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Judicial Watch • Alan E Norris Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Alan E Norris Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Alan E Norris Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Page 1: Alan E Norris Financial Disclosure Report for 2006


Number of Pages:6

Date Created:January 31, 2008

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:Alan, Rcpnrling, Norris, Columbus, policy, SAVINGS, 2006, investment, dividend, reportable, disclosure, report, financial, income

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Replzrt Required (ha Ethics
A47 G1Ivemn1emAL*t @1975 1/3007 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 USC app. 101111) Pusan Repor {last name, rum. middle iniix.l) Cullrl onganizmion Dale nIRzpo1
Nums, Alan Smh cncnn Court Appcals 04/23/2007 Tille [Ankle II] jlldgcs indlww active senior slams; 52. Report Type (check Ii)plO[)l I1Il) ype) Rcpnrling Pcriod
magisuam judges inxiicalc Iull- pan-lime) Nomiuauon. 01/01/2005 (mun Iudge (smior) ,mm, mm, 12/31/2006
Sh. Amcndnd Report Chambers :11 cv: Address
328 Comthnuse Marconi Boulevard
Culumbus 43215 Ihe basis olllxe infnrnla comxinetl this Repon and any
mndi canans pertaining Lhexem, is, opinion, compliance
wsm app nahlc Jnws and regillxlionx.
Reviewing nmce:,,{,_,{_j_i(
IMPORTANT NOTES: The imxmzions accompmying thixfurm nnm be,/allmved. cnmpzm all pm,
 :I1eck1 ngt}w MINE boxfur each parf when ytm have In) reportable infnrmution. Sign rm: page. POSITIONS. (Ruparting individual mtly; pp. -13 mstnldxuln
:} NONE (No reportablzr pmiliuru.)
POSITION Tmsxce Clemenls Fouudauon, Wcslerville, Ohio Farmer Schrock Road Pmressmnal, pnnnemnp. Wcsmrville, Ohm
II. AGREEIVIENTS. (Repairing in(Iiu>i1luu1m1Iy; mp. 14-16 IJfx7L !r11rlIarI.r.)
[:] NONE (No rzpnrmble agrmnenrn;
DATE 01/01/67 19x1
ABA Administered Kcogh Plan, cnnlnbutcd during law pracnce ozaavmz
G3/l3f)3 6/30/86 Ohm mug Employcm Re1i1c1ncnlSysr=m. comributcd aunng zomm enxploymem.
 Name Ycrsml Reporting D31: Ileynrl
ON-INVESTMENT COME. (Rnparnng xndm .1ua1nm1:pam;mpp 17-24 a/instmc/imm) Filers Non-Investment Income
[:1 NONE (Na repairable nan-im/extmertt income.)
(yours, spouses) Ohio Public Employees Rchrcmsnt Syslcm 49.529 Spouses Non-Investment Income Ifynu were married during tmyjtarrinn oflhn njm iug year, uanlpletr lhx: xzumm.
(Dollar amount not wqmmr ho/mmrm
[: NONE (N0 reportable non-znvenmcnt income.)
DATE SOUR! AND TYPE Ohio Public Employces Remcmcnl Syslem (spousc)
IV. REIMB URSEMEN :mn.pmanun, lodging, faml, mrznainmm.
(lnrfudm Hm.rta.YprmJe rxnddepcnllwmchrltlren S21 25r27n/m.rm1rm>m)
NONE (Na repmtablc rezrnlmr.scmenr.v.)
SOURC GIFTS. (Include: 1119:9147 xpnmse rmd depumlmt children, Ste pp. 2341 o_/mvtrucliunx)
NONE (No reportable gtflx.
VI. LIABILITIES. (I/rImlm H/Spausz mud dependent zhimrmu. See pp. 32-33 afmzrumnm
NONE (Nu repormble liallillties.)
VII INVESTIVTENTS and TRUSTS inmme, mhu, Iinvmlcxinru (Include: uflh: xpouse and depcntlevxt chxlriren. pp. 344:0 of/mug inumcnam.) NONE (Na rcpnrtuble income, assam, trrm.var. tiarLsu)
Descupdon ufAssc!s Inmmc durmg Gross vnluc end Transacuous durmg repnrdng pcliod
mxcluding uus: mm) mpmaug period rzponfuvg period
(1) (1) (1) (27 (1) (1) (3) (4) (5)
Place (X) arm each msnl Amnum Type Value Value Type Dare valuu Gain yummy
exempt from pnor disclosure C045 d.w., mm. Code Method buy, sell, Mouu. Code ode buycr/Sella:
(M0 int.) (1.10 Code muumpuuu) (LP) (A4!) pnw: lmnsaclion) 1/4 inl. mm! property. W:s:rviIlc. Rent 
apprm:(>d 1/19/04 common Hock, IBM Dxvxdeml checkmg accaunt, Bnnk On:/(ihmc Bank xmms.
Columbus, Ohm IRA. CD, Key unk, VVs:crvxIle, Ohio Inlercsl Closed 7/29 [RA Muss Cup Cev. Mutual Fund Mcrnll pmdwd Chy,-ad 7/29
Lynch Keogh. ABA/Bqtumbls Lfc Ins Dividend Savings. Bzuvkonc/Chas: uuuk fiols, 011 Interest Closed 10/11
CLOSED PAYOFF MTG. Honsc, Sugar Creek, Ohio Rem common stock Euv. Prutecl Tcchnoloyc: None 
com. MON smug: account, Ohio Savings Rank, xmms.
Columbus, Ohio Gualdizn Life Iusuranc: Policy Dividend Guardmn Lxfe Insurance Policy Dividend
14. ncnm:GaunCodcs ;.=s:,ooomm rs=n,mI s1,5ou sx5,0m I::tI5,oo1 S50,mu
(Sr: cmum... And mom xwomo =:1m,0oI>o,rxx> Vnluc Cmlcs 15.rxx)orIm K:xI5,u01 550,000 :swo,ooI nsouuo
(Sm Cnlumns and 001 xsmm; _ssoo,om .sum,ooo H:s1,oou.ul Only) MUN 350-000900 Mu-kn
(S24 Column C7.) =ArPn