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Judicial Watch • Claire V Eagan Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Claire V Eagan Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Claire V Eagan Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Page 1: Claire V Eagan Financial Disclosure Report for 2006

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:8

Date Created:September 14, 2007

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Eagan, Claire, Russell, Oklahoma, Schwab, funds, trust, 2006, INVESTMENTS, TRUSTS, dividend, disclosure, reporting, report, financial, income

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3/gm Gavemmervmcx 0/1978 FOR CALENDAR YEAR 2006 I/_s_c, app, 101.1) Pusan Rcporiing nnne, Iniddl: inillll) Cnurl Orgnnlzltinl V/3}, um. ouupnn
Eagan, Claire USDC/N. Dlsl. Oklahoma 03/1yzuu7
4.11u.(,mm. judgu indium nnlar nuns; 5.. Rtport Type (ma; Ippropriarz type) Rcpordng Periud
mlgislralejudgmind mt-11- orpamim)
Nommzlion, mu. 01/01/zoos
U.S. Disrncl Judge Active M5,. ,,,,,,,,, hm, 12/31/2006
51.. Amended Ilcpoxt Chllllblli Oflicc Addrasl Illa huh lle inlnrlnl bomained this Rqmrt and any
mnirmumu pemlning thereto: 5;, opininn. zumplimce
Umwd Gunman with lpplltlble Ind ngulannns.
333 SLrceL Roam 41;
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103 Rmminn
IMPORTANT NOTES: The inslruclitms accumpanying farm rnuxl be/bllawtrl Complelt all parts,
clltcklng NONE buxfur eat/lparf when yau have reyurmblz infarnmtivn. Sign 1.2:: page. OSITIONS. (Repaying individual only; supp. 9713 a/blxtrunllaru.)
[: NONE (No reparlzlblcpasilions.)
2!Q NAME ANIZA /ENTITY Tmslea Tmsl [See Pan VII and Note Pan VIII] Tmslee Trust [See Pan VII and Nola Part VIII] Director Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (non-pro medical rucarch
orgnnin on) Trustee Saint Francis ofAssisi Tuition Assistance Trus! (non-pm educational assistance
II. GREEMENTS. fktpurling individual only; mpp. 14.16 o]imlrucIiunL)
NONE (Nu repnrlable agreements.)
:11 5%? Report
III. NONJNVESTMENT INCOME. (Reporting lIndIvIduuland.pau.Ie;.Izz pp. I7-Ila/Dunucriwun) Filcrs Nonvlnvcstmcm Income
NONE (ND repurlab/C nun-inVeS!mL incume.)
(yours. not spouse ouse Non-Investment Income I/yum married during nnypa iarl n/mz Mporfingyzur, cumpldz this station.
(Dollar amount not required rzrcqzlfuv fmrmrnrfa.) NONE reportable nmmmzmem income.)
DATE AND S_{EE 2006 Advanced Medical Instruments, Inc. Employment
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS Iv-uruporlnllon, Iadglngfaad, znrzrminme/
(Inclmiu (hare Jpoxun and dqmuicnl chvldren. Sonny. 25.27 uf1rum4c17vnJ.)
NONE (No reportable reimbursements.)
SOURCE DESCR ION GIFTS. llncludex than spam: and tepemltnl rhildrtn. Se: pp. 21-31 a/lII:lIm:. iaru.)
NONE (N0 reportable gifts.)
VI. LIABILITIES. (lnrludts than nfxpnunAmtd (nd:n!chil1Izn. 5.: pp. :2-33 ofirnxlrucliams.) NONE (No repurluble liabilities.)
QREDI DESCRIPTION YALUE QODE Washinglon Mutual (Previously um. Mortgage man Pmpcrty (Se: vn)
Hcmcside Lending, Inc
111.... n(Puwn Reporting
Engnn, Claire
D11: Rzpon
03/] 712007
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS ir1Lom value, /raruaalaru llncludzr 0/the r,-am and 11419114111 nhildlzn. Selpp. 3141) 1:11:11 inslruclbru.) NONE (Nu reportable incumc, assets, lranmctions.)
(Sec Cmumni inn V1111: Melhad cm.
(Se: Column C2) IPPIi5a
nok vnur -:2s,nna,m1 xs4v,nnn,1m =:snnM1- $1,000,000 4:111 (Raul E5111; Only) -1111 ... s5I,o00,M -Mm: 1nunss11,mx1,nnn -Asttsxmzm =Ei(1mI:d :s.n a.uod
Dcscrirnion ufAss:1s Incumz during Gross nine :11 cud Tnnsactiuns during reponing period Inns! assets) xrpo ing period rzponing period
(1) (2) (2) (I) (Z) (3) (4) (5)
Place =ac) asset Amount Type Vain: Value Type (cg. nu; Value Gain ldcnlily
axampi from prior disclusurc C04 div.,xc-10. Code Mehhnd buy, 5.11 Munn. Code Code, buyer/scllc-r
(MD in) (1.11) Cnde redempliml) Day (1-1*) (A411) (ifprivdm
(om Innsantinn) Invcslar Fund Bank a{Oklahnma, N.A. Inleresl Propcrty 1:1 Tu1s.., None Property 1:2 Highland Beach, None prdpeny 113 Stoddard. (Sold 11-1 2005 None
So: VIII) Exxon Corp. cunirrion Dividend Trust (See Note VIII) None Trust 112 (Sc: Not: VIII) None Schwab (#1)(#9-17, 1127, and #32-35
below) (See VIII) Russell Diversi Equily Fund Dividend
1o. Russcll Quantitative Equity Fund Dividcnd
