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Judicial Watch • Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 26-28

Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 26-28

Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 26-28

Page 1: Benghazi Ops Alert FOIA Page 26-28

Category:Obtained Document

Number of Pages:3

Date Created:February 25, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 25, 2015

Tags:OpsAlert, Benghazi

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l)NCLA.SS1FED 2par:mem State
Obtamed JudIca Walch, ma. FDA
From. Nuland, Victoria
Sen Thursday, September 13, 2012 3:18; NSC Deputy Pre5_s Secretary; llvan, Jacob Benjam Boswell, EricJ
Subject: Re: (No Subject)
Fmm I1aamTrne Lls:. ,iinimiiicc, illdi uni:-sking ct-Ileagi Kin
irnmcdiaicl) invc igiiic whai role .iI-uaida its him may iuvc pin the min-:k and trike apprupruu: aciiciii ording incur souncs the consulate had been givcn hc.ilm chcc iii preparn for any viulcmzc connected the 9/1!
llivcraary. In: I.VLnl, Ihc pcriinrtcr ABS Ld(hCd wiiliiii iiiiiiuin ufaii angry crowd slii lng ziuack around lupin
Tuesday nigh! liii:n: was, .~i Iiulc dcfencr put the man local guards mean! pmicci lhc staff. Ali penplc_iim all ran :Iwny and ihc pcuplc charge were the
young men wiiii guns uni! i-nuii
Wissani Eluhmcid, lhr cmriiiizindvr iifthe Tripoli emnicnl-winclioncd Libya Shield Bri mic. uifeulivcl) llircc for
Benghmii mninlniilcd w:L< nn_- nver Ihe lxkihaxricd sidcn icli made uards abiuidnii their posl There wtrc dvfinilrzly
pcriplc from this scauriry Pnrtcx ici ilic mink pen bcc.iu:~v: iii nine lhL rILCls mded liii. lhv:) wnuld iibsuiiiii.-Iy
put lhclf Io, lly ll) the Pmyhcl riv Ali: Lulhllilll JFK all rulhing conipurcd insulting lhc Prophet Sieve iieliL-vird, was lull building re. lhn. zillcr Ihey failed dense smoke ciiiscii blazr: eiiguiicd the buiklin_ Hi: ..x .-i [)1 lXnC0n. l0l> local people arid taken hmpilal. [he Bclig Medical
inn. man.
(imp: iuidei (zipiuiii Failii :iI- Ubcidi, urihc Ui l_
i1ingti:iicaiii:= umlur rim fruni wi.dpiiris, dun kiiuw
LJNL ASSIFIFI1 pariment State Case F-2014-1 1962 Doc C(3570245G Date 02/ 1:2 J15
Omained Judicwm Watch Int. via FOIA
Jmspuml and taken back nipun the olhcr dead and survx vun-_ ::vcns molher. UVY anday, spoke afher son yesterday did law: whau did. and did vcry good job
could have done lot nfolhor Khings, hill (his: was passion have hole hem she mid
JNCL .SSFIED Departrnem State Case F-201441262 Doc No. C05702450 Date.