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Judicial Watch • Allyne R Ross Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Allyne R Ross Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Allyne R Ross Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Allyne R Ross Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:53

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 12, 2013

Tags:ALLYNE, Allyne R Ross, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, EPA, transactions, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Rev. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. app. JOI-/ P'-'rson Rc>porting (last narn.:, firsl, middle initial} 
ROSS, tLL YNE Title (Article IIl judgt indicate active cuior status; mag.iuatcjudgcs inou were married d11ring any portion the reportirrg year. complete this section. (Dol/ur am1nmr not rt>quired t>xreptfor honQraria.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 

JV. MENTS --transportarinn, /,>, .nlertainment 

Dale Report 
ROSS, ALLYNE fFTS. (/nciuJes 1hose :!pou ...e and dependem I (lh;il hr.nd)nly) --=As...;;i:ssmcm =-Ca.h Markc1 (S.c (olumn C2) ikiok Value V--'Othcr '"'fstiin11cd 

Date Rtpon 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -i11come, a(ue, tran.rncrion> (fllclud'5 lhose spouse and dependent childre11; pp. 34-60 instruelions.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transaclions.) 
----------,----__ ---- ---i-. _____ ____ _______ -------------- ----- ---- fl. Dt:scription Assets Income during (iross value end Trnnsactions during reporting pC'riod (including trust as"cts) reporting period rcrortmg period ------------- 1 
(I) (2) (3) Type (c.g. Value 
Type (e.g., 
Pla1.:c ..(X)'' aftr tad1 asct 
c.>15.00V -$.l 5.001  SS0.000 (Sec Columnl rmd IH1 I-5!1,00I  SIOO,OliO 4100,001 -$!,f)t)ll,000 lit 11.000,001. $5.000,to(J() iJ2 =Mme than SS..000,000 ValucCo.d.: :-$15.000 lcs.'I 115,0015lO,llllU Sl0,001 -$100,000 S!00,001 -$250,000 iS..:t'Column!.CI :mdDJ) lll0.00111110.000 -=S'50),00!  .000.0fXl =11.000.001 -Sl,000,00(> =$5.WO.OUI -)25,ll00,000 125,000,Cl l"in:l'olrn:111sCI ant.ID))   "'"0.UOI  SIUU.OOU    .r100 k:>'> $250,0()1 .S5UO,OIJ0 11.l")  S reporting period reporting period
Type {e.g., 


Identity ,,r 

I!. Date Value Gain
1-(2)-I p)-1 (4)
Code Code
Place "(X)" aflcr each ass.;t 
cxc-mpt from prior disdosurl! 

(J-Pj -.I -----_l _'?:w-;_ 
r::; :, 

mm'ddiyy Codi!  rcd("rnp1ion) 
(if private 
------------------ lm:vm.: G:rn1 ( "'-),tWOnk.s =lr.OJr -S2,5(IO +s2.501 1.oor -Sts,ouo  
iS.:: C'lllumn!> anJ IJ4)  I S51),l)J1  $100.000 =$100,001. ,000.0(1()  llr 11.000,0UI -$5,000,000  IJ2 '!for: th:m $5,000.000 .'alueCcl(k -') 15,00()   =!(,1.IOr -151J.OOO "'$500.001 -SI .000.UtJO  L-150,001. SI00,000 "Sl.fl00,001-Sl,OOO.OfI 'SI00.001  250,00() I':! '15.000,001 S25.00o,ooo  
I'! Sll,000,001  150,000,000  l'4 =Mo' than $50.000.000 V"hi: M1:llw1.I ("pJr -C' /hose of>pUse and deptrdcnls1 (R.:31 Esfati.: Only) =Ass .1111'.f ll.t)  111.(J(il  1100.l".lO -SI00.00!. Sl.000,000  Ill  $l,fl  8=-)1,001 2.500 o-$2,501 -i5,0,J(1 :--).001  SD,OOU  $15.001  $50.000  
iSccCu:unms Ill .1nJ D4) S.10,001  SI00,000 "1100.001  St.rXiO.!KlO  Ill Sl,OOOJ101-$5.000.000  111..:r-,.t.xe1h:iri S'i,flOOJ.>tJO Val(1,:0"tks 15,000 less SI S,0()1  SS0,000 450,00l  Sll'0,000 "SI00,001  $250,000  
(SccColumnCI J111flJ)) .,.S:!50,00 -SS00.000 !l00.001  Sl.000.000 -Sl.Ull0.001 -S5.ll00.000 "lS.000.001 iis.OOO.JO ,s:s.ovo,001 sso,oou,(J(){J =Tfore 1h.1n $50,000,000 01111.: M..:th1.d C11Jc., =/ppr:ui.JI =:Co!:.1 (K!al btatc O:ily) "'Asss;:mcnt =-Cash !farket  
f::>.:1 l:ol111rn1  U"'IJk V:ih.:: -01hcr  W""bti111.1kd INVESTMENTS and STS -income. value, transactions (/ncluds those ofspouse and dependent children; Stt pp. 31-60 filing instruction.) NONE (No reportable income. assets, transactions.) 

!>ate Rtport 
Vil. INVESTMENTS and uSTS -income, valut, transactions (lndudes those of'POUSC and dependent children; sec pp. 34-60 filing instructions.) 
NONE (No reporta ble i11co111e. assets, transactions.)
Income during Gross .'aluc end Transactions during reporting periL'd rci-n period ____:__
Dcs('rip1icm Ascls (indLJdrng lrusl assets) rcplirting period 
v11e fve 
TypLk V:du1:  V"'Otl:cr  Wf.stim.:.t....-0 "Si,llCoJC' :'!1.0oo tcss .,..SI .lilJI -So,nno "-SSO,()(JI 1)0,00(.t SI00.001 -!250.000 1.:c(u!unms l.I n11,I fllJ .'/ -=$.?5U,OOI  $500,fJrc than $5,()()(l,OOO /;du..: CvJ.) .0(10 kss . .  llU.000 '15(,.(Xll SI00,000 00,00 -$250.000  
(.: Colmno;, :.mJ -$250,001  SSl!0.000 -SOU.Ultl  Sl,Q!'lf),(100  111 ..Sl,OOIJ.OOi. SS.000,000 ... ss.000.001  s2.'5.000.0tJo '-S.?.000.001 -SS0,000,000 Motl! than $'50.000,1)00 V;du< .k1h11d Culk, Appr.u:il  Co.t (Real L1:1tc Onl)) .:..cAssessrn 'alue cnd TransJctions during reporting plriod {i:icluding trust asstts) reporting period reporting pcriv