11. Russell Special Growth Fund Dividend
12. Russell Emerging Markels Fund Diwdcnd
1:. Russcll lnlemalionn! Sccurilics Fund Dividcnd
14. Schwab Moncy Markct Fund Dividend
15. Fuslhand Technology Fund None
15. emu Vance Trad. Worldwide Dividend
17. Rydcx Sphinx Fund (Sold zoos See None Litigation 3/31 1......... 0.1.. ems; 1,101 42,500 1ms,..o1 .11s,ooo -315,001 ~!SAl.m
(sir Culumm 111 and oo,na -11,000,001 112 or: 11.... s:,ooa,1m v.1n. mu. 4Is,Lx11-150,000 1H1oo.1o1 ai5,Ixxl,0o1,om =Ca5h rm...
VII. INVESTMENTS TRUSTS irluzmt, vnluz, imimiim (Include: u/Ih: spans: imddependcnl childrzn. Scepp. 347517 17/ ling An.TIrucnan.r.l NONE (No repurlub/e income, usxets, transactions.)
lkscripiion ofl.XS.DXLO s2s,ma,oim Vllut Memnd cinu =c. (kn! Esme only) emu 
(Sn: Column -./p}1lIi Omar s--cv-A =Eook VIII! siimuied
Nun: mum. mpmzng
Engan, Claire napan
03/1 UZ007
VII. INVESTMENTS TRUSTS inmmz, value, nmmlm (Include: those a/the Jpalut anl lepzmiou children. supp 34441 o/[Hing hunudlaul NONE (Na reportable income, assets, tranmctimu.)
(See Columns and v...= Mulmd Cndc:
(See Calumn cz) 150,nnI uomuo =52: ssu,noo,ooa =Appmx: =ELmk Vain: (am am: Only) -Dam Male (hm,aoo ALsuxmzn
Dzscriphon ofAss=tx Incomc during Gmss wine cud Tmnsackions during rvponing period
(Including asses) Ivporling period xvporling perin (1) (I) (2) () (1) (3) (4) (5)
Plat: -00- aller much use! Amount Type (ag. van Valuc Type (c.g. Daln V:lu= Gain Idzntity
exzmpl from prim disclosure Oode div., mu. Code Memoa buy, sell. Mmnh Cod: Codc buyzr/scllcr
(MD IM) (H?) Code redemption) Day (H7) (M-I) (ifprivalc
(ow; Innsac on)
34. (cam! #33) (Sue vm) Buy 3/13
35. (Couvd #33) (Sen vm) Buy 5/15 ln:nm:G1in ssmoo IVY Ins: =n,xxn -xs.nun e=sns.nm 450,000
(59: Column: and no) :5su.m smaoo =xnn.oo xx.:>oo,n00 .ss,am,-mu v.x... Cuazs Iux =xI5.nm Sam L=Ssa.00x .smn,ooo s15n.aoa
o=x5na.ooI -n,4> 1>=u.oo0,
mte neoort
VIII. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION EXPLANATIONS. (lndicttmparl t7/Report.) Properly stoddtrd, owl-luship distribution zone. 2005, the propcny was sold. Trust The Trust the named bene ciary ofa life insumnce policy issued Nonhwestem Mutual Life the life individual who still living.
There are other Trust assets. Trust The Trust was created 2000 receive, hold and distribute cenain assets. assets were disrribuled 2005. Charles Scltwub IRA (#1) lnvcslzrlents were t-nntic and managed through Scltwab, Net income was distributtd pat1icipat:Ls invested the Funds. 
there were any distributions from the Funds schwoh, schwah reinvested them the Funds. Rydcx Sphinx Fund December 30, 2005, the investment was sold via public trade. Proceeds reported Lhc calendar year zoos Financial
Disclosure Report were received, but addit-zonat proceedings were pending subject litigation. All the basis was recognized zoos. calendar year mots, the
additional proceeds were received the amount reported, and all shown gain. schwah one Investment Aeeount (#2) investments were made and managed through Schwab. income was distributed participants invested the
Funds. there were any distributions from the Funds Schwah, schwah reinvested them the Funds.
#19 Abgenix lne. April 2006, the investment was sold via public trade. The rcpancd gain was cctnvcrlcd easli and reinvested other Funds. schwuh one IRA (#3) Investments were made and managed through Sehwah. income was distributed participants invested the Funds. there
were any distributions from the Funds sehwah, schwah reinvested them the Funds. 2E~3l sehwah Value Advantage The sales were liquidation ormuney market funds, eash transactions. Thus, there was gain loss sale.
IX. CERTIFICATION. certify all lnformnlion given above (including information pmuining spams: and minar dependent children, in-iy)
accurate, Irue, and complete the best knawlcdge and belief, than any infarmation not reparled was withheld because Incl xpplicxble slalulory
pravisions permitting nnn disclnsIIr:.
llunher certify that earned incnme from uulside employment hnnorarin and ncuptnnce otgim which hxve been rcponed
cnmpiiance with the provisions n15 u.s,c. zpp. 2:. 52:1,. u.s.c. 7353, Ind Jiuiicinl Conference regnlnlions.
Mail signed original and additional copies to:
Committee Financial Disclosure
Administrative Office ofthc United States Courts
Suite 2-301
One Columbus Circle, NE.
Washington, D.C. 20544