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Judicial Watch • Benson Legg Everett – 2004

Benson Legg Everett – 2004

Benson Legg Everett – 2004

Page 1: Benson Legg Everett – 2004

Category:Federal Judges

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:November 28, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 14, 2014

Tags:NAVIGATOR, MERCANTILE, Benson Everett Legg, benson, unsecured, deposit, personal, MASON, account, reported, trust, 2004, investment, spouse, Federal Judge, Judge

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c..: Spouses Non-Investment Income -(If you were matried during any portion !be reporting year. please compleic !his section. Dollar arnowtt 
not required except for honoraria.) 
621 NONE (Noreportable non-investment inoome.) 
 REIMBURSEMENTS -8DSportation. lodging. food, en1ertainmen1. 
(Includes!hose spouse and dependentchildren. See pp. 2527 inslrootions.) 
621 NONE (No such reportable n:imb.,,.....,,,!S.) 
VI. LIABILITIES. c1no11ldes 100sooCspOU$eand