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Judicial Watch • CO NVRA Report 842011

CO NVRA Report 842011

CO NVRA Report 842011

Page 1: CO NVRA Report 842011


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Date Created:March 31, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Voter registration opportunities for citizens receiving public
assistance Colorado accordance with the National Voter
Registration Act 1993 (NVRA)

Scott Gessler
Colorado Secretary State

1700 Broadway, Suite 200
Denver, Colorado 80290
Phone: 303-894-2200
Issued March 31, 2011

This report outlines procedures impleme ented compliance with Section the National Voter Registration Act (NVRA), which requires that states offer voter registration services agencies providing public assistance.1 Specifically, the NVRA states that agenciess must provide and accept voter registration appllications from anyone who applies for public assistance benefits accommodation services, recertifies renew benefits services, changes address related their benefiits services.2 
Colorados successful partnership betwee the Secretary States Office, covered agenciess, and Project Vote, national voter advocacy group, has result ted improved registration opportunities for vot ters. Because Colorados focus compliance and ongo oing commitment encourage voter registration,, applications generated through public assistance agencies 201 increased 117% from the previous year and have increased more than 1,200% since 2007. the 2007 cale endar year, county clerks reported 3,340 applicati ions for registrations received from agencies covered under the NVRA. 2010, the number applications repo orted was 43,808. Detailed information regarding the numb ber voter registrations obtained from public ass sistance agencies and offices providing services clients with disabilities from 2007 through 2010 illustrated Appendix U.S.C. 1973gg-5(a)(1) and (3) See U.S.C. 1973gg-5(a)(4)(A) and (a)(6)(AA) the first quarter 2008, the Secretary States office conducted independent review available voter registration data. The findings suggested the need for renewed education and compliance effort. The Secretary States office acted promptly identify key stakeholders and specific areas non-compliance, and develop comprehensive plan mitigate the issues identified. drafting the plan, the Secretary State addressed the need for improved communication and coordination with public assistance agencies and the issuance advice local agencies regarding their specific duties under the NVRA. The plan also called for the development training materials and creation tracking system record voter registration statistics with web-based survey program. the fall 2009 the Secretary States officein conjunction with the Colorado Department Human Servicesbegan sending voter registration applications the monthly renewal packets mailed individuals who receive public assistance from DHS agencies. This action ensured that every applicant for renewal services who did not appear person local office received opportunity register vote update his/her voter registration information. addition, this centralized mailing approach removed the burden from local DHS offices that were previously required mail the voter application separately each potential elector who did not apply person for renewal. Approximately 20,000 voter registration applications are mailed each month. This mailing supplements, but does not supplant, the opportunity register vote when potential applicants apply for renew services person. 
Colorados success implementing effective program improve Section compliance has been enhanced the partnership between the Secretary States office, the Department Human Services, the Women Infant and Children (WIC) program, and Colorados publicly-funded colleges and universities. The partnership has resulted stakeholders working together increase awareness and improve compliance with Section the NVRA. 
Tracking agency-based voter registrations was aided redesigned voter registration form containing source code that allows the Secretary State determine which voter registrations originate from covered agencies. Web-based, monthly reporting covered agencies also resulted improved tracking voter registration numbers. 
The Secretary State implemented online voter registration April 2010, accordance with the requirements Colorado House Bill 09-1160. 2010, over 100,000 individuals used the voter registration system register vote change their voter record. The Secretary States office partnered with the Department Human Services and the Office Information Technology begin integration online voter registration with the Department Human Services forthcoming web-based benefit application system, PEAK, which scheduled released the spring 2011. Upon implementation PEAK, applicants will able apply for services and register vote online within the same interface. Statistical information will tracked order monitor the effectiveness online voter registration covered agencies. effort maintain the States compliance with Section the Secretary State began outreach publicly-funded colleges and universities with offices that primarily serve students with disabilities. Following litigation the state New York3, the Secretary State initiated contact with these offices provide training and 
information regarding Section compliance. 2010, the Secretary State sent forms, posters, and other information colleges and universities that were not previously offering voter registration offices serving students with disabilities. 
The Secretary State transitioned the training agency staff members web-based environment. With this new system, training consistent and easily accessible hours day, further ensuring that agency staff aware their responsibilities regarding section compliance. Online training also provides access materials any county the state time that most convenient for the office seeking training. The Secretary State continues provide in-person training agencies and colleges when requested. 2010, the Secretary States office also launched quarterly newsletter, called Registration Connections, provide additional avenue communication agencies and colleges. Editions this newsletter have included information NVRA requirements, election dates, instructions for online form ordering, and other topics relating NVRA compliance. 
Opportunities Register Vote NVRA Agencies 2010 Person, Including CDHS, WIC, Vocational Rehab, and Programs that Serve Students with Disabilities*  Applications Provided for Centrally-Mailed Recertifications  
January  29,264  
February  25,276  
March  24,031  43,000  
April  28,771  
May  23,582  35,000  
June  24,230  38,000  
July  26,867  35,000  
August  31,463  
September  27,468  
October  31,569  45,000  
November  26,885  
December  27,415  45,000  

Total 326,821 241,000 
*Numbers voter registration opportunities with clients seeking services person, reported the covered agency. 
**The Department State provides applications the Colorado Department Human Services included recertification packets mailed centrally the State. Because the exact number packets needed not known until mailing completed, the Secretary State provides applications bulk periodically. Stock remaining hand retained for use subsequent mailings CDHS. such, orders are not placed each month. 
Although tremendous gains have been made Colorados compliance with Section there are continuing challenges facing the Secretary States office, the Department Human Services, WIC, colleges and universities, and other public assistance agencies meeting the needs potential registrants. Revenue shortfalls and budget cuts resulted Governor-mandated hiring freeze and furloughs, limiting the ability local agencies take advantage the resources offered the Secretary State. Colorados local public assistance agencies and colleges are similarly challenged. With increased employee turnover and limited staff and departmental resources, difficult for many agencies not only provide the basic services sought clients, but also meet Section compliance. 
Despite the challenges faced WIC, colleges, and the Department Human Services, the gains that have been achieved past years improving voter registration opportunities have been substantial. The statewide voter registration system, known SCORE, provides well-developed system evaluation and tracking for those voter registration applications transmitted from agencies Colorados county clerk and recorders. SCORE allows the state compare the number applications completed agencies against the number applications received county clerk and recorders identify and mitigate inconsistencies ongoing basis. continued relationship with the Office Information Technology and the Department Human Services expected result the roll-out the new, web-based benefit application service known PEAK. The new online system will direct applicants who wish register vote, thereby allowing applicants apply register update their voter information while applying for benefits. The Secretary States office optimistic that this technology will streamline agency-based voter registration procedures, promote voter convenience, create more accurate data, and reduce the amount time needed for case managers assist potential electors with completing voter registration applications. addition, online voter registration allows applicants select Spanish language their preference complete the application. 
Despite the current and future challenges, the Secretary States office committed enhancement voter registration opportunities for citizens applying for public assistance disability services. U.S. State New York, No. 5:04-CV-00428 (NAM/DEP) (N.D. N.Y. March 2010). 

Notwithstanding the fiscal challenges that Colorado currently facing, significant improvements NVRA-mandated voter registration services have been realized. The Secretary States office committed continuing its positive partnership with the Department Human Services, WIC, local public assistance agencies, colleges, and other stakeholders ongoing effort improve and maintain compliance with the NVRA. 
Christi Heppard-Special Projects Coordinator Christi joined the Office the Secretary State 2005 and serves the Special Projects Coordinator for the Elections Division, task that includes oversight NVRA administration and compliance. Prior joining the Department State, Christi was the Chief Deputy and Elections Administrator for Teller County, Colorado, where she served for years. Christi may contacted via email 
Lisa Doran-NVRA Coordinator Lisa serves the NVRA Coordinator for the Office the Secretary State and responsible for communication with covered agencies, collecting statistical data, and ensuring appropriate materials are prepared and distributed. Lisa joined the Department State 1999, after serving years with the Arapahoe County Clerks Office. Lisa may contacted via email 
Paris Nelson  Legal Specialist Paris joined the Office the Secretary State 2009 after earning her juris doctorate from the University Colorado Law School. Paris serves the legal specialist for the NVRA program providing legal review and analysis NVRA administration policies and materials provided covered agencies. Paris may contacted via email 


Data presented the following table depict information reported County Clerks and Recorders, reflected the statewide voter registration database. While every effort has been made ensure that accurate data presented, some cases data may contain anomalies. Contact the Secretary States office for more information about voter registration data. 
Adams  Jefferson Counties

Voter Registration Received From NVRA-Designated Agencies  
County  2007*  2008*  2009  2010  
Adams  729  283  1,368  2,858  
Alamosa  139  140  
Arapahoe  270  1,797  2,303  6,183  
Boulder  3,575  422  1,401  
Broomfield  385  152  181  
Clear Creek  
Delta  154  287  
Denver  280  7,601  12,785  
Douglas  268  395  
Eagle  199  493 Paso  792  1,844  5,008  
Elbert  327  140  
Fremont  155  539  
Garfield  152  
Grand  102  
Gunnison  112  
Jefferson  1,553  5,345  

*Prior 2009, county clerks did not use centralized voter registration system and self-reported voter registrations statistics. 
Voter Registration Received From NVRA-Designated Agencies  
County  2007*  2008*  2009  2010  
Kit Carson Plata  285  474  
Larimer  527  462  570  860  
Las Animas  114  
Logan  139  155  
Mesa  118  282  749  
Moffat  119  
Montezuma  215  262  
Montrose  144  315  
Morgan  111  134  
Park  104  
Pueblo  101  100  210  1,374  
Rio Blanco  
Rio Grande  111  200  
Saguache  105  
San Juan  
San Miguel  
Summit  246  182  
Teller  102  108  
Weld  405  1,290  
Yuma  390  101  
Statewide Totals Year  3,340  9,480  20,185  43,808  

*Prior 2009, county clerks did not use centralized voter registration system and self-reported voter registrations statistics.