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Judicial Watch • Bates 001158 001180 Redacted

Bates 001158 001180 Redacted

Bates 001158 001180 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 001158 001180 Redacted


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Date Created:April 14, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:001180, 001158, Bates, redacted

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.,.L.-. '1 N.,C"

ared by: DASD (SIO/Cl), 697
SUBJECT: Data Correlation Tool Demonstration Project-INFORMATION 

PURPOSE: update DepSecDef Congressional Action lated project. 
DISCUSSION: You tasked.Counteruiielligence (CI) Directorate see ifit could use data
correlation technotogy, similar that used the Army's Land Information Warfare Activity
(LIWA), support the technology protection program. Sul;>sequently decided have 
LIWA actually conduct demonstration using variety databases, both government 
source, with te who was reportedly referred variously DQD whistle blower and your spccia. assistant this project. The briefing apparently went well. Noonan numerous poinemphasized that this project was work progress and that none ofth results had any wbeen vetted: the end ofthe briefing, Congressman Lewis reportedly.asked Dr. Eileen:Prei conduct additi.onal 'profiles specific companies individuals. There are conflicting ofwheter this was tasked formally -LIWA believes Dr. Preisser said forml tasker would eneeded, but one was nevers.ent. Some Burton's i::ommiftee believe wker should have been sudent, but the direction was over-ruled LIWA. any case, the request was not 
acted on. November 10, Mt. Money received morepolished version the briefing from the Anny team. N9vember 16Corigressman Burton contacted Dr. Lin Wells, PDASD (C30. and MG. Noonan' office. indicated that had received letter from DoD eiployee al.ming thDoD intended destroy the data correlation tool demonstratiqn data and briefing material (even were preparing for DecetIIber-2 presentation you). Congressman Burton dised that was issuing subpoena via the Government Reform Committee demanding records_ and profiling information accumulated part the project. copy ofthe subpoena TAB Aand memorandum summarizing Congressman Burton1s phone call Noonans office 
b(6) ao-Olit1a :Si: 6661-li:-rioN  
i">'  Noonan had issued memo directed how the demonstration material wouJd handled upon CQmpletion the project. tpe procedures indicated were tasking had received for the project and intelligence over5ight directives 
This office does oot intend that all material for the demonstration project destro)' nor was that the purpose ofthe MG.Noonan memo. The material related the project will used for further developent methods support te(hnology protection including the stand the Joint Cou,oterintelligencc: Assessment Group. The only material that wiU destroyed tb3.t which deem UD.1Je(:Ssaty which must destroy under the provisions the intelligence oversight directives. 
Thi_s offic;e working with Legislative Affairs and General Counsel craft; ... approriae responSe Congressman Burton.. 
Attachment stated 

TAB ao-oJtJcr 

Suba J)uC;e$ Tecnm 
Government Rtre>rm" United Staid House R.e:pntatlves 
1157 Rayburn HOtise Offite BuJlding 
Washigtbllt J).C.. 2051.S : 
Urutcd Starts Dct tkfcose 
Serve: Se(:ttta,.Y W'"dllam CobeQ 
1000 Def
Whinon', D.C. 20301-lOCO 

Tile rcby bpocnas certain re.cordS. Ple.15'.C provi lop which iudicatc each rccord"s .Bat numhcr, author, description. and :-:ourcc file.. you MYC qucsltoni;.

please contact ChiefCounsel Jame.-. Wnson (202) 225-5074. 
(1) for the purposes of.this subpoena. the word "teeord" '"records'" shall inclu- but. :ihaU not limited to, any and all original and identi copies item whether written, typed, printi!d. teeorded, redacted u11redactcd. tr.mSi;ribcd, punched, tapccl filmed,, graphically portrayed. .,,.idr:.o a.udio taped. however produced rcprodliccd.. and inclliJdes. buc not 

