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Judicial Watch • Bates 001610 001620 Redacted

Bates 001610 001620 Redacted

Bates 001610 001620 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 001610 001620 Redacted


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Date Created:April 17, 2012

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Purpose the Brief provide information concerning the ABLE DANGER project and the Department Defense efforts determine facts related recent public statements concerning ABLE DANGER. 
This briefing will address the following questions: 
What was ABLE DANGER? 

Did ABLE DANGER produce chart that depicted /11 hijacker Mohammed Atta? so, was that information passed any other USG organization? 

-What were the legal authorities applicable ABLE DANGER?
Was DoD responsive the 9/11 Commission's request for data? 

Able Danger 


ABLE DANGER was the unclassified nickname for this effort. 

Commander, USSOCOM tasked internal cross-disciplinary working group develop the plan. 
-Planning tasks included nodal analysis, determination exploitable vulnerabilities and establishment objectives. 

ABLE DANGER was never intended targeting effort. 

IRTJCS PLANORD, USSOCOM provided draft Operations Plan Joint Staff January 2001, completing the ABLE DANGER planning effort 
-Sub-bullet summary Plan( tentative back-up slide) 

Placeholder -what did with this plan? VDJS/J39 

11/8/2005 8:01 


Chronology Significant Events Oct 
Jan Oct03 Jul 

11/8/2005 8:01 

PLANORD directed CDR USSOCOM counter trans-national terrorism, with initial 
terrorist network  
USSOCOM and Joint Warfare Analysis Center Q"WAC) 
collaboration began 

USSOCOM and Land Information Warfare Activity's (LIWA) 

The ''Chart'' 


Nodal analysis involves computerized search data identify individuals and associated patterns and trends; the data then reviewed against previous activities identify indicators and warning future activity. 

-Data can come from any source, open source classified data; has little value independent analysis and context 


Using nodal analysis, numerous (perhaps hundreds) Analyst Notebook charts 
depicting linkages among Qaida were created under the rubric ABLE 


DoD has not discovered the data that would have enabled creation such chart 

Sharing Information 

DoD has the authorities necessary share information interest with respect 
collection, retention and dissemination intelligence with other U.S. government 
organizations and agencies.

These authorities have remained unchanged since 

-Since 9/11 the policy implementation information sharing has been focused more 

sharing and less restrictions information characterization the originator 
 routine for attorneys review projects like ABLE DANGER. Attorneys from DoD General Counsel, Joint Staff, USSOCOM and the Army provided advice/ support during the Able Danger project. 


The Legal focus was ensure compliance with existing authorities, e.g., 12333 DoD Directive 5240.1-R, and specifically, collection, retention and dissemination intelligence U.S. persons. 

DoD has discovered evidence any legal advice provided that prohibited: 

The collection information that was acquired consistent with the and DoD Directive 
11/8/2005 8:01 

Disposition Mr. Tony Shaffer's 

DIA Files 


Jan-Feb 2004: Mr. Shaffer consolidated his DIA paper files prior his deployment Afghanistan and anticipation transfer new DIA office upon his return from deployment 

Mar 2004: Mr. Shaffer's boxes moved his new office area 

Apr 2004: Mr. Shaffer's SCI access suspended 

Apr-Jul 2004: make room for incoming personnel, 0-6 level DIA supervisor tasked administrative officer separate out Mr. Shaffer's personal 
papers/ materials and properly dispose classified material burn bags. 
Classified papers destroyed believed have been related Mr. Shaffer's last 
assignment working Africa issues. Mr. Shaffer contacted pick his boxes personal materials; did not take possession the boxes. 

Aug 2005: DIA examined all Mr. Shaffer's electronic files/ emails the 
DIA SCI Infrastructure and has not located any information, charts photos these files identifying Mohammed Atta other hijackers 

Interaction with /11 Commission 


Mr. Shaffer briefed the 9/11 Commission staff ABLE DANGER 
Afghanistan October 2003. 

DoD responded two /11 Commission requests for documents ABLE DANGER (Nov 2003). 


The Department provided copies documents response the Commission's requests for ABLE DANGER documents. (DR wants backup ftle list documents - can you provide?) 


DoD has not discovered additional documentation related ABLE 
DANGER that would have been responsive the 9/11 Commission's 
original request. 

DoD facilitated July 2004 meeting between the 9/11 Commission staff and CDR Scott Phillpott, after expressed desire speak with the Commission concerning ABLE DANGER and the Chart. 

(b) (6)

.11/8/2005 8:01 

Department Response 


Conducted numerous interviews. Interviewed personnel included key ABLE DANGER participants, LIW supervisors/ managers, DoD lawyers, government and contract analysts. 
Performed extensive search records, files and electronic data identify ABLE DANGER materials. 



ABLE DANGER was CJCS directed planning effort USSOCOM designed campaign against transnational terrorism, starting with 


Interviewed individuals from USSOCOM, Army, Navy, OUSDI, intelligence agencies and private industry 


DoD has been unable locate any chart 
information that alludes Atta. 

 people devoted hours this effort. 

(b) (1)



Feb Jul Nov Nov 

(b) (1)

11/8/2005 8:01