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Judicial Watch • California NVRA Letter 262012

California NVRA Letter 262012

California NVRA Letter 262012

Page 1: California NVRA Letter 262012


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Date Created:February 6, 2012

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Because one 
i,s above the law! 

February 2012 
The Honorable Debra Bowen California Secretary State 1500 11th Street 
Sacramento, 95814 
Re: 	Inquiry into California's Compliance with Section the National Voter Registration Act, U.S.C.  1973gg-6 
Dear Secretary Bowen: are writing inquire whether California complying with Section the National Voter Registration Act ("NVRA"). you know, the NVRA requires states maintain accurate lists eligible voters for use conducting elections. However, appears that your state may failing maintain accurate eligible voter lists. understand that California law may delegate some responsibility for compliance with the NVRA the counties California.However, before contact the cowities directly, would like give you the 
opportunity clarify certain information the hope that further investigation our part will unnecessary. 
Our primary concern that California appears failing remove from the eligible 
voter lists the names people who have died moved, required the NVRA. According the U.S. Election Assistance Commission's 2011 NVRA Report Congress, certain 
California counties reported that they had failed properly mail removal notices registered 
voters for the purpose list maintenance. Furthermore, our underst.anding that few any 
removal notices have been sent Orange County, San Bernardino County, and Los Angeles 
County for the purpose maintaining accurate voter rolls. you know, under Section the NVRA states must "conduct general program that makes reasonable effort remove the names ineligible voters from the official lists eligible voters," including voters who become ineligible reason death change residence the registrant. U.S.C.  1973gg-6(a)(4). Section also requires states make Cal. Elec. Code 2220(a). See Election Assistance Commission Report the 121h Congress, June 301h, 2011, "The Impact the National Voter Registration Act 1993 the Administration Elections for Federal Office 2009-2010," 61, available 

425 Third St., SW, Suite 800 Washington, 20024 Tel: (202) 646-5172 1-888-593-8442
FAX: (202) 646-5199., Email: 
The Honorable Debra Bowen February 2012 
available for public inspection "all records concerning the implementation programs and activities conducted for the purpose ensuring the accuracy and currency official lists eligible voters." U.S.C.  1973gg-6(i)(l). Accordingly, ask you please respond this 
letter writing advise the steps California has taken comply with Section the NVRA during the period from January 2011 through today, and how many names have been removed from the eligible voter lists due death change residence registrants. You are required make such information available pursuant the NVRA. U.S.C.  1973gg6(i). ask you provide this information along with your written response later than 
days from today, March 2012. look forvvard receiving your response. Please feel free contact with any questions. 

Thomas Fitton 
cc: Christian Adams, Esq. 
Election Law Center 
425 Third St., SW, Suite 800, Washington, 20024 Tel: (202) 646-5172 1-888-593-8442 FAX: (202) 646-5199 Email: info(q}