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Judicial Watch • Alice M. Batchelder – 2009

Alice M. Batchelder – 2009

Alice M. Batchelder – 2009

Page 1: Alice M. Batchelder – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 9, 2013

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Government Act 1978 
1/2olo FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 v.s.c, app ~o/-~0 Pers0n R~pOrting (last name, first, middle initial) Court Organization Date Report 
Batehelder, Alice 	6th Cir. Ct. Appeals 
~. Title (Article judges indicate active senior status; 5a. Report Type (check appropriate type) Reporting Period 
magistrate judges indicate hill- pan-time) Nomination. Date 01/01/2009 
active Initial Annual Final  12/31/2009 15b, Amended Report Chambers Office Address the basis the information contained this Report and any 
modifications pertaining thereto, is, no opinion, compliance ~iN~i~! Reviewiog Officer Date 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form mast followecL Complete all parts, checking the AONE box for each part where yoa have reportable information. Sign la~tpage, POSITIONS. ~,a,,g individual only; seepp. 9-13 filing instructions.) NONE (No reportable positions.) 
POS]T1ON 	NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY member 	National Conference Bar Exaa-niners Constl Law Drafting Committee 	member intellectual P~operty Law Technology Advisor2,, Council the Univer~sity Akron School Law member 	Cleveland Chapter Bd. Advisers Federalist Society member 	Board Trustees Grove City College see note 
I1. AGREEMENTS. :n,~,a~#i, ai,ia,~o,ty:~ee~:. 14-16offilinginstructions.) 
NONE (No reportable agreements.) :.:, ~rq 	PARTIES AND TE~ 
III. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. ~e~or~n~ ~ndi~ld,,,~ ~d~o,~e; ~pp. ~Z-2 ol, in,t, ucaon.~.~ Filers Non-lnvestment Income 
NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
(yours, not spouses) 4/30-5/2 National Conference Bar Examiners $3,000 I/5-8 National Conference Bar Examiners 	$3,000 Spo seI NorloIi~vestmeng Income -if you were married during any portion the reporting year, complete th[q section. 
(Dollar amount not required e.xeept for honoraria.) 
[---] 	NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) DATE SOURCE AND TYPE jan dec OPERS pension jan dec Ohio [louse Representatives salary, 
1V. REIMBURSEMENTS -,,~,~,ortatio~. ~oa~i~g, food, e.,.rt~i ..... 
(Includes those It, a~)oose attd depe~tdenl children; see pp. 25-27 oJJiling Instruction) NONE (No reportable reimbursemems.) 	DAT..~ LOCATION PURPOSE ITEMS PAID PROVIDED 	National Conference Bar Apr. 31) May Seattle. Con Law drafting comm. transportation, lodging and food 
Grove City College May Grove City commencement speaker lodging and some food 	 
Alliance Defense Fund August 4-6 Scottsdale, Arizona seminar presentation transportation, lodging and food 	 
Liberty University School Sept. 25-26 Lynchburg, judge moot court transportation, lodging and lbod 
National Conference Bar Nov. 5-8 Grand Canyon, (:on Law drafting comm. transportation, lodging and food 
FINAN CIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page N~me Person Reporting Batchelder, Alice Date Report06/t4/2010 GIFTS. (~nctudes those spouse an4 de~ndem ch~dre.; ~e 2s-~z filing instructions,) DESC~PTION 
VI. LIABI LITI ancludes ~os~ oJsp ......d dependent children; see pp. :12-33 o]~iling instructions.) NONE (No reportable liabilities.) 
CREDITQR Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Otd Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Nall Bank 
First Natl Bank Wyoming 
Famaers Savings Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank II, Matthew Akers 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Bank 
Old Phoenix Natl Baak 
unsecured note 
Mtge/Note Property 
Mtge/Note Property 
MtgeitNole Properly 
MtgelNote Property 
Mtge/No~e Property 
Mtge/Note Properly 
Mtge/Note Property 
MlgeiNote Properly 
Mtge/Note Properly 
Mtg/Note Property #20 
Mlg/Note Property 
Mtge/Note Property #14 
MtgeiNote Property #11 
Name Person Reporting 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ...... I~e, transactions (lnclades those spouse and dependent children; .seepp. 34-60 fi!ing instructions.) --~ NONE (No reportable income assets, transactions.) 
