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Judicial Watch • Bloomberg lawsuit (documents on his anti-gun group)

Bloomberg lawsuit (documents on his anti-gun group)

Bloomberg lawsuit (documents on his anti-gun group)

Page 1: Bloomberg lawsuit (documents on his anti-gun group)


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Date Created:October 4, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:October 10, 2013

Tags:mayor bloomberg, the raben group, Mayors against illegal guns and a Principal

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NEW YORK COUNTY the Matter the Application
for Judgment under Article 
the (Iivil Practice Law and Rules
Compelling Production Records
Pursuant the New York l-reedom
Information Law
VERIFIED ETII ION COMPEL PRODUCTION DOCUMENTS PURSUANT NEW YORK FREEDOM INFORMATION LAW January 15, 2013, Petitioner tiled with the offices the respondent, via
certi mail, Frecdmn Information Law ()IL request requesting access certain
recortis under FOIL. See Exhibit This request sought access and copy any and all
records concerning relating the following:
--Any and all records ofccmmunicaticn between Mayor Bloomberg
and/or any official, employee, representative the Ollice the
Mayor and any oflieer, employee, representative Mayors
Against Illegal Guns.
--Any and all records ofcommunieation between Mayor Bloomberg
and/or any ollieial, employee, representative the the
Mayor and Vice President Joe Bidcn and/or any ollicial, employee, representative the Office the Vice President the United
Any and all records regarding, concerning related the January 2013 White llouse meeting attended Chief/Xdvisor the
mayor for Policy and Strategic planning John Feinblatt, Vice
President Biden, Attorney General Erie Holder, and others. This
request includes, but not limited to, any and all notes, talking
points, brie books, and internal menioranda produced
preparation for, during. and/or subsequent the meeting.
The time frame for this request December l4, 2012 and tlte
present. According US. Postal Service records, etitioner request ccci/ed
Respondent Janueuy 22, 2013. Id. Pursuant FOIL Section 89(3), Respondent was required either respond
Petitioner request acknowledge receipt the request and state the approximate date that the
request would either granted denied, within business days. about March 2013 Petitioner received letter from Respondent. See
Exhibit The letter acknowledged receipt etitioner Oll, request. The letter further stated
that Respondent was reviewing your request and that expeet[s] respond twenty days
informing you ofthe status otithis review. Id. However, the letter failed state whether
Petitioners FOIL request would granted denied when determination grant deny the
request would made. Pursuant FOIL Section 89(4)(a). when Respondent failed issue such
determination June 12, 2013. Petitioner considered the luilure respond constructive
denial and led appeal. See lixhibit According US. Postal Service records, etitioner
appeal was received Respondent June 18, 2013. Id. about June 26, 2013. Petitioner received second letter from Respondent.
See Exhibit The letter stated that. with respect parts two and three Petitioner request.
Respondent anticipates being able provide you with determination approxnnately two
months. 141. Respondent letter did not state whether any responsive records would released Petitioner the conclusion ofthose two months ifthe request was granted. Respomienfs .lune 26. 2013 letter further stated that was Resportdenfs position
that part one Petitioner request was not reasonably described and requested Petitioner
amend that portion ofthe request. Id. Petitioner responded Respondent request amend the FOIL request via
certified mail July 10, 2013. See Exhibit the letter, Petitioner modi part one otiits OIL request read follows:
 ~Any and all records communication between Mayor Bloomberg and/or
ChiefAdvisor the Mayor for Policy and Strategic Planning John
Feinblatt and Mr. Mark Glaze, Director Mayors Against Illegal Guns euid Principal The Raben Group, LLC between December I4, 2012 and
January 22, 2013.
According U.S. Postal Service records, Petitioner July 10, 2013 letter was received
Respondent July 17, 2013. Id. Oetober 2013, Petitioner has not received any further response from
Respondent its January I5, 2013 FOIL request, its June 12, 2013 administrative appeal letter
its July l0, 2013 letter modifying part one ofthe request.
10. Pursuant FOIL, Article 84, seq., olithe Public eers Law. Petitioner has right ofatccess the records requested its January 15, 2013 FOIL request, and Respondent has legal basis for refusing disclose these records Petitioner. Il~LRl~Il*0Rlm,
mm: 4m..m rm; ic( \/121,m
(i_x nlNxix York
/lln: m1,mrmim1 m1:;v (1L1r SIM Plum 
Nam Yurlx. U00/