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Judicial Watch • HOUSE OCE acknowledgement letter re Sestak Complaint

HOUSE OCE acknowledgement letter re Sestak Complaint

HOUSE OCE acknowledgement letter re Sestak Complaint

Page 1: HOUSE OCE acknowledgement letter re Sestak Complaint


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Date Created:July 22, 2010

Date Uploaded to the Library:May 22, 2014

Tags:Acknowledgement, OCE, Sestak, letter, complaint

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Board Mailing Address: 

P.O. Box 895
David Skaggs, Chair Porter Goss, Co-Chair 
Washington, 20515-0895
Y101111e Burke Jay Eagen 
Kara11 E11g/ish William Fren:el 
Office Address: 
Allison Hayward Ab11er 11ikva 
425 3rd Street, 
Leo Wi;e, Stajj'Director ChiefC01111se/ 
Suite 1110 Washington. 20024 
Q:ongrcss the tlnitcd tatcs 

iRousc 'Rcprcscntetiocs 
(202) 225-9739 
(202) 226-0997 (FAX) 
ashington, 3BQ: 20515 
July 16, 2010 
Mr. Thomas Fitton President 
Judicial Watch 
501 School Street, SW, Suite 725 Washington, 20024 
Dear Mr. Fitton: 

The Office Congressional Ethics (OCE) the United States House Representatives receipt your request for investigation, which the office received July 2010, concerning Representative Joe Sestak. The OCE reviews all information submitted pursuant House Resolution 895 the 1101h Congress amended and the OCE Rules for the Conduct Investigations. 
Pursuant House Rules preliminary review commences upon the written authorization two members the OCE Board, one whom must have been appointed the Speaker the House and one whom must have been appointed the Minority Leader. The Board shall authorize preliminary review where there "reasonable basis" believe allegation. However, this determination does not constitute finding that violation has actually occurred. 
Pursuant House Rules, all investigations the OCE are confidential. Therefore, the OCE not able provide any further information about whether the Board has authorized review whether the OCE has conducted investigation related the facts you have submitted. However, the OCE referrals the Committee Standards Official Conduct (popularly known the House Ethics Committee) are publicly released under all but one set circumstances. Any referral made public will posted the OCE's website 

You may also request copy any public report from the OCE. 
Mr. Thomas Fitton July 16, 2010 you have any questions about the OCE process, please contact us. The OCE not able confirm deny any specific investigation. 
Sincerely, ,/2/ 

Leo Wise