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Judicial Watch • Benghazi Letter from Tom Fitton

Benghazi Letter from Tom Fitton

Benghazi Letter from Tom Fitton

Page 1: Benghazi Letter from Tom Fitton


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Date Created:March 5, 2014

Date Uploaded to the Library:March 27, 2014

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There is, however, limit which forbearance ceases virtue." 
 Edmund Burke 

The Honorable John Boehner Speaker, U.S. House Representatives The Capitol, H-232 Washington, D.C., 20515 
March 2014 
Dear Speaker Boehner, 
Through the investigative journalism Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge, report the Senate Intelligence Committce,2 and the investigation and litigation efforts Judicial Watch,3 now know that there compelling evidence that former Acting Central Intelligence Director Michael Morell has made false and misleading statements Congress. This issue demands your immediate personal attention. were pleased see that our Jetter January 2014 may have persuaded you and your various committee chairs investigating the Benghazi attacks make some limited efforts promote information gathered through the uncoordinated work the House. 
But the establishment the Internet website, "The House Republican Investigation Benghazi" only highlights the inadequacies House efforts date. Most Americans, addition large majority your party's caucus, demand full and complete investigation this terror attack. Mr. Morell's statements and conduct appear have materially contributed contusing and misleading the Congress and the American people. Susan Rice's latest rounds lies about Benghazi the February 23, 2014 edition Meet Jhe Press illustrate the contempt that this Administration has for your committees' investigation date. 
Americans want facts and justice -not controlled leaks heavily redacted interview transcripts. The latest polling shows, "Sixty-six percent voters want Congress keep investigating the White House's handling Benghazi. That includes percent Democrats, percent Independents and percent Republicans." 
Once again, urge you now create House Select Investigative Committee Benghazi -fully resourced with staff and subpoena powers -to conduct thorough, coordinated investigation. 
Mr. Morell must compelled appear before Congress and explain his statements and conduct. Even invokes his right not testify under the Fifth Amendment, then the Congress must pursue, through Select Committee, the many unanswered questions and apparent Obama administration cover-up the terror attacks that cost the lives Ambassador Christopher Stevens, Foreign Service Officer Sean Smith, and Security Officers Glen Doherty and Woods. addition these new concerns about potentially false and misleading testimony and information being provided Congress, there are host other Benghazi-related questions that remain unanswered. Most troubling perhaps are the still unresolved questions about whether any Obama Administration officials prevented available military assets, especially the African Command (AFRJCOM), from being used protect and secure American personnel and facilities under attack Benghazi. Indeed, Judicial Watch recently obtained new documents, first uncovered retired military officer, that dramatically highlight significant U.S. Navy assets that could have been deployed assist and protect U.S. lives September 2012.5 

The Undersigned: 
(Titles for identification purposes only) 
Charles Woods, Father tJf Woods 
Pat Smith, M1>ther flf Se