Description Assc~ (including t~st Income during Gross valu~ end T~nsaclions during rcpo~ing period 
Pine: (X} after each asset exempt from prior ~islos~ Amount Code (A-H) int3 Brokerage Accounl account -see note Dividend none asset: Wells Fargo Bank Deposit Sweep Account ~et: iSHA~S Trezs Inde~ ~sset: iSHA~ SP Midcap 400 ~alue Index Fund I~A asset: iSHA~S SP Midcap 400 Gro~h Index Fund IRA asset: iSHARES TRUST MSCI EAF~ Index Fund asset: iSHARES IBOXX Investment Grade Co~ Bond Fund 
-~~s: isiA~zs s~ }~ Value ...........lndex Fund 
Index Fun~ 10. Brokerage Account Account -see n~te Dividend n~ne 
tl. IRA assel: Wells Fargo Bauk Sweep 
12. IRA ~set: iSHARES SP Midcap 400 Value Index Fund 
13. asset: iS[IARES SP Midcap Growlh Index Fund 
14. asset: iSHARES TRUST MSCI IAFE Index Fund 
~5. asset: iSHARES BO~ Investment Grade Co~. Bond Fund 
16.  IRA asset: iSHARES TRI3 Tre~ Index Fund 
17. -I~ asset: iSHARES SP 500 Value Index Fund Batehelder, Alice 
NONE (No reportable income, assets, ~ansactions.) 
D~cription ~sets (including I~st ~sets) Income during re~ing peri~ Gross value ~nd reporting period Transactions during r~rting period 
Place~)a~er~l .... exempt f~m prior dlsclosu~ Amount] Ty~(.g.,Code div., rent. Value Cod~ V.lue Me~od Ty~(e.g.,buy, s~., Date ~Value ]Gain [denlityof 18. 19. asset: iSHA~S SP Growth In~x Ftmd Brokerage Accost SEP Account see note Dividend none 21. ~sset: Wells Fargo Ban~ Deposit Sweep asset: ~M, Inc. stock 22. asset: J.M. Smucker Co. class stock 
23, asset: iSHARES SP Midcap 400 Value Index Fund 
24. 25. ~set: iSHARES SP Midcap 4~Gro~h Index Fund Index asset:Fund iSIIARES TRUST MSC! EAFE 26. 27. IRA asset: iSHA~S BO~ lnves~ent Grade Co~9. Bond Fund IRA asset: iSHARES Treas Index 
28. -1~ asset: iSHARES SP 500 Value Index Fund 
29. IRA ~sse~: iSHARES SP 500 Growth Inde~ Fund 
30. Brokerage Account see note Dividend none 
31. 32, -IRA asset: Wells Fargo B~k DepositSweep Account asse~: :iSHA~S SP Midcap 400 Value Index Fund 
33. Account assel: iSIIARES SP Mideap 400 Growth Index Account asset: iSHARES TRUST MSCI EAFE Index 
Name Person Reporlillg 	Date Report 
VI1. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, w~ue. t,.n~ocaon, anaua, tho~ ~o,~, ~,a d~m~a~t ~d~,;.~,, ,r. 3-~0 orating i~tructtons.) 
NO~ (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) B.C. 
