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Judicial Watch • CFPB Investigation Timeline

CFPB Investigation Timeline

CFPB Investigation Timeline

Page 1: CFPB Investigation Timeline


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Date Created:July 6, 2011

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3/16/2011  Elizabeth Warrens testimony before the House Subcommittee Financial Institutions and Consumer Credit gives Chairman Spencer Bachus reason doubt Ms. Warrens prior statements regarding CFPBs involvement 50-state settlement negotiation with the nations largest lenders. 
3/22/2011  Judicial Watch submits comprehensive FOIA Treasury (for CFPB) seeking, among other items, documentation all communication with the attorney general each state.1 Treasury handling CFPB FOIAs until the subagency goes live July 21. The relevant statute requires filing within days appointment and May each subsequent year.  Confirmation nonfiling Ms. Warren here attached Exhibit Treasury diverted its copy this FOIA DOJ, which agency declared would not comply with statutorily-specified deadlines extensions. appeal those adverse determinations was filed July copy which here attached Exhibit CFPB has sought clarification but has made attempt fulfill this FOIA, which here attached Exhibit Administrative Appeal 2011-03-070 here attached Exhibit 
3/23/2011  Judicial Watch files Form 201 with the Office Government Ethics seeking Ms. Warrens Standard Form 278.  Within hours, OGE confirms that Ms. Warren has filed none.2 
3/25-31/2011  Judicial Watch files public records requests with each states attorney general under the applicable laws each state seeking documentation all communications with CFPB. 
4/1/2011 present  Dozens states responses suggest Ms. Warren has been more deeply involved the mortgage foreclosure settlement negotiations than she has maintained date. 
5/3/2011  CFPB produces pages interim response FOIA 2011-03-070 week late. 
5/23/2011  CFPB produces 154 heavily-redacted pages final response FOIA 2011-03-070. 
5/24/2011  Ms. Warren expresses great distress when hearing before the Subcommittee TARP, Financial Services, and Bailouts Public and Private Programs lasts longer than she expected.  Separately, Judicial Watch files FOIAs with HUD, DOJ, Treasury, and OCC for set audits and term sheet shown exclusively Shahien Nasiripour according his reports the Huffington Post.3 
5/25/2011  Judicial Watch files FOIA with Treasury (for CFPB) seeking all documentation regarding the scheduling Ms. Warrens May appearance Congress verify her statements respecting purported agreement with Chairman Patrick McHenry leave the hearing particular hour.4 
6/6/2011  Judicial Watch files administrative appeal FOIA 2011-03-070.5  House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Darrell Issa schedules Ms. Warrens next appearance before Congress clarify the authority and operations the CFPB before its scheduled launch date July 21. 
6/16/2011  Judicial Watch publishes summary its findings and begins uploading state responses: 
6/17/2011  Judicial Watch delivers documents received thus far Chairman McHenrys office.  Second requests are mailed NC, DE, CT, and for records AGs communications with CFPB. 
6/20/2011  Bloomberg reports that the House Committees Financial Services and Government Oversight and Reform draft joint letter Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner seeking CFPBs communications with each states AG, citing the results Judicial Watchs investigation. 
6/21/2011  month from CFPBs launch, Judicial Watch renews its request OGE for Ms. Warrens financial disclosure form. meets with the same result before: confirmation nonfiling.6 See note above. Supplementary Appeal 2011-03-070 here attached Exhibit Correspondence with CFPB regarding its unsolicited offer expand the scope pending FOIA Exhibit 
6/22/2011  Judicial Watch declines CFPBs unsolicited offer expand the scope pending FOIA regarding key hires backgrounds exchange for further delay its fulfillment. 
6/24/2011  CFPB issues Interim Response the appeal 2011-03-070.  Such action neither supported law custom.  Authority those filling FOIA respond appeal questionable best. 
6/27/2011  Judicial Watch supplements its administrative appeal 2011-03-070,7 prompted CFPBs effort short-circuit the due process guaranteed statute. 
6/29-30/2011  Via email, CFPB renews unsolicited offer expand different FOIA exchange for forbearance time.  Judicial Watch again declines, asking only for fulfillment all pending FOIAs.8 
 7/5/2011  Treasurys responses Congress and Judicial Watch are due.  Judicial Watch receives response, making FOIA 2011-03-070 ripe for suit. 
7/6/2011  Judicial Watch briefs House Financial Services and Government Oversight Committees respecting Judicial Watchs overall investigation into CFPB.