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Judicial Watch • Bates 003253 003257 Redacted

Bates 003253 003257 Redacted

Bates 003253 003257 Redacted

Page 1: Bates 003253 003257 Redacted


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Date Created:April 14, 2012

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19Mar1999 Subj: Working Paper author: Wri Outlined Strate Mar 1999 Subj: Info Paper -Provide Thoughts Strategy and Principals Decision Paper Author: Apr2000 Subj: Memo -INFORMAL OCJCS REVIEW DRAFT METHODOLOGY FOR LIWA THREAT MAPPING ISO USSOCOM PLANNING 

Pre 9-11 Was the  for  
Operation Danger, beaded GEN Schoomake the global Network. This mpartmented operation. well vened pre intelligence directed api.ust Qaida.  

Integrate HUMINT collection into planning effort -ABLE DANGER 
-Planned enhancement from targeting process
Application U.S. Technological edg over adversary
Army Land fnfonnation Warfare Center (LIWA) -Raytheon
Found "'cells" initial info runs 



ABLE DANGER was planning effort, tasked SOCOM JCS. The task was identify and target Qaeda global basis and, using advanced technology (data mining; massive parallel processing; complex algorithmic refining tools, etc) and enhanced visualization tools, present options for leaders (national command authority) manipulate, degrade destroy Qaeda. 

STRATUS IVY became SOCOM ABLE DANGER Teams Forward Support center. ABLE DANGER was based Tampa and, one point, Garland, TX, minimize the amount classified and large charts they had transport back and forth conduct meetings the Pentagon, full set documents was left with STRATUS IVY. There are e-mail strings the this too. 
Last Known Location Full Material: 
Last Known Time Material Was There: 1 Week March 2004. 
Alternate location: Defense Intelligence Agency Inspector General Office, Boiling AFB, -should part investigative files. Operational, Authority, Approval and Coordination documents only-not the entire set. 
Document list for ABLE DANGER: 
Stored brown leather strap briefcase was the following: 
-Chairman JCS Planning Order CINC SOCOM plan conduct offensrve operations againstAI Qaeda under the nickname Operation 
Operational Authority Documents for SOCOM conduct tannin and intelligence collection support and related background documents for ABLE DANGER con ligence collection and protect operational activities. 
-All related official message traffic between SOCOM and Army the LIWA support issue. 
Stored outside but near the brown briefcase: 
-Between and large "charts -most not all unclassified that showed the Qaeda targeting results (graphic representation/summary all the 2.5 Terabytes data that was used the ABLE DANGER targeteers. White plastic binders Data Base array plans and methods and related charts