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Judicial Watch • Bruce D. Black – 2009

Bruce D. Black – 2009

Bruce D. Black – 2009

Page 1: Bruce D. Black – 2009

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 9, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:July 29, 2014

Tags:Bruce D Black, Santa, BLACK, BRUCE, funds, American, Growth, 2009, assets, TRUSTS, reportable, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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i11 Gol mdica1e fuH-or part-tiJnt:) U.S. Distri Judge (active) Cour1 Organization USDC, District New Mexico 5s. Report Type (check appropnate type) Nomination. Dat- lnitial [Z] Annual Final 5b. Amended Repon Dare Rrporl 05115/2010 {1. Heporrlni:: PnLod 01101/2009 12i31/2009 Chambers Officr Addrrss 106 South Federal Place Santa le. New Mexico 87501 the basis the information contained this Hr-porr 3nd 11n} modfficaticrns prrtaining thcrelo, i1;, opinion. complianct with applicable laws arnd regulations. R\.ftwiug OHictr ___ ------ -------Dafl- 
Jlt1PORTANT 1VOTES: The in.1tructfr>ns accompanying thisform must befollowe --:r c:   ri-; L..J --.--.J 
[ZJ NONE (Nu 1cportahle uyrec11w11t.1.) 
Black, Bruce 
BLACK, BHUCE II. NON-INVESTMENT COIVIE. (Reporring intliidual and .pouu; Sfe pp. 17-U filing intruction.) Filers Non-Investment Income 
[ZJ NONE (No reportable non-imestment incomC.) 
(yours, not spouses) Spouses Non-lnvestn1ent Incon1c l/J()U were married dllrjng any portjon rhl reportin1: ytDT, complrtr tltiJ .uc1ion. 
(Dollar amoJJnt nol required except for honorari1.1.) NONE (No reportable non-investment income.) 
OS/I 5/2010 GIFfS. (ln.c/1.1Jes thn:u .1pouse and dependent children;set. pp. 18-31 
[2J NONE (No reporrahle gifts.) 
J. LIABJLJTJES. {lndudn thor of.fOU.H! um/ dependent children, pp. 31-13 filing instructionJ.) NONE (Nu reportable liabilities.) 
Mortgage rental property 111, Santa Fe, (Pt. VII, Line 15) 
VII. INESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, vatu. tranwaion. r1nc1u Code redemption) (l-P) (.II) {if private 
f(>-W) trfHJ =.S.SOI -S0!l =ts.oo; :i.orio 51)JKJ! -)l!J,IJl}P 
1Str C,luinri .rnJ O-i1 S;0,001 OO,OW -SIOOJ.11 l,tllJU.000 Ill =Sl.llll V:iluc Code: -SI S,OOt. h::i -1.::,nr.1. i).oon -so.oo oo.oo