylur., 1!11nJCnti (im:l111 1111.c !ho 1pn11SC and dcpmdent children. Sae pp. 34-57 lilin: inlrllin-) 
!?INANCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Name lcrson RcPorling Dote ofqiort 
l11cnmo durin1t Gron wluc end 11f Tlllll-.ctlan1 during roportill period 
Dascri}llhlll (If,....,.. 
reporting period rq11tl ,,ci;od 
(111ch1ding lnlJI nsct1) mI cCfn$11 Imm 
(I) (2) 
Plm:c (X) each wot c....,, Value Value Type (c.i:. Dale:Aniounl Type rram pfier di1 ..i01RlI Codel Mctht>d b11),llOlll, Morllh ividend Dividend Dividend Dividend Int/Div. Dlvidond Dividend Dividend Oividond Dividend Oividnd  
Income/Crain Codcl: 
_..... .... --- 1.llOO le55 -$1,11111 .n,  -s.001 s1,,,()(10 $15,001.10,000 
!Se Co)U6 Ill nf 1>4) -$0,()(t -$100,000 SIOO,OOlSl,000,000 -$1,000,IMllSl,Ol.lli,OOO  Mllfll lban $5,000,000 
;z. Vlu Cud: =SIS,000 orleH -Sl,OO!-S!ill,000 550,00 I$ 00,000  00,001..SlS0.000 
(Sec C.olumni. Biid 1>3) ..,. $250,UlllJ.$.!ilKJ,!J(lll  $(1(),UOl -SI ,000,llOO, -!;,Ollll,1)1) 1..SlS,000,000 
f.l -$25,00ll,OOl SS0.000,000 ... -SMnfl tllnn SSO,Ollll,000 V;iJu., M1