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Judicial Watch • Charles L Smith Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Charles L Smith Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Charles L Smith Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Charles L Smith Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Adtran, Charles L Smith Jr, Madison, Alabama, Charles, money, smith, Retirement, 2009, EPA, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Required b),the Ethics
.4o10 Government Act 1978 Re,: ~/2010 	FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2009 ~s.c. ,rr,. ,~.~" tol-tt~) Person Reporting (last nanzc, first, middle initial) Courl Organization Date Report  
Smith, Jr.. Charles  Northern District Alabama  05/13/2010 Title (Article Ill judgc~ indicate active ser.Io~ status;  5~. Report Type tchcck appropriate type)  6.. Reporting Period  
magistrate udgcs indicate full- par~-t~)ncl Normrtation.  Date  01/01/2009  
U.S. District Judge-Active inilial Annual  Final 12!31:2(  

5b. Amended Report Chambers Office Address the basi* the information contained this Repor~ and any modifita6ons pertaining thereto, opinion, compliance -,sith zppli,:ttble la,~ and regulations.
United States Cotn~ho~.lSe 101 llolmes Avenue Huntsville, Ala. 35801 
Re,,ie~ing Officer: Dnte 
L~ffPOR TANT NOTES: The instructions accompanying this form must followed. Complete all parts, checl, ing the NONE box jbr each part )*here you have reportable information. Sign last page. POSITIONS. Reporting inUi,,idual only: see pp. 0-13 ]71ing ...... "tions.~ NONE (~ro reportable positio~Ts.) 
POSITION 	NAME QRGANIZATION/ENTITY Administrator 	Probate estate ONE (No reportable agrcc:ments.) DATE PARTIES AND TERMS 19S 	Judicial Retirement Fund Alabama (Retiremem fund former employer, State Alabama), control Madison County, Alabama Retirement Fund (Retirement fund former employer, Madison CounD). control 

Smith Jr., Charles 

FINANCIAL Page  DISCLOSURE REPORT  Name Person Reporting th, Jr., Charles  Date Report  
I!I. NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. IRepora~ indi,,idual and .... see pp- 7-24 filing ......tions.) Filers Non-Investment Income NONE (No reportable tzon-investment ittcome.) DATE SOIIRCE AND TYPE 2009 Slate Alabama Retirement  INCOME_ (yours, not spouses} $38,676.41 2009  Madison Cotmty, Alabama Retirement  $12,144.0{t Spouses Non-Investment Income -lf y~u were married during a~l* portion the reporring )ar. complete this sectiott (Dollar amount not required ~cepl fi~r t~moraria.) ONE (No reportable nou-investment income.) SOURCE AND TYPE 2~9 Madison Co~, Alabama Commission S~la"  

~ ..... Person Reporting Dai:e Reporl
FIN,~taNCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT  NONE 6Vo reportable g~s.) SOURCE  I)ESCRIPTION  NONE ()Vo reportable liabilities.) CRFDITOR Bank America  Credit Card  DESCRIPTION  VALUE CODE  

Date Repo~
Name Person Reporting
FINJkNCIAL DISCLOSURE REPORT Page Smith, Jr.. Charles 05/13:2010 
VII. 1NVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ....... lo,. ...... ,~ns (Includes those ...... dependent children; see pp. 34-60 o/liling instruction~) NONE (No reportable income, assets, trat~actions.) 
Dew,rip, ion Asse~s ~ Income during Gross ~alu end Transactions dunng re~,~mg pe6od (including ~st ..... r~o~lng pe~od rcpo~ing ~od 
t~nount T)9~ Value Value T)oe leg, Date Value Gain Idemi~of
Place "(X)" aff~ each asset
exempt from prior disclosure Code div., re~L Code Mc~od buy, sell, mm, dd:~3, C~de C~e buyer/seller 
(A-It) int.! (J-P) Cude rcdemption) (J-P) (A-H) (ifpd~t 	U.S Savings Bonds-Series Interes~ 	
Regions Financial Corp. Dividend 	
Citi Bank Money Fund tnteregt See Part Vlll 	
Meadowbrook, Ltd. 4.75% Int. limited None 
Farm; Madison County. Ala. Rent (Crop) 	
Farm Rental House: Madison Count), Ala Rent (House 
Crown Life Ins. Cash Value Dividend Apple Computcr, lnc. None 	
Clorox Co. Dividend 

10.  457(b) Deferred Cutup Account: American Century Value Ftmd Dividend 
12. Fidelity" Contrafund Dividend 

13. Nationv,ide Fixed Account Interest 

14. Nationwide Large Cap Growth Fund Dividend 

15. 500 Index Fund Dividend 
16_ iMadison Co. Retirement Fund Interest 

17. Family Broadcasting Corp (Retirement~ None ~$25.~,t~t -~5o,00~,00,0 =M~,re tha.a $50,000,000 
Name Person Repo~t~ng 	Date Report

VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -i~ ........ ~.,, ..... ~,ns those o/~p ......~ a~n~nt children; see pp. 34-60 f!li~e ins~ucaon) 

NONE (No r~Tortable income, assets, ~r transactiot:s.) 
DescBption AsseB Income d~ing 
(including trust x~sets) 
Place ~(X)" a[ler each 
exempt ~om prior disclosure 

Fix Co~ Intl., Inc. None 

Sanmina-SCI Corp None 

PACT (Ala. Prepaid Affordable College Interest Tuition plan} 

Scholars Choice (Section 529 Plan)- Dividend 

Easy S~reet Investors Corp.: None 

23. Davis Selected Large Cap -/,lone), Manager Acct 

24. Johnson Johnson 

25. United HealthcareCorp (formerly Unitedhealth Group lnc) 

26. Pepsico, Inc. 

--First Horizon Nat. Corp (form~ly FirstTenn Nat.Corp) 

28. Cisco Systems, Inc. 

--Exxon Mobil Corp 

30. Alliant TechSystems, Inc. 

--St. Joe Company 

32. United Technologies Corp. 

33. Lowes Companies, Inc. 

34. Goldman Sachs Group, Inc. 

Gross value end Transactions dunng re~ing ~6od 

VII. INVESTMENTS TRUSTS ......... ........... ,zo,~ (Includes those ~;p ..... deptndent children; seepp. J4-60 o]" filimg i~uCdon~)  NONE (No reportable  income, assets,  ttanSaCliot~.)  Description Asse~ Placetincluding"(x)" after~Steach~Se~)~set exempt prior ~losure  Income during repo~iag period ~IOUlI[ T)3)e (eg., Code div.. renk (A-H) urine)  Gross alue end rcpo~ing pe~od Value Value Code Method (J-P) Code (O-g3   Type buy. ~11. redemption)  T~nsactio~ during ~epo~ing period dd~ Dale Valu~ Gain ,~. Code Code (J-P) (A-H) ......  Identibof buyer/seller 0fPrivate ir~sact*on)  
35. Lincoln NationaICo~.  
36. Principal Financial Group  
37. Adtran, Inc.  
38. Calamus Strategic Fund  
39. Calamus Money Manager Account  
40. Sprint NexTelCorp.  
41. Schwab Charles Copr New  Sold  04/17/09  
42. Syntrolemn Corp.  
43. Cardiac Science Corp.  
44. Alpine To~al Dynamic  
45.  --Calamos Global Dynamic a-6. Calamus lntematloual (?olonial BancGroup Inc.  Sold  10"15/09  
48. IShares MSC1 Canada Index  Buy  135,21/09  
49.  Education IRA No.  
50. 51. CitiBank Bank Deposit (formerly Money Fundo) Coca Cola Bottling Co.  Interest Dividend .... Person Reporling Report
[Page Smith. Jr., Charles 05.13/20 
VII. INV-ESTMENTS and TRUSTS .......i,~,,~s antuaes those spo .....a depend~nt child 34-60 of/fling instructlons~) --] NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions3 
.... ....................... -............ 

Descriptmn Assek~ Income during Gross value end Transactions during re~ning ~fiod 
(including ~st ~sec~) repoaing pe6od re~ing period .....
~,~ ,,~ {:~ {,~ ......... ~.~---]-~ ....

Place "{X)" afler each ~se~ ~Amount T}~e(eg, Value Value T,vele.g., Date Value Gain Idemit~of c~empt ~om prior disclosure Code dw.. renk Code Method bu~. sell, Code Code buyerlsel[cr
~A-rr~ orint~ (S-P) Code3 red~pton) lifpnv~tc
(J-P) ]tA-II
(Q-W) transactionl 
52. Adtran, Inc. Dividend 

53. Oversu~ck.Com, Inc. None 

Education IRA No. 

55. Legg Mason Parmers (formerly Dividend 
Aggressive Growth Funds) 

56. CitiBank Bank Deposit {formerly Interest 
Money Funds) 

57. Adtran, htc. Dividend 

58. Overstock.Com. Inc. None 

Education IRA No. 

60. Legg Mason Partners Iformerly Dividend Aggressive Gro,.~th Ftmds) 

61. CitiBank Bank Deposit (lbm-~erly Interest Money Funds) 

62. Adtran, Inc. Dividend 

63. Overstock.Corn. Inc. None 

Education IRA No. 

65. i.egg Mason Partners itormeHy Dividend Aggressive G~owth Fundsl 

66. CitiBa~ Bank Deposit [formerly Interest Money Funds) 

67. Adtran, Inc. Dividend 

68. Overstock.Corn, Inc. 	None ....f .... a, 	Oa,e Repo~


VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS inco~e, ~.~e, .....~.s (Includes those .... dependent children; ste pp. 34~0 ~ling ~s~n) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description As~ts Income dmng Gross value end Transactmns duong re~ing ~riod (including I~t ~sets) r~o~ing period tepoaing period