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Judicial Watch • Bates 001679 001680 Redacted

Bates 001679 001680 Redacted

Bates 001679 001680 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 001679 001680 Redacted


Number of Pages:2

Date Created:April 17, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:zovez, zhault, zfjtv, wznle, vraildcte, ussed, towcts, deploy

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Subject: Re: 
Date 1/:;/2 Pl 

your a>;sessment regarding the need for 0-6 deal1ng with -but that may not op1 ion ... cor:cur -yoi_ir concept rding "division labor" fine -has not yet dep:oyed, ;ould ling he.r place ar.d pick where left off ... 
The other issue the -you are corr:e-L -were the worked and had position "overhead" work both th0 stiU willing ;:ierform that fuction ... far I'm concerned when get back 
tracking/tagging and beaconing 
Or. -'IOU and know that you had "rushed0 turnover with .:_ not l1ava background -therefore were you ask him deploy augment you imediately since you cannnt possibly 
all the critical bases oursel -and once the "sucge" starts can mov0 over  -in the late Feb U.neframe. ready early next WC!ek -and I'm sure will re-valldab" Lhe :nte.::est i.n l!cv ing back Lhe could well! -roughly -we cculd sp:t along the lineo HSD (you) and HOC (me) -I'rl dal hatted tr_e 
Let know what you think -I'll you know hear more 
soon otherwise, please tell get plane late next week -I'm willjnq se;:ve the ful: 120 days need be. 
01/05/0Q 11:22 To: 
Subj1cL: to::ally agn::e that we: need repr1=sent:1t1on with -bt:t don't agree that ;hould the g:y pE-that need GS-15 0-6 for tlwt, not: O-'l. tlJH'E: star: going 

(b} 001679 (b} (6) 

Date: 5/2()011 18: -11.M 

Hey, friend -I'm sure you' t:h" shoRs ;md then some! Good t:o hear 
you made one piece! any case, -have heard about the moving the --and 
bele1ve our best interesi:s ilav11i lHd 111!.ll.: ''1as thee before -Lb qlve you 2'1 hour coverage have and ccu1 un::cil you all show c.he J>.M 
"hand off" when things are hectic most coordjnation with would occur during r,hat period because zulu'1 ime -again -this '..iorked well when was there last. was also working three projects -that discussed with you before you left 
r::hree issues your will not have lhe background managE>. plus most this  related woc:ld m'"an falls lane anyway. Ami 
having the ground can ensuie coti coverage both commands you get mored Kabul and tink you' like the conditions Kabul better anyway ... any case, let know pceprcd deploy 80Dn next week 
agcee thin -bnt: tJi hi'1110 r:;et send 
this point -otherwise sL:ck he::::e until Ihid lati;o Feb. 
Take care.