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Judicial Watch • CFPB 2012 042 Response

CFPB 2012 042 Response

CFPB 2012 042 Response

Page 1: CFPB 2012 042 Response


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Date Created:June 8, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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RE: FOIA Request #CFFPB-2012-0042-F 
June 22012 
Ms. Lisettte Garcia Judicial WWatch 425 Thirdd Street SW, Suite 800 Washinggton,  200024 
Dear Ms. Garcia: 
This letteer final response the portion oof Judicial WWatchs Freeedom Infoormation (FOIA) rrequest datedd January 122, 2012 that ssought all records commmunicationns between thhe CFPB annd the White House conccerning Presiident Obamaas January 66, 2012 visitt the CFPBB. 
The CFPPBs final ressponse Juddicial Watchhs FOIA reqquest dated JJanuary 25, 22012 (RE: CFPB-20012-037) proovided the reesponsive reccords relatedd the portiion your rrequest that sought alll records communicaations betweeen the CFPBB and the following entitties concerniing Presidentt Obamas reecess appoinntment Ricchard Cordaay directorr the CFPPB: The WWhite House; bb) The Execuutive Office oof the Presiddent; The Departmentt the Treassury; and The United States Congreess. The respponsive recoords produceed part the CFPB-22012-037 reqquest are not atttached thhis letter becaause they woould dupllicative previous ressponse. responnse your request, the CCFPB conduucted searcch the Offifice the Diirector and thhe Office thhe Chief Admministrative OOfficer for ddocuments. OOn June 22012, notifiied you that response Judicial WWatchs FOIIA requests should fforthcoming very soon. Attached this letterr, please findd CFPBs finnal response your FOIIA request, wwhich consissts pagees non-dupllicative recorrds. thosse pages, haave determinned that bothh pages are rreleased ppart pursuant Title UU.S.C.  552 (b)(5) and (bb)(6).  
You mayy appeal any the respoonses deciisions set forrth above. Iff you choosee file appeal, yyou must within 455 calendar daays from the date this  letter.  Youur appeal writingg, signed you yourr representat ive, and shoould contain the rationalee for the apppeal. You mayy send your aappeal via thhe mail (addrress below), email (CFP fax (1-855-FAX-FOIA (3329-3642)). 
Your apppeal should bbe addressedd to: 
Connsumer Finaancial Protecttion Bureau
 Attention: CChief FOIA Officer
 Freedom Informationn Appeal 
1700 Street, NWW
Washinggton, D.C.  20552 
For inquiiries concernning your reqquest, pleasee contact Lauura Magere bby phone 202-435-79907 and referrence the FOOIA request nnumber abovve. you arre unable reach Ms. MMagere, pleasse feel free contact CCFPBs FOIAA Service Ceenter emaail telephonee 1-855-444-FOIA (36642). 

Martin MMichalosky FOIA Maanager Office off the Chief AAdministrativve Officer 

Subject: Re: POTUS event guys, Looks like our vendor can setup our equipment 7pm tonight. Does that work for you? What info you need from get vendor access the building? Thanks lot, Tim Timothy Hartz TheWhite House (b)(6) ---Original Message----From: Hartz, Tim Sent: Thursday, January 05, 2012 0/.1.:01 To: '' ; '' Cc: Subject: Re: POTUS event Excellent, Thanks much Stephanie -should have answer for you shortly. Best, Tim Timothy Hartz The White House (b)(6) 

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