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Judicial Watch • Anne E. Thompson – 2009

Anne E. Thompson – 2009

Anne E. Thompson – 2009

Page 1: Anne E. Thompson – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:17

Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 26, 2014

Tags:Anne E Thompson, Thompson, Gross, 2009, INVESTMENTS, transactions, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, ICE, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Government Act 1978 
Re1. 112010 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 USC.opp JOI-Ill) Date Report 
2.. Court Organization Person Rrporting bsl name. first, nuddle initial) 
U.S. District Court 
Thompson. Anne Reiw>rting Period 
Sa. Report Type check appropriate l)pt:) Title (Anicle ill judges indicalc arling indi>iduul only: pp. /.J./6 filing imlmctiuns.) .i: 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable agreements.) ..D PJRTTES AND TERMS 
Thompson, Anne 
Thompson. Anne II. NON-INVES TJ.V JENT J.VIE, (lfrporting indfridua/ ctnd spouse; see pp. 17.:N offilin1: instmctions.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable non-inrestment income.) 
!yours, not spoucs) 2009 National Conkrence Bar Examiners -Fees camecl for clrafting, editing $6.000.00 revising bar exam and evaluating performam.:e test questions. 
 Spouses Non-Investment Incon1e -lfyo11 ,..,,,married during any ponia11 of1hrreportin1: ytar, cnmp/eu lhiHution. {Do/for wr;mrnt llfll req1tirtd exc i!pt ftr hon.nraria.) 
[{l NONE (No reportable 11011-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYPE 
IV. REJltlBlJRSEltIENTS  tramporroti11n, /od0i11g.Jood, mtenuimnent. (/r:rlud{l. rim.ft: fr1 spouse wzd dt:pendenl hiidren: Jet 11p, !527 offiltng ilrfmtriom. NONE (No reportable rei111b11rse111ems.) SOURCE atiunal Ct>nfcrcncc Bar Examiners May 14-17. 2009 LOClTION Jacksin Hok. VY Acuvity (1f Organization PAJD PROVIDED Airfare. llotd. l.kals Local Transportation National Conkrcnce Bar Examiners October 22-25. 2009 Atlanta. Activity Organization Airfare. Hotel, Mcab Local Transportat10n 
Date Rport 
Name Person Rt:porting 
Thompson, Anne GIJi..,,.fS. (Includes /hos spouse and dependent children; pp.18-31 filing instructions.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
TJ. LIABILITIES. (/nclrufcs those sporr am/ d,pendrnl children; se< pp. 32-33 filing imtnntions.) 
[Z} NONE (No reportable liabilities.) CREDITOR VALUE CODE 
Thompson, Anne 
II. JJ.i-yESTMENTS and 1.,R USTS - incomr, value, trun:wctionJ (lncludn those 1111d Jepe11Jent childrtn pp. J./-61J filing iru1ructfor1s.) NONE (No reportnble income, rtssets. tra11sactio11s.) 
Description Ascts Income during Gross valui: cnJ TrJnsacion. d1iring reporting penod 
(including 1Sl>Cb) reporting period r:.fW)rfing period 
.(11] i21 
(ii (2) r;; (5) 
Type (e.g, D;irc Value (XY 1frcr each Ji: =$1.0lXJ less ;$1,IXll. SZ.51il ::$.2,5Ul  215.fllX) -S.c;,001 -$1.5.CO:l =J.15.00J -$50.(100 
!Sc C11Jumn!i and o.t) ; -llXl,ll =$100.00l -Sl.lXVHnO Ill ;t.(W,IOl  $5.ll.fHl =Mire !h;tn IHl.011) V:dl.!e Code .;$15,f))Oor -=$15,001 $50.i>eJO L=:ititJl01-1iJl.0.L0) =CJ!Oll.llOI -.$.250.ono 
(Sle (nl11inn anJ DJ) N::.:S.1511.f)(ll. l.itltlJll){J =$500,(111.,ll) .:..:$1,():0/lOI -$5.((10.0lO P1di5.{)1.l,00J i:5JHIOO) ;i5.CI andD.J; Value Melh(d Ctlc:. =$15.fX.l less =.$11tJ.OOO -ArpraiJI Sl5 (Mil $50.11!1 =$Y011,00 .001),llOO =(o..;t b1.11.: OnlyJ -511,!Xll -lill.[1()(1 l-1.000,flfll -$5,()(lO.DHO P-1 :-1-kre than $50,000,()l)O 1m111;1 -m11m1 -$5.(1(1(1 flOI -1-5.f11().f10 
(See Column C2) =BV -O:ha ::::E:-t:rr.:.itcd 
J>:ite Keport 
!-iamr Person Reporting 
Jbompson, Anne 
VII. INVESTIVIENTS and TRUSTS --income, value, tmnsactions (Includes thou spouse and dependent children: pp. 3.J-60 offiling instructi1ms.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Decription Asts lncomt: d:..iring Gros: ,alue cud Tr:m-;actions during reporting penoJ 
(including tnist a:->ts) reportiDg period repoling pcriml ,---1- (i) .--( (I) i2) (}) (4) 5) Place IXJ after each asset Amount Type {e.g., VJlu VJ!ue Type ( 1.15.001 $50.0fO {Sc:: Columr,.> and 03) !. :.t.25iJ.IJOI  $500.0liO =:b.5.1(H -$11,.mo ,__S.!5Jll(l,1101 $50.0111.(lfJO V.::hll Mt.lh1KI Ccltk-. -1ppr:u..11 =-C:.)i! Real Ftate 011ly: Column C2) .-s.) ... .Jhl V=-.f>l;llr -S.501  S5.fXI() =$5.l =-.!-:OJ)Ol  !-IOfl.000 =-SllXJ.1101 -$250.0110 -lJtlO,fllJl  S5.0fl0.t:li0 :$5.()()UX/ $2- 
NONE (No reportable income. assets. transactions.) 
scnp[ion A!-sets Income during (iross value :Jt end Transacuons during reporting period i11cludmg trut asseiS) reporting peri{lt.l reporting: period 
(I! (..) (2) tSi 
Place after eo:h x.cmpt frnm prior di::.clo5ure Amount Code tA-HJ Type (e.g. div.. rent. inl.) V:1lur Gl