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Judicial Watch • Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 25-26

Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 25-26

Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 25-26

Page 1: Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 25-26

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:2

Date Created:February 25, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 25, 2015

Tags:OpsAlert, Benghazi

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UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Deparlmenlof Stale Case 2014-11282 Doc C0570245O Dale :/1 1/2015
Oblalned Judmlal Walch, lnc vla FOIA
I-2ElEW AUTHORI7Y: Archie Bolstef. Senior
From: Kennedy, Patrick
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 9:13
To: Boswell Eric Sullwan, Jacob Nuland, Viclaria
cc: Relnes, Philippe
Sublecl: {No Subject)
From: Boswell, Erlr.)
sent: Thursday, September :3, 2012 3:32
To: Sullivan, Jacob Nuland, Victoria
Cc: Reines, Philippe Kennedy, Patrick
sumac:-. RE: (No Subject)
From: Sullivan, Jacob
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:26
To: aosweu, Eric Nuland, Victoria Ralnes, Philippe Kennedy Patrick
Suhjaar: RE: (No Sub}ect)
From: Boswell, Em:
Sent: Thursday, September 13. 2012 8:24
To: Nuland, Victona
Cc: Relnes, Philippe Sulllvare, Jacob Kennedy, Patrick
Subject: RE: (No Subject)
UNCl} SS!FlED U.S. Departmenlofslale Case F2014-11262 Doc 2450 Date 02/ll,/2015 wmtvntent Sta 701441-62
omameu Judicxa atch.
uranc, Victoria
Sen Thursday, September 13, 2012 8:18
Ta: Shawn.Turner@dm,gov NSC Deputy was Secret: Sullvan Jacob Ben)amIn Rhoda
Reines, Fhliippe BemadeLte_M_Meehan: 
Subject: Re: subjetr;
From aetor, Tommy
Sent: Thursday, September 13, 2012 08:05
To: Vlanrta Minna ;Jar: Sullivan Rhoda, Benjamin PNllweRelnes Meehan, aemadenz u.:.:n.- ynthia Rapp; JENNIVB; Shawn Turner
Subject: FW: (No Subject) vcac idmslo -on rem)
k:l_ have hem) I11: r-suit cunnuu