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Judicial Watch • Barbara B. Crabb – 2009

Barbara B. Crabb – 2009

Barbara B. Crabb – 2009

Page 1: Barbara B. Crabb – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 10, 2013

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United States District Court 
Western District Wisconsin 
Robert Kastenmeier Courthouse 
120 Henry Street, Rm. 540 
Post Office Box 591 
Madison, Wisconsin 53701 
Barbara Crabb 
TelephoneDistrict Judge 608/264-5447 
August 16, 
Honorable Bobby Baldock 
Chair, )udici2I Conference c::o C:5 -.;- 
Committee Financial Disclosure c-...: 
One Columbus Circle N.E. -  (;) 
Washington, D.C. 20544 c:: L,J 
Re: Calendar Year 2009 Filing fT1 
Dear Judge Baldock: n.:sponse your July 30, 2010 letter, have researched each the problems you identified. believe that have the information necessary answer your questions. part VJJ, line line listed shares Jboxx lnvestop without information about the 2009 purchase. should have shown Buy 516109 and for value. 
Apparent discrepancies between 2008 and 2009 report: part VII, page line the 2008 report, showed Smith Barney Cash Funds (Citibank). This the same fund reported the 2009 report under its new name Citibank South Dakota Bank Deposit Program. part Vll, page line the 2008 report, listed shares MSCI; EAFE with value the end the year. The four partial sales shown disposed the entirety the asset. there some other way should have indicated that the asset had been sold full? part VII, page line 27, the 2008 report, showed !shares Trust Lehman. Its new name shares Barclays Agg Bond, which was reported 2009 return part VII, page line part VII, page line 56, showed Western Assets Money Market. These funds were redeemed 2008. The value was apologize for these oversights and for the inconvenience has caused the committee. 
Vith very best regards, 
BBC:skv .FINANCIAL DISCLOSllRE REPORT Government Act 1978 
Rn. 112008 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2008 U.S.C. app. IOI-II Pu.son Repo.rtiHg (lasl name, firs!.,. middle initial) Courl Orgaoi:ution Date Rtport 
Crabb. Barbara 
U.S. Dist. Court, W.D. Wis. 
05/612009 Title (Anicle judges indicate active senior slafus; Sa. Report Type (cheek appropriate type) Reporting Period 
magjstratc judges indicate full-or part-time) Nominalion. Date 
DistrictJudge AClle Jnilial [tj Annual Final 
12/J 112008 
Sb. Amnded Rcpon Chambers Office Address tbe h.sis the information contained tbis Repor1 and any modirtutfons pertaining thereto, is, opinion) compliance 
wilh applicable hws nd regulation. 
P.O. Box 591 
Madison, 53701 
Re,aewing Officer Date. 
IMPORTANT NOTES: The irtstruform must followed. Complete all parts, c:hecAing the NONF. hu:Jor each putt where you have reporruble ;nfi1rmution. Sign last p4ge. POSITJ ()NS. IRrpMung individual nnly: -/IP 9-13 >/filing insuuctions.) 
[Z] NONE (No reportable positions) AGREEMENTS. (Rrpn.ling individual nly: Se< pp. 14-10 filing in,,ractiuns.) 
[2J NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
Ill. NON-INVESTMENT INC011E. (Reporting indivillulond.fJn. fodRix.foud, entmuinm.-1. GIFTS. (lnclude thus spouse ond deptndtnl children; supp. ZJl tif filing insJr11clioflS.) 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable gifts.) 
VJ..LIA ES. (lncluJs tlwsr 1>[ spflUSt and deptnd,nt ,hUdrt!n; pp. JJ.JJ filing imtruc1;os.) 
[ZJ NONE {No reportable liabilities.) 
vu. VESTJIENTS and TRUSTS -inc- va/u Sl. .,,1)1)11 less Sl... llOI H.l> 12!-0,001  UOO.llOO S00.001. 11.1)1)1!,0W .:S.J,1)1itl.01iJ. SS,000,000  S!o,1lOti.(>(H  S2.()(lll.000 S.1100,WI  H0,000.000 ::Mc.r(! 1ha11 S.10,CJ(Kl.OOCi 
Valli.: Jk1h,1l.1 l,ucJi:) Q-Arrra1s:11 :1(1)1 ( l:.3h: Ouly/ Assi:smi:n1 (.X..: C>lumn CZ) ll>li.V:tlul  -Otl11:1 ..... limlt:ti 
Name Person Reporting 
Crabb, Barbara 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -u.c.. value, rransacnons 11nc1udes those 1 spJIJ and dependent chiblren; see pp. 14-00 f fiunx 1ns1rua1cns.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
D.:ription Assets Income during Gross value end 
Transactions during reporting period induding lr.i$t asse1s) reporting period reporting period 
- --------- 
--- (I) (2) 
Place (X) af1cr each as.se1 Amounl Type (e.g . Value Value Type lc_g., 
Da1e Value Gain 
,c.cmpl from prior di:Closurc Code. div rcn1, Code Meth(Jd buy,scJJ, Code 
buyer/st:! ler 
(if p,iva1e 
(A-fl) mt.) (J-P) Code 
O:;iy tl-P) 
CQ-W) htlmcCaio (11d1: 1.l,1))0,,f kIS Sl.001-1-2,500  S2.S()I  $),000  S15.000 -Sl5.ll0l (:->:-.: (.1l11mn11 ::1riJ 00 I -SSf1,llOl  SIOIJ,01111 SI00,001  1.000,000 :f.1.000.001  S:i,000,00J Mor 1han S5.000.000 J-SIS,110001 IC:lll  15,0UI  U0,001.) -uo.001 f.I =.SIOO,UCH. Sl.50.(.1XJ (Se.: Coh1mn!I :11111 f}1) 11S::!O.OOI 1.10,IJl.ll) SSll0,1).)1  1.J .000,0011 -, s.000.000 1.::: ::.U.000.001 115,000.000 S.5.000.001 s..,0.000.000 r.i :O.h.m.:: ssi.000,000 Valu.: Mc1hOl.I CvJ1::.: t)-:ppr.m:sl -