limited to. aJJ.Y writing, rcproch1cton. ttansc.dption. pholograph. 'Video audie> rcording. producccl tored any rMon. including :ll)' and all activity reports aalyscs, announcement.ii:. appoinUllent books. bdfing materials. bulletins. cables. calendars card files. computer r,ti$k.s, cover Shcts routing cover ShCt!tS, .dr..lwing. computC entries. computer printouts. computer cxemal and internal corrtspondenc.e. di!). diarie, dumems. electronic mail facsimiles, journal entries, lencrs, rnalluals. memoranda, l'JlCSage.c;, minutes, notes. notices. opinions. 5taccmcnts cliart.'i orgapiza.Ii plans,,pres releases- rcordings. reports, Ro]Qdl.)xcs, s.taterocnt. ofpcoce.w:.c and policy. studic. $mmariis. talking points, tapes. telephone bills. t.elphoe logs. telephone ine.c;sage slips record$ evidence inconung and outgoing calls. 1dems, ttleJtc:s, tranpt.. 3J1Y orher machine mucdal any wbeLhcr prepared cum!nt former employee.';. agents. cOMUl(antS iln)' nonmployee: withot limitation. "Rocol'd" recprrJs11 ball also include other records. docurnnt.-data and inforri1atin like and imilar nat not listed a.tx>vc. 

(2) For purposes this subpoena. tenns n:rer" ...n:Jate" a,p'i;t "cncerning" any given s1.1b}cct me.ans anything thar Co?!$titui;. c9nt:Uns. cm"die..;, identitie.4i, mcnlioris, deal with. i11 any mmner whatsoever (tinnt that i>o'bjt. including. but not limited 
.records concerning tbe-prcpar..uioi:i or.her record..;. 

(3) This sub_pena ealls for the pr-OdllCtion_ tteo,00$. dt.$ and' cornpilaO:ons data /C:Vl '.-I 001161 
IQO"'."miQ 0S:St 666t-lt-()(IN 
and information thar. currenlly your poioci. we. custody onnol, including. but not limitetf ((),a}) reeord$ which )'OU have lf physical pOSSCS!ion well Wbl(;b you acixss. recordc; which were: formerly yoor pos.ssioo. which )'ou ha,..rc put jn. stot:agc anyone ha:s put rag_c: your behalf. Unless period. specifically 

identifo:d, the tequ(:stfoclt,td!: all duments the prent. 
(4) The conjunctions or-and and read;>J)" the manner l1w. 
Gives this sllbl>O'!na broadest reading. l5) records; documenls, data informacion called ror this subpoena shall destroyed, roodific.d, redacred. lCn10'cd otbenlljse made bucccssibJc the Cotnzcittec. 
Ifyou have knowledt-e thaI any subpocnacdIecotd. document. ta information has ln ddtroycd. discarded lost. identify the bpnatd rt;.c:ords.'docwnents data infonn.a1fon and provid cxpfanatleo the destructon, disca'rding, 1uss, deposit disp:>Sal. 

When invoking privilese tc.'>ponsivcNccnrd. doc:u.ment. data. information ground for withholding such record. docurnent. data infoO?Jat.ion. lln c:ich record. document, cornpilacion data inforrnaLion data. type. addressee. author (and diffcret tbe preparer and signatory), general subj m..atlt!r, indicated known ciJ.;uJauon. Jl!io, indicat 'th.: privilege assencd with rcspi:ct i:ccord. 0'1tembe.r1999). 
0ASD(C31), Concept ofOperations; subject: UWA Threat M"J)Ping Demoon. 

{15 Sc-ptembcr 1999). DoD Directive 5240.lR, subject Proec.dures Governini the Activities ofDoP lntellience Cqroponts that Affect United Stateg Perion.s Docem.bcr 198l). HQPA DCSOPS (DAMO-ODI), EXSUM subject: 'l'lnat Mapping.!Data. Comtation Demonstration (13September1999). 
h.c Memorandum thru ODCSOPS for OASD(C3D su}>jecc Threat Mapping/Data CoJTe.lation Demonstraiion-tind Infonnation Warfare Aeti"lity (LlVI cthridology and Comments Regarding the 0ASD(C3I) Ccncept ofOperation October 19). This memorandum reiterate.$ oversightproc.edures follow the.c6llecilon, retention and disemina.tion data ;quired gerierau:d  pm. the JCAG Thrc3t Mapping Demonstratian ("detnonstntion'j. 
Sll'BJECT: JCAO Threat MiDg Demonstration Collection, Retention and DWu:mitiation accordance with guidance p!ovided OASD{C30 its May 1999 mem 
Cc: "OSS CEO.Local Broadband" 

