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Judicial Watch • Clinton Foundation Emails pgs. 49-52

Clinton Foundation Emails pgs. 49-52

Clinton Foundation Emails pgs. 49-52

Page 1: Clinton Foundation Emails pgs. 49-52

Category:Obtained Document

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Date Created:April 22, 2015

Date Uploaded to the Library:April 22, 2015

Tags:Clinton Foundation, Hillary Clinton

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UNCLASSIFIED us. Deparment Sa1 ngaD ,gJ s3i.a 1I] %Q$ poc No. C05465242 Date: 03/18/2015
Bntet, Vlolanda ent Date: 08/27/2010 11:48
To: sln, Jams RELEASED pAR1 Received Date: 08/27/1010 11:48
cc: Brooks, Waldo (Chip)
subject: Cllnton Foundation Requ
Jim Here us! hum the Cllnton Foundation
UNCLA _$S!F_VE_D Dgparjrne o_f_$ta_tg Case F-201
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department Sa) gineQ )ul3l n.4;(}1)poc No. C05465249 Date: 03/16/2015
From: Thessln, James Sent Pitt: 03/27/2010 12:24
To: Donovan, Joseph RELEASED PART amine om: as/27/10101227
CC: Botet, Vlolanda
subject: :]c ....... Fyundation Request
Deputy Legal Adviser
Offlce the Legal Adviser
U.S. Department State
Washington, 20S2 ~64Zl
From: Saint, Vlolanda
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 11:49
To: Thssln, James
Cc: Brooks, Waldo (Chip)
Subject: uinron Foundation nequest[
Jim Here from the Clinton Foundation
UNCLASSIFIED US. Department ofS1at_e >_C__aVs>e No. F-2_Q11 3401 Dgc N9. C0_5>465249A_Date: D3/.16/2015
UNCLASSIFIED U.S. Department ng% ul3llg:l.alf gh1Ij ggggglpoc No. CO5465249 Date: 03/16/2015 LASSIFIED U.S. Deartment State Case No. F-2011-03401 Doc No. C05465249 Date: 03/16/2015 No. C05465253 Date: 03/16/2015
Fnun: Baker, Vlolanda sent Data: 08/27/2010 12:21
To: Brooks, Waldo (Clllp) Received Date: 08/27/2010 12:21
Suhjuct: Fw: Clinton Foundation
Spoke Jlm this and plans speak the EAP PDAS and get hls vlews. Cheryl out today and Jlm wlll out nut week.
From: Botet, Vlolanda
Sent: Friday, August 27, 2010 11:49
Tn: Thessin, James
cc: Brooks, Waldo (Chip)
Subject: cnnmn Foundation Rum
Jlm Here fmm the Olntnn Foundallnn mat wlll want review more careful
REVIEW AUTHORITY Frank Tumm ia,Se Revlewe
UNCLASSIFIED u.s. Depariment State case_No. F-2011-034.01 DocN C05465253 pate 3(16/.2915