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Judicial Watch • Bates 001682 Redacted

Bates 001682 Redacted

Bates 001682 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 001682 Redacted


Number of Pages:1

Date Created:April 17, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:wciklkq, subjec, smoum, scone, hnxgk, flqht, warms

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Because this "food fight" (see below) looks like will back much sooner wan back i.ght now tl1e -to the overall t1e reg1c ... iqure .... 
referred v1en't. very badly ']us:: spoke (:>Ut
abot1-=. (he i.s here leavE) -he wants back there for meeting between the 11th Jan! Don't think I'll make that window. sent the request have you i'rngrnent: the role -you'd ver:y busy wodang and plannng they say yes you 
Will keep you Ll1e loop -you may want let know sooner rather than later there nnything you need rom the stateo. 
Forwarded 30/03 10: 
12/24/03 05:28 fu
-is upset with DHS yet again. fay can tell, wants know who work for our trak record.