Sent: Saturday, April 29, 2006 11:33 
Subject: Someone Else you may want talk 

>.> close friend and someone have spoken alot about ABLE DANGER and someone knew while SOCOM Robert Steele. don want into his mouth but here introduction. the way, Robert brilliant mind! Robert, from DoD and might have questions for you about DANGER. Please answer his questions best you can. Thank you V/R Scott 

put words 

OSS.Net, Inc. OSS.Net, Inc. Global Intelligence Partnership INFOSF'HERE J;;;.,. ...1.i'tt; x.- Information costs money, intelligence makes money. April 2006 Clear Present the the USA Threat#1: Poverty Threat #2: Infectious Disease Threat #3: Environmental Degradation Threat #4: JnterState Conflict Threat Civil War Threat #6: Genocide Threat #7: Other LargeScale Atrocities Threat #8: Nuclear, radiological, chemical, biological weapons Threat #9: Terrorism 95% 99% 90% 75% 80% 95% 95% 75% 80% PERSONAL FOR DR. STEPHEN CAMBONE USDI 
The attached four pages are the most earnest offer can make you. larger context, the below table going into next book, and thought might helpful you. the Ministry Defence Singapore discovered with SARS, must defend the Nation against all threats, not just military threats. 

Threat #10: Transnational organized crime 80% 
Average Importance Open Source Intelligence 86.4% 
The list threats based the report the High-level Panel Threats, Challenges, and Change more secure world: Our shared responsibility, United Nations, 2004) where LtGen 
Dr. Brent Scowcroft was the representative. The percentages are own judgment but sufficient view justify "8020" spread and therefore inquire why are spending $60 billion year the 20% that secret, and less than $600 million the other 80%. get OSINT faster, better, cheaper. 
Semper Fidelis, 

Robert David Steele (Vivas) Chief Executive Officer 
Post Office Box 369, Oakton, Virginia 22124 USA Voice: (703) 242-1700-Facsimile: (703) 242-1711-Web: --Email: 

rug Capt, JCS SJS 
From: Maples, Michael MG, JCS VDJS	
Sent: Thursday, September 01, 2005 6:41 To!  Capt, JCS SJS Subject: FW: ABLE DANGER -LAMBERT 
From: Sent; To: Maples, Mrchael MG, JCS VDJS Subject: Re: ABLE DANGER 
Thanks for your support Speclal Forces. The Ffres element becoml reality. Best, Geoff ----Orlglnal Message---
 From: Jes, MlchaelD,MG, JCS VDJS @Js.pen1a9on.m11> To: 
Sent: Sep 2005 07!4208 -0400 

001176 	(})) (.5) 
(b) (6)


Can give you call, could you call me? phone {703) 614... 
All the best1 Mike 
-----Original Messa e.:.. 
From: capt, JCS SJS 
sent: 31August,200 6:28.AM 
To: Maples1 Michael MG, JCS VDJS 

legal Counsel the Chairman the Joint Chiefs Staff 
----Orl lnal Messa e--

)Sent: Korea. --Commander Philpott may not recall what.the mission Able Danger was and what was funded for.-We had failed accomp!Jsh the mission and what were doing was waste time regards funding and accompllshlng what trJed do). DIA had open access all our lnformaUori (thrQugh their liaison officers) and was time handover. received the mission .verball .from Gen Schoomaker after his dJscuslons with Gen Shelton; also resonafly 

001177 	(b) (5) fb) (6) 

Yours, {Retired) Geoffrey Lambrt. 
Attached Message 
Olson Erk:T, VAOM ; 
ABLE DANGER look forward hearing from you. 
Very respectfully,  

Captain, JAGC, Navy 
Legal Counsel the Chairman the Joint Chiefs Staff 

001178 	(b) (5) (b)' (6) 
(,,.--From: Capt JCS SJS 
Sent: Thursday, September 08, 2005 3:42 To: Subject; FW: More ABLE DANGER 
Captain, JAGC, Navy Legal Counsel the Chairman the Joint Chiefs Staff 
-----Original Message---
Sent: Wednesday, August 311 2005 5:02 To; Capt, JCS SJS Subject: More ABLE DANGER comments below are Italics. Let know there anything. else you need know. 

-----Original Message---- 
From: @js. pentagon .mil> 
sent: Tue1 Aug 2005 19:53:06 -0400 

Sfr, thanks for the response. couple quick questions. 
001179 (5) 
(b) (6) 

Very respectfully, 
Captain, JAGC, Navy 
Legal Counsel the Chairman the Joint Chiefs Staff 

001180 (b(S)
(bl (6)