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APHIS Appeal Determination

APHIS Appeal Determination

Page 1: APHIS Appeal Determination


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Date Created:May 6, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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United States Department Agriculture 
Animal and Plant Health 
Legislative and 
Public Affairs 
4700 River Road Unit50 Riverdale, 20737-1232 
MAY 2013 
Lisette Garcia, J.D. Senior Investigator Judicial Watch 425 Third Street Suite 800 Washington, D.C. 20024 
Dear Ms. Garcia: 
This partial response your January 18, 2013, Freedom oflnforrnation Act (FOIA) appeal (2013-APHIS-00064-A) regarding your FOIA request (2012-APHIS-02657-F), which you requested from the time period January 2010, through May 18, 2012, copies the following: All contracts and expense records related training services provided Samuel 
Betances his firm, Souder, Betances Associates, Chicago, 111inois; All communications related training and services provided Samuel Betances his firm, Souder, Betances Associates, Chicago, 111.; and, 	All records and email from the offices Secretary Thomas Vilsack, Under Secretary Edward Avalos, Administrator Gregory Parham, and Deputy Administrator Joanne Munno regarding the abovereferenced training and services. 
Timeliness and accuracy are very important us, and our Agency's FOIA Office continuing conduct exhaustive search Agency tiles for all items related your request. the interim, have enclosed records responsive Item your request. With regard our partial response Item its .January 2013, response, our Agency's FOIA office provided pages contracts that contained red.iions made pursuant 
Exemption the FOJA (Title Section 522 the U.S. Code.) Specifically, FOJA 
officials withheld the signatures. Upon further review, they have determined that the 
you without redactions. 
Additionally, January 2013, response Item you were provided with video 
the cultural transformation training conducted our Riverdale, Maryland facility 
September 2011. FOIA officials conducted another search records maintained our 
Agency's Legislative and Public Affairs program and USDA's Department 
APlllS Sefeguarding American Agriculture 
 APHIS agency USDA's Marketing and Regulatory Programs Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer 
Ms. Lisette Garcia, J.D. Page Two 
Communications and located the enclosed unedited version the cultural transformation training. FOIA officials are looking into your assertion that the video recording the training session references recordings other sessions provided APH1S under contract. achieve the highest degree accuracy for this appeal, supervisor with our FOIA staff will continue coordinate the search for and review the documents quickly possible. That official's decision will then reviewed office and the Department level, independent our Agency's FOIA staff Given the volume ofdocuments reviewed, will continue provide you with partial releases records until your entire appeal fulfilled. 
Ifyou arc dissatisfied with this response, you have the right judicial review appropriate United States District Court accordance with U.S.C. 552, (2)( 4)(B). 
Prior seeking judicial review, you may contact the Office Government Information 
Services (OGIS). OGIS was created within the National Archives and Records Administration when the Open Government Act of2007 amended the FOIA. OGIS provides mediation 
FOIA disputes between appellants and federal agencies. Participation mediation does not affect your right judicial review. Contact information for OGIS can found http:/ 
Kevin Shea 
Acting Administrator