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Judicial Watch • Amy J St Eve Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Amy J St Eve Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Amy J St Eve Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Amy J St Eve Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:November 5, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:idend, Vaiue, Amy J St Eve, Small, money, Fidelity, mutual, stock, 2009, EPA, TRUSTS, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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i11 Gt1crnmenr Act o(/978
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FORCALEXDARYAR2009 	, ''i'P ,h' 1nJ-ill1 Person Reporting {bst narnc. lirst. middle in111aJ) he. Amyl Court 0r"1",:anization D1qnct 'ourt Date Report 5'11"2010  
-1. Tith. ;r!ic:k II( _Judge indu:ale dCtive st:nior rnllus: rnlgl'>rra:i: judge 1mhcporr T.flle tdrc-ck :irprnpna1c type) 1'P7':lll1Htioi. Dai ln1t.1ill [ZJ Annual RC'porting Period OJiOJ 2009 12'31'2009  
Sb. .t1r.endt:d Repo;-; Cbambt'rs Office Address 219 South Dearborn Street Rvum 1261) Chicoo, lllinoi, 6004 the basis the informa1ion contatnt"d this Report and an modifications perbining tbrrrto. is. opini-On. complianc \oith applicable llS and reulalions. Date  
/llf PORTANT lliOTES: Tire imtructiom acwmpanying thi,,/'orm mu"t /111/owed, Camplett all part>. checking the l'O.'E box for each part "'here ,mu lral'e reportable informutimL Sign 011 /a,tpar:e. POS TJONS. {Rt;porting individual onr: .'-eL pp. 9-13 ofjilin.t: i11.1ouunion.'i.J NONE (.Vo reportable pvsitions.J TIOl'1ElTITY Adjunct Professor Board Member Federal Bar AssKiation --Chicago Chapter 	Uoard 1ember DcPaul Lni1,erstt) College oi' La" --Intellectual Propeny La" and Information Technology Boud Member 	Public Safety Commissioner 
,... .-.
__J AGH.EEJ'IENTS. tHeportinJ: iridMduul 11n/r: ,Se of.:ONE (No reportable income. usscTs. 1ra11sactions.) 
/.  El.  
Decr1poon ofA:C't:.  ln:..n;nc dunng  (i:-r... .J.h:c ::nd l1c ludini;, trust a:;..':!s)  repo!"tin!!'. rt:ri0J r::porting ...  
111  111  ..;(;Small Company Fund  -"'  D1,1dL"nd  
lo.  Lord Abbett Affiliated Funt!  Di,jJcnd  
17. Barrick Gold Corp. Common Stock  Dividend lncvmc (1JHi Co1.h.."S {S.:(' Cclmnn" (jl anJ LM1 '.! aluc C:xks. ... :: C1.1lumn .rnJ 03) V:ilu1"i ,1r ks1 .-5:;11_fJIJl -$HtiJ.JU1 "'s :'.no1. k?-:.  =$'.!.">  $)l)tl_lJIXi P_i =):5.0i'(F.0(1]  $5UM.ifi.fllJ(l =S!.(J!ll. 5-:.0I! -'{: Jf)l1.(f1J  .Ul.ltl,ltrio t5.)(!l --'1.000 ,..511000; :f.Ui(ii.01lf c:-C1