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Judicial Watch • Bible Removal Letter To Sec VA 4 11 16

Bible Removal Letter To Sec VA 4 11 16

Bible Removal Letter To Sec VA 4 11 16

Page 1: Bible Removal Letter To Sec VA 4 11 16


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Date Created:April 11, 2016

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 15, 2016

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April 11, 2016
The Honorable Robert McDonald
Secretary the Department Veterans Affairs
810 Vermont Ave.
Washington, 20420
Re: Removal Bible from Missing Man Table Akron and Youngstown Veterans
Administration (VA) Clinics
Dear Secretary McDonald:
We, the undersigned individuals and organizations, write express our concerns about
the removal Bible from the Missing Man Table the Akron, Ohio, Clinic and another Ohio facility. The Missing Man Table was established during the
Vietnam Era honor those who were Prisoners War Missing Action. has
become hallowed tradition that respected members the military, veterans and
their families. Bible has become key feature modern Missing Man displays. The National
League POW/MIA Families notes that the Bible now typically included, and
represents the strength gained through faith sustain and those lost from our
country, founded one nation under God. The removal the Bible not only violates
the integrity these display, but insults those returned POWS who gained daily
strength from their faith the prisons our enemies. When governmental agency
such the removes any part the display, grave insult the nation
veterans who often gather together honor those who have not returned, while also
interfering with the message being expressed.
The Akron action clearly represents government intrusion into the religious and
expressive rights the staff and patients the facility. Unfortunately, this
unacceptable event was followed repeat performance second Ohio facility
located Youngstown.2 These two incidents appear impermissibly placing
secular worldview above that perspective which lies the heart the Missing Man
memorials one which rests, part, upon our national tradition honoring God and
National League POW/MIA Families, Missing Man Table and Honors Ceremony,, accessed 3/31/16; see also,
Larry Shaughnessy, POW/MIA Day Brings Somber Ceremony, One Quietly Symbolic Tradition,, September 16, 2011.
Bryant Jordan, Ohio Clinic Swaps Bible for Prop Book after Complaint,, April 2016. Now Air Force Base Ohio seems swept this
contagion. See Phillip Swartz, Wright-Patterson AFB Removes Bible from POW/MIA Display after
Complaint, Air Force Times,, April 2016.
Country. Bible resting passively along with the other traditional elements the
display does not promote any single religion. The removal this traditional symbol,
however, acts curtail the religious expression American citizens. not the role
government modify delete the ceremonial display private groups such the
National League POW/MIA families embraced veterans throughout the country.
Please recall that our country was founded, part, upon the realization that all people
are endowed with God-given rights that include free expression and freedom religion.
The unlawful actions the Akron and Youngstown Clinics are direct attack upon
them. Such steps not only impermissibly involve the government religious matters,
but they employ governmental power curtail religious expression and beliefs. This
type interference with our religious and expressive rights strictly prohibited the
First Amendment the Constitution and the Religious Freedom Restoration Act. would appreciate you would take the time clarify the situation the Akron
and Youngstown Clinics for us. Given the publicity surrounding these unfortunate
incidents, believe that several members Congress also have interest.
Consequently, look forward your response. are confident you will agree that the freedoms expression and speech, include
religious expression, are among our most cherished freedoms. Please note the roughly
64,000 signatures have obtained the included petitions expressing disapproval
the Akron actions alone. wish work with you ensure that these rights are
protected within the system.
Thank you for your attention this matter.
Lt. General (Ret.) William Boykin
Executive Vice President
Family Research Council Paul Vallely (US Army-Ret.)
Chairman and CEO
Stand America
John Wells, Commander, USN, Ret.
Executive Director
Military-Veterans Advocacy, Inc. (COL) Ronald Crews, USA, Ret.
Executive Director
Chaplain Alliance for Religious Liberty
Elaine Donnelly
Center for Military Readiness
Thomas Kilgannon
Freedom Alliance
Tim Wildmon
American Family Association
Mike Berry
Senior Counsel Director Military Affairs
First Liberty Institute
Mathew Staver
President and Chief Counsel
Liberty Counsel
James Lyons, Jr., Admiral USN, Ret.
LION Associates, LLC
Daniel Briggs
Legal Counsel
Director Military Affairs
Alliance Defending Freedom
William Becker, Jr.
Thomas Fitton
Judicial Watch
Sandy Rios
Director Governmental Affairs
American Family Association
Peggy Dau
International Civil Rights Activist
Senator Johnny Isakson, Chairman, Senate Veterans Affairs Committee
Hon. Jeff Miller, Chairman, House Veterans Affairs Committee