Description Assets Income during G~ss value e~d T~nsactio~s during repoaing period 
(including ta~st assets)  r~oning ~ri~ ~oning p~od 
Place (X) after each asset Amount T~e (e.g. Value Value Type (e.g. Date Value Gain ldent exempl from prior disclosure Code div., rent Code Me~od buy sel m~d~tyy C~e C~e buyer/se let(A-H) 
orint.) (3-P) Code3 redemption) (J-P) (A-H) 35. Account ass iSIiA~S BOXX Investment Grade Co~. Bond Fun 
36. Account asset: iSHARES Treas 
Index 37. Accotmt asset: iSHARES SP 500 Value Index Fund 
Index Fund 39. ~A~ ESTATE-- see noted 
~40. 	Prop. duplex Medina, Ohio Reot 
41. 	Prop. 2-family Medina, Ohio (1/3 Rent Qinterest) 
42. 	Prop. Single family Medina, Ohio Rent 
(I/3 interest) Prop. duplex units Medin~ Ohio Rent 1!2 interest) 
Prop. duplex units Medina, Ohio Rent 
(1/2 interest) 
Prop. 2-faro. 3-faro. Houses Rent 
Medina, (I/2 in() ~6. Prop. Apa~men~ Medi~. Ohio (I/~ Rent 
47. Prop. duplex units Medina Rent 
Prop. Fa~ Lodi, Oil 
Prop. hog feeder, L~i, (I/5 in() 
Prop. single family M~ina 
Prop. single family Medina, Rent 
None Rent Rent Q(1/2 interest) 
FINANCIAL DISCLOSUREREPORT Page 06/14/2010 Batchelder, Alice NOHE reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Asse~ (including t~st assets) In,me during reposing ~fiod Gross value end reposing period Transactions du~ng reporting period 
exempt kom prior disclos~e [C~e div., ~enl, Code M~ buy, s11, ~d~yy Cod~ [Code buyer/seller 
52. 53. 54. 55.. ~6. Prop. Commercial bldg Medina 1/3 interest) Prop. duplex Medina, (s~c Sc. VIII) Prop. vacant lot Medina, (t/2 interesi) Prop. 16,,~ ~:~..:~, Vacant l~d Medina Prop, single f~ily M~dina, ~en~ Rent None None Rent 
57. 58. Pr~p. single family Medina (1/2 interest) Prop. commercial bldg Medina Rent Rent 
59. 60. 61. 62. Prop. Comm. Bldg wilh apt. -M~dina Prop. duplex Medina (I12 inter~0 Prop. vacanl land Big tlo~ County, ............ MISCELLANEOUS Rent Ront Rent 
63. Floating Rate Demand Note Interest Plus lnter~s~ 
N~ma ..... Reporting 
Note Re: assets Sec. VII whose value method reported have again used the Medina County Auditors most recent appraisal figures. unable provide the date the appraisal any these cases because was not provided me. These appraisals are the basis for our real estate taxes. 
Note Wachovia now Wells Fargo, and all our brokerage accounts were transferred when that change occurred. The change included moving money market cash from Centennial Money Market something identified only Wells Fargo Bank Deposit Sweep our statements. was the case last year. each the funds included our brokerage accounts iShares fund. broker advised 2008 that: 
Barclays Global Investors the manager lbr the following positions held yoor account: 
These are still all the positions held these brokerage accounts. 
Note Line See. VII have idea why the program still will not let type both the dash (which apparently necessary convince the programthat these are all assets the brokerage account) and the fact that this account asset. Hence. account ass. Who knew? 
Note All properties except the one line Section VII are Medina County, Ohio. The property Line 61is Big Horn County, Wyoming. 
Note The audit feature advises that should list the assets the entity which trustee. assuming that this not true when that entity educational institution, and the audit has simply detected the term trust the item. Otherwise, this requirement ridiculous, and cannot comply with it. 
Note The audit feature advises nre that have erred reporting reimbursement from Grove city College (Part IV, line because travel from governmentsource should not reported. all the colleges the United States, cant imagine one farther removed from the government than Gro~,e City College, but will convey them the view the audit feature. They will appalled. 
Name Person Reporting Date Repert/ Batehelder, Alice 
1X. CERTIFICATION. certify that all information given above (including information pertaiffing spouse and minor dependent children, any) accurate, true, and complete the best knowledge and belief, and that any information not reported was withheld because met applicable statutory provisions permitting non-disclosure. further certify that earned income from outside employment and honoraria and the acceptance gifts which have been reported are incompliance with the provisions U.S.C. app.  501 et. seq., U.S.C.  7353, and Judidal Conference regulations. 
Mail signed original and additional copies to: 
Committee Financial Disclosure Administrative Office the United States Courts Suite 2-301 One Columbus Circle, N.E. Washington, D.C. 20544