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Judicial Watch • Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:21

Date Created:March 30, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Summit, Colleen McMahon, McMahon, COLLEEN, CAPITAL, Exempt, Morgan, DOJ, Gross, trust, 2003, EPA, TRUSTS, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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AO..llf Gove.'"llment Act 1978
RC', 11.2004 
Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  ltH-111) 	Person Reporting (Last name, First mime, Middle initial) Court Organi7..a1i.on McMahon, Colleen District Comt-Sonthem Dis 	Title (Article Judges indicare active senior status; ReportType {check appropriate type) magisf1ate judges indicme fiJll-or -lime) Nlllllination, Date Dlstrictludge-Aetlve Initial Frnal Date ofReport 
8/312004 Reporting Period Ul/2003 12131/2003 Chambers Offu:e Address the tile irlibnnation conmined iii this RepoJ1 and miy niodifications pertaining thc:reta, is, opinan. campli1111cc 
300 Quar_ropas Stn:et 
wilh ai>Pllcable Jaws end regulations. White Plains, New York 10601 
IMPOR.TANTNOTES: 'Ihe instructiom accompanying tlds mrm n:nm follam::d. Complete all parts,. d.tecking the NONE box for each part where you have nt)tc:pOd:ablc hdbnnatim. S-1g11 last page. POSIDONS. (R.cpotting individual on1y; see pp. 9-13 affiling imtructions) NOl1E (No reportable positions.) 
  Tnssrcc  Tmst#l  Tru.s1Cc  Tnrsll:c /Warden  Tmsttl3  Trustee  Foundation  Trustee  Episcopal DivhUly School  

Il. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting lndividulll only; sec pp. 14-16 of'filing instnu:tions) 
 NONE -CNo mpm:ta:tiJ.c agreements.)
(.() 	l""'"'t 
(."; =--"I 
--: ,;:;;liwio 
....... ,"! 

McMahon, Coneen 
ill.. NON-JNVESTMENT.JNC011E. {Reporting individual and spouse;seepp.17-24 offilinginstructions) Filer's Non-Investment Income 
 NONE -{No reeortabie ,non-investment income.> 
{yows.not spa11$e's) Spouse's NonInvestment mcome-(Ifyou were married dudug any porthm the reporting year. please complelc this section. (dollarmnouut not mquired except 1br honmm:ia) NONE -n exercise 
2003 2003 
IV. REIMBURSEMENTS -tnnspmtatiou. tood. entcrtainmmt 
(lncludc:s 1hasc spomc and dcpcndcnt childrm. Sec pp. of"instmctiom.) li!I NOlTE - 
McMahon, Colleen GIFTS. (Im:ludi:s those sponse and dependent children; See pp. 23-31 instructions.) lia NO:l1E (Nosudtreportablegift.s..) UABn.rrlFS. (Includes those SJ>DllSC JIQd dcpmdmt childf'C!ll. See pp. 32-34 ofinslrudjons,) 01"E (No reportable iabillties.)
Capital Contribution Capital Colllribution 
 MOlpll S1811lcy Venturi: Jn'ft:Stms 
NruneorPersonReportiag 	DateofReport 
McMahon,. Colleen 
8/3/2004. VIL INVFSTliENTS and 1RU STS -income, vnlue, trrulsClllions (mdudes those ofllr. l>pOOSe mid di:pmdi:mt clnldreu. See pp. 34-57 offiling instructfons.) l!ll:ome during Gross vnluc TmllSllllritltlS during1q1oruns period 
Description Ass.cts 	repnrting period reporting period (includiiig tmstusels) 
(2) (1} (2) (l) 
PJnCI "(X)" Ilk each asset emmpt fromprior r:lisolo!lllXC  Am011111 Coc1e (AH)  T:>'i>= (e..g.div. rem. int.)  Value Codc.2 (J-P)  Value Ml:lbnd Cnde3 (Q-W)  Type(buy, sell, merger,redemption)  Date: Month Day  VaJ Ccde2 (J-P)  Gain Codel (A.,ff)  Identity .buyer/seller (ifpiivatetransaction)  
DNONE  (No im:onH:, flllSiltS, 111mSacUDDS)  ThornbergLtd. Term Mimi. Nat.'I  
ComputerAsmc.Int'l Com (IRA)  IDtcl eoip. eom cmAT  -Kohl's Corp. Com (IRA)  Thornberg Value Fund Class Mut Fd. (IRA) Fkst:Icwcl Associalc,L.P.  Morgan Stanl Venturr: luvestor.> mLP (IRA)  
10.  Hewlett Packard Com (IRA)  
11.  Summit Associatl:s!Bosttm: Safi: MM/Mellon  
12.  Summit Assoc.JBoston Sllfe IMclion Trust  
13.  11111:1 Carp Com (Trustt:2)  

Eobl's Corp Com (Trust.#2) 
Ja'B lnvcstmcnts Inc. Com 

SccNOlc 12 
16. Morpn Stanley Venture l!Ms1ors =Sl,000 Jes;;  SLOO"i-,500 t.'.',O()i-il.5,030 St5,0lll!i50,00Ci lUUJtOl-f.1,0rt0.000 =1,rn1ciion-:;:so3,ooc: Mun-ti'ml'i ..c:ln  S'lO-S.:5U00fr =:::su,m:,.::iOD,tlO'.'  srn:::.oc1-:'.!su,1JJ;; ;:;_ s:o.OU!-s,ouulou 
vn. lNVES'.IimN""TS and 1RUSTS -mcmru; value, trmlst:llions fmdnd::sth= lhc spouse am! depcndcntehi!dren. Sec pp. 34-57 offilinginstruelions..) hiromc during Gross value ead Trnnsru:tiansduring reporting period Description Asselll 
gperiod reporting period (udingt=t assets) 
0)(I) (:?) "(X}" after each asset c:telllpt fi:om prior dlscloSUlll 
Value Value Type (e.g. Dato: buy,sdl, 
Amoimt IdmlityofType
div. reut.or 
Code2 MethodCodcl 
buyedseller{A-H) int.) (J-P) Codc3 lllllQlCI', Day (J-P) flfprivatc
(Q-W) ll:lmsm:lion) 
Psychemcdics Corp. Com 
20. Tuombcrg Ltd Term Muni FundNat'l(Tnist #2) 
21. Thornberg Ltd Tenn Munl Fund Nat'l 

EES 19861.P 


C'Jtibank(S avings) 


Skyline Vc:a!i.ue Parlnl::a;.L.P. SceNotci/4 

Jn1brmatianAssoclates..n,L.P. ll. lnfonnation Associates.LP. SceNotc#4 
33. Mo11an Stanley VCDIDl'c JilvcstorsAnnex: L.P. SceNoti:fl.4 
34. McKinley Caplta1 :Realty Partnm,ll.C 3S. Morgan Stanley Venture Invcstoa,L.P. 
36. OllW4!11(1998 300,000} ;j;i.OOS::,5CIC  "'JOD.Olf"!-St,ocm.OOli s::sm;.:s5:J,oao  =5to::r; ..r;w0,o:fc1  = ;aoo: .::::SL'.O:.lJ 1:ooono1"s:.oo:).C'"  r::  ;::, !'z.ool;,Q11 ::.::s,on-::.oor  

Mclviabon. Colleen 
-income,value, 1r.mscati0l!S (mcludcs those the spouse and dependent c:b.ilcln:n. See pp. 34-57 offiling: i::stnictions..) 
VIL 	INVES'I'.MENTS and TRUSTS Income duriag Gross va!llll end Transactions during reporting period
Descrlplian ASSCls reporting period repaning period 
(inch1ding tmstllSSC!s) not exempt trom discfosun: (1) (2) (I) (2) {I) 
(2) (4) Fillo: (X)"after each asllllt exempt Value Value Twe (e.g. Date:
T)1IO 	(e.g. Value Identity 
funnprior disclosorc 	Codcl div. reot. Code2 !Welhod buy, sell. Mnntli Code2 buyi:rlselier
int.) (J..1') CO!ic3 mei:ger. Dey 
(Ml;) (ifpiivatetransaction}
(9-W) ndcmplion) 
@il!fii(mcludes lhosc the sp;iuse mid dependClll' diild=. See pp. 34-51 filini; ins1n1ctio11S.) 
Income during Gross value end Thmsactions during n:portmgperiodDescription Ass$ reponin period repoltingp::riOO 
(inollldillg trust asselli) not exempt dfaelosuro
(2) (1) (l) 
Place "(XJ' after caclt asset m:empt fumt pri