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Judicial Watch • Bates 001688 001693 Redacted

Bates 001688 001693 Redacted

Bates 001688 001693 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 001688 001693 Redacted


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Date Created:April 17, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

Tags:001693, 001688, Bates, redacted

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The radio not missing now part the "base stationq. 
The base station run having one the "bricks" placed within its 
-the radio now Lhat conta iner -you can pull out and verify the serial number need be. 
- was not around when -and his crew sl10wed Bagram install the base station t.hink you'll find that are "good go" this issue 
Pls let know you have any p:::oblems verifying this. 
01/11/04 01:56
The llllhad four Motorola handheld This radio turned missing when predecessor, was doing inventory prior turning over his dty position JAN 03. 
Could you please check witl: your folks see any them may aware the !ocation this radio? underst.and that. whc used work the night shift here 
 made several convoy tr.ips with down Kabul and that somE'times she was ternporarly issued one our rndios. Cou.lct yon kindly check with her and your other folks see whether they know anything? 
This Motorola ha.ndheld has encryption sys:em it. doesn't turn 
UPr there may well 15-6 investigation determine the circumstances 
su:rounding its loss. 
Thanks mucl1 
(b) (3) 

Subject:  Re:  
Date:  1/13/2Q0q  12:39:36 FYI  -in  case;  they  you  radio  rrd...s::sing  -it  W'.lS  u.:Jed  
part  :he  "base  unit"  you  saw  our  Lent  
---- Fon-.iarded  1-3/04  2:38  
01/13/01  10:58  

Thp radio noc missing -ic part the "base station". 

The base station run having one the "bricks" placed within its holder -the r,;dio now i.n thai:. ner -you can out and tbe serial number need be. 
- was r1ot around when -and his crew showed Bagrarn install the base statio:r ':h:irik ycu '11 f:!.nd tl!at are "good 90" this issue,. 
Pls let know you have any problems verifying this. 



Subject; RE; 
Date l(
understand there great deal going there this point time both operationally and political! -I'm i:-1g :.c convince t.o let tne next week but wants stay he?re and assist the desk for dayt: trying convince him the besc chet2 
Hope tc, back gum soon. 
Sorry gentlemen -ie hard pin down. number. -he should sitting -with sometime this wi;,.;:;k.  don't  have cell beginninq  
12/30/03 06:26 To: cc:  

(b) 001690 (b) 




Subject: Ft'1: (U) 
Date: 12/30/2003 8:49:58 lM 

Yes --is actually -i.s true name will the timeframe .is unclear -but mission for pretty well.=larified. note from tt1at: the com'tland you and. wish back serve as, 3c;::;encially, the -and integratoc commands -I'm prepared that and will ready return Mid ..Jan. did hea:r that you we:re moved down -so this note could going -for all know. effective this n:ission, need back there soon "get back the game" -right now there some debate departure would pref bi:ick l.:ite Jun Clt. cnn l:c fully re-integrated th( Feb/March push 
I'd bnck acation thf" last_ week .J21n you concur you rr:ay want ask HQs get out there ,Jan -ottwrwi they will delay here until late Feb "sit the desk" -yes -this will suck -I'm field guy, not sta!f. 
(b) (3) 001692 (b) 

Thanks Ddvance -to back your location mid Jan. 
-----Forwarded 12/30/03 08:31 ----
12/22/03 01:32 
Subject: i:: (TI) 
Sorry ch.Ls lace --I've out with sick child. 
-----Forwarded '2/22/03 07:29 ----
11/26/03 11:26 
Subject: FW: (.!) 
-may have already shared this with you not sure ttclose hold" not was not told that could not send foward .... 
I'm told J2/0ps this may already its way 
Subject: FW: (U)