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Judicial Watch • Chester J. Straub – 2010

Chester J. Straub – 2010

Chester J. Straub – 2010

Page 1: Chester J. Straub – 2010

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:September 14, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:December 24, 2014

Tags:straub, Chester J Straub, Gross, 2010, assets, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, Codes, disclosure, reporting, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Guvernmenl Act 1978 
FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2010 U.S.C app.  101-111} Person !Uportlnr: (lasl name, Drst, middle lnlllalJ STRAUB, CHESTER Court Orpnlzallou U.S. COURT APPEALS, 2ND CIR Date olllq>ort 05/06/2011 Tiile (Article WjudgtS Indicate acttn senior statm; magistrate judges indicalC full-or part-time) ORCUlT JUDGE-SENIOR STATIJS Report Type (check appropriate l)pe) Nomination, Dale Initial [{] AnnwJ Sb. Amcudcd Report Fmal !Uport1111 Period 011!2010 12/31!2010 Chunhn oma Addras UNITED STATES COURTIIOUSE 500 PEARL STREEr NEW YORK, 10007 the basis lhe lnformallon contained this Report aud any modiftc:atioas ptrlalaln1 tbcrcto, ls, opWon, 111 compliance with applicable laws and ngalallons. Rnlewlng Omar Date 
IMPORTANTNOTES: Tlit instructions accompanying this form must folWwed.. Compleu parts, chtding tht NONE bo:r for each pat1 where you have reportable information. Sign last gt. POSffiO NS. (Reportin1 ilulivi4ual on/]; see pp. 9-13 filing instructions.) 
[{] 	NONE (No reportable positions.) POSITION 
II. AGREEMENTS. (Rporting individual only; ... pp.14-16 filing i1Ulnutions.) 
[{] NONE (No reportable agreements.) 
Straub Chester NON-INVESTMENT INCOME. {Rtporlr Only) V:::-Othcr W=.malcd TMarke1 
Name Prnon Reporting 
Dile Report 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incom, ,a,,,,, transadions anc1ru1n 11uis. ofrpollSI and dqtttu11n1 cllildrn; pp. 34-60 fl/btr instrucliotUJ NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during Gross value end Transactions during reportiag period 
(including trust lSSCIS) reporting period repotaie Only) =As.5C5Smcat -cash Mart.Cl 
(See Column C2) Book Value =Olbcr W=im11c.d 
Name Penon Reporting 
Date Report 
VD. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -in tom, llhi,,, lrrUISamons an,,,.,,.,,._ rpouu 111111 dtptn4nt c1t1Ur1n: m,,. Juo Jiiini UistrattiauJ NONE (No reponable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assc!S Income during Gross value eod TramactiODS during reporting period 
fmcluding trust assets) Rporting period rporting period 
(2) (1) (2) (I) (2) (3) (4) (S) 
Place (X) after each asset Amount 
ocmp1 from prior disclosure Cocle 
Value Value Type(t.g Date Value Gaia Identity 
(AH) mlllL) (J-P) Code3 redemption) div rent. Code2 Method buy, sell, mm/dd/yy Codc2 Codel buyer/seller 
{J-P) {AH) (if privau: tnmacticn) 
(0-W) t.come Codcso SJ,OOOor le5 BU.OOlS $2.301 -S!!,000 =SS,001-Sl5,000 -S15.00I  $$0.000 (See Columns and 04) =S50,00I -SI00,000 SI00,001  Sl,000,000 -Sl,t00,001 -SS,000,tOO 112 More lhaA S!l,000.000 Valw: Codes -Sl.tOO le,. -su.001 =SS0,001  SI00,000 -SI00,001  $250,000 
(Sc: Colwna and 03) $250.00  SS00,000 SS00,001  Sl,000,000 Sl,000,001-SS,000,000 -SS,000,001 -$25,000,000 S25,000,0C>I  SS0,000,000 Mono lbu S!I0,000,000 Valot: Me1bod Codes Q=Appru..1 -Cost (Real Estate Only) -.Asses.sra.cnl T..c..i. Mutet (Su Column C2) Boot VaJuc V=J aod D4) F=SS0,001 -SI00,000 SI00,001 -Sl,000,000 Sl,000,001 -SS,000,000 sMorc lllan S5,000,000 Value Codco J-SIS,OOOorleu =SIS,001 -SS0,000 L.SS0,001-SJOO,OOO ..SI00,001 S250.000 
(Sec ColuJllm IDd 03) =S2S0,001-SS00,000 SS00,001-$1,000,000 =Sl.000.001  $5,000,000 -SS,000,001-S:!S,000.000 -s:is.000.001 More 11w1 sso.000.000 Vahle Method Codes (Sec C:.,!WIUI C2) -Appraisal =Boot Value ..C0.1 (Ral Only) ..Q!bcr a.Asses.unc:nl s-Estimalcd T.C.:Jo:Martet 
Namrof PtrSOD !Upor11ag 
Dalt Report 
VII. INVESTlIENTS and TRUSTS, wi1u1, lnJJuDttions 1< Only) Assessmenl zCasll Mutr.d 
(See Colomli Cl) =Boot Value .Qlbcr W:11:Es.l:im11cd 
VJI. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -incOlrll, ..w.., ITallmctions (lW4n tliou O/sfOIU tlpvu/111 c1Wtln11; pp. :U-60 fi1irt1 lnstmcdollsJ NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during Gross value I end Trllll5actioos during reporting period 
(mcluding lnlSI assets) reporting period n:porting period 
(1) (2) 
(I) (2) (I) (2) (3) 
Place (X) afta each asset Amount 
Value Value Type(e.g, Date Vaine Gain ldentiry 
exempt from prior disclosme Code 
div, n:nt, 
Code2 Method buy, sell, mm/dd/yy Code2 Code buyer/seller 
(A-ll) inL) 
(1-P) Code3 redemption) (/-P) (A-fl) (if private looomc Goia Code>: -Sl,000 Jcos B..Sl,001-$2,.500 =Sl,.501 -S5,000 =S,,001  SIS,000 S1,001  150,000 
(See ColwDDs and 04) .SS0,001  SI00,000 SIOO,OOl -Sl,000,000 -Sl,000,001 -SS.000.000 Moro lbu $5,000,000 Value Codes J-SIS,000 less K-SlS,001 SS0,000 -sso.001  s100,000 -SI00,001 -S20,000 
(Set Columm and 03) SlS0.001 $500,000 =SS00,001-Sl,000,000 .S.S,000,001 -S2S.OOO.OOO -SlS,000.001 -150,000,000 =More lhan SS0.000,000 Value Mclhod Coda (S Colwnn C2) Appraisal Ulloot Value -Cost (Real EUol< Only) s.Olber 11:AMc:ssmca1 =E.stimattd -C.lh Marie4) $50,001  $100,CXXl .Sl00,001  Sl,000,000 Sl,CXXl,001  $5,CXXl,CXXl H2Morelhan15,000,000 Value Codes =SU,000 less .,,001  $50,CXXl =SS0,001-Sl00,000 .$100.001  S250,000 
(Sec ColWllDI aad 03) $250.001  $500,000 OSS00,00151,CXXl,000 =$1,000,001  $5,000,000 SS,000,001  SZS,000,000 =Slj,000,001  S..0, 
000.000 More lhu S.000.000 Value Method Codn Kc:o.i (Re.ti E.111e Only) =Aslnsmcat T-C.>llMMkct Appraisal 
(Sec Co!QQUI C2) Book VaJuc v-omcr W=.E.siim.ifcd 
Name Penoa Reportlag 
Dale Report 
vn. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -btconu, o/u1, trruututioM (lnchulu IN>JI spotUI 4qnndtlll chiLlrtn; pp. 34-60 olfWnt btslnudoltsJ NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets Income during GlOS$ value end Transactions during reporting period 
(including lrusl assets) reporting period reporting period 
(I) (2) (1) (2) (I) (2) (3) (4) (5) 
Place (X) ar each asoct exempt from prior disclosure Amount Code Type (e.g., div., ren Value Code2 Value Method Type (e.g., bay, sell, Dale mm/dd/yy Value Code2 Gala Code! Identity buyer/seller 
(A-Ii) ial.) (lP) Code3 dcmptioJI) (J-P) (AH) (ifprivate 
(0-W) lrulSaClioo) 
119. Buy 07/31110 
120. Buy 08/31/IO 
121. Buy 09/30/10 
(add1) !Doomo Gin Coda: =.$1,000 less n-s1.001  s2,500 =SZ.SOI -SS,000 SS,001 -Sl5,000 -Sl5.00I  150,000 
(See Columas ind 04) =S50,00J -$100.000 -SI00,001  $1,000.000 Sl,000.001  S!!,000,000 Ill =Men tbl!I SS,000.000 V1luc Codes =Sl5,000 less =S15,001  $50,000 =SS0.001  SHXl,000 -Sl00,001  SZS0.000 
(S.. Columns and DJ) =S2.SO,OOI  S500,000 -S!I00,001  $1,000,000 =Sl,IXXJ,OOJ -S!!,000,000 =S!!,000,001  $25,000,000 =Sl.5,000,001  150,000.000 P Mon: rban SS0,000,000 Value MOlbod Qxles Q=Appuisal cCosl (Ra! Est>IC Only) SAsl.CUmcn.1 .c..sJt Mukct 
(See Colwna C2) Book V1luc .otblcd 
VIL INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -inom.,  tnnsactioM (1nc11u1n ,,_,of spouseont1 dponJar1chi/Jr;mpp.34-60 Illini ilutnlctimu.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets IDOOme during Gross value end Tnnsactions during reporting period (including ttust assets) reporting period reporting period 
(I) (2) (2) (I) (2) (3) (4) (S) 
Place (X) aftct each asset Amoun1 Type (e.g., 
Value 	Value Type (e.g., Dote Value Gaia ldcalily 
cxcmpl from prior disclosure Code div., rent, 
Codc2 	Method buy, sell, mm/dd/yy Code2 Code! buyer/seller 
(A-ll) int) 
(JP) 	Codc3 redrnlptioa) (J-P) (A-ll) (if private (Q-W) trumctioa) Income Gatn c.odcs: =Sl.000 k., sSl.OOt  S2,!!00 =$2.501  $5.000 -SS.001  SIS.000 -SIS.001  SS0.000 
(Sc< Columns aod 04) =S50.00I  SI00.000 =3100,001. s1. =Sl.000.001  $5,000,000 =Mon: lhu $5,000,000 Value Oxlr:> l=SH.000 k:n K=SIS.001  $50.000 sso.001  SI00.000 =$100.001  S2A!DI 
(Sec Columns and 03) -S250,00I  S.500.000 =lS00,001  Sl,000,000 =ll,000,001  $5,000.000 -ss.000.001  s2.5,ooo,ooo =S25.000.00I. $50,000,000 More lhaa SS0.000,000 Value Method Codes (Seo O>hun C2) Q-Appnisal =Book Value .eo.1 (Real El.ti Only) -Otet S-A.ueumnn W=Estim3!ed T..C.!o11Mute1 
Namt Ptnoa Rrportiag Dale Report 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -u. value, rnuuaaions s1 oflpoas an4 IHn1 c/Wdn; .,, PP J4-4o offllini iastnldlotu.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
Description Assets [DCOme during Gross value end Ttansacllons during reporting period 
(including llUSI assets) reporting period reporting period 
(1) (I) (2) (1) (2) (3) (5) 
Place (X) after each asser AmOW!I Type(e.g 
Value Value Type(c.g., Date Value Gain 
cxcmpc from prior disclosure Code 
div rent, 
Codc2 	Melbod buy,sell, mm/ddlyy Code2 Code buyer/Jellu 
(A-Ji) inL) 
(J.P) 	Code3 redemption) (JP) {Ali) (if prinle (Q-W) tnnYClioa) 
153. MILWAUKEE WIS PROM NIS 4.1% Interest Buy 02/05/10 Jna>me Gain Codes: -S!.000 less BSl,001-$2,500 =S2.501  S!!.000 .s.5.00t  Sl-.000 -su.001 
(Sec 04) -SS0.001  00,000 SI00.001  Sl.000,000 Sl,000,001-S5.000.000 Mote tlun 15.000.000 Value Codes -SU,000 less S 15.001  SS0,000 =S50.00I  SI00.000 3100.001  $250.000 
(Sec Colwnns and 03) -slS0.001  $500.000 S500.001  Sl,000.000 ..Sl.000,001  $5.000.000 -S5,000.00t -$25,000,000 =S25.000.00I  SS0.000,CXXl P 0Mo 1lwl SS0.000.CXXl Value Mc1bod Codes OAJ>P(ai..J COOi (RcI EJ.aic Ooly) A>se>snlcal Martel 
(Scc Column C2) U=Boot V.U.. VOlbcr W-=limatcJ 
Name Penoa Repor11ag 
Date Report 
VII. INVNTS and TRUSTS -inconu, talut, lrtUISIU:tiDIU (lncludn tllott o/spotat tltprMtnl chi/Jr111; Sit pp. 34-60 o/Jilbt1 lnstnl