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Judicial Watch • Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Colleen McMahon Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:28

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Colleen McMahon, McMahon, COLLEEN, 2009, INVESTMENTS, EPA, transactions, TRUSTS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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NONE (No reportable positions.) 

11. AGREEMENTS, (R'.l ""'SISOOI  55ll,fl00
(See Column:i anI 04) r--sso,001  s100,ooo G-!I00,001 -$1,000,000 =$1,JMI0.001 -55,000.000 =Morl" 1han SS,Ooo.ono Vnluc Codc-s =St l,000 less "St5,00t -$50,000 =SS0.001. $100.000 =$100,001 -$250,1100 (Sec Column. and 03) $250,0111  $500,000 =S500,00t -St,000,000 =St.000.rn!l -S5,0d0.0fl0 '0$5.000J)l)I -$25,llOO,OOO =$25,tulO,OOI -SS0.000,rnJO =More than S50,000,000 Va!ie Method loJc:> ;Apprni'>lll =('osl (Real l:stalt:' Only) =Assessment Market(See Column C2) =Book Value =Other ""-Eslimatd
Name Persnn Reporting 	Date Reporl 
McMahon, Colleen 	816/2010 
Vil. lNVESTl-fENTS and TRUSTS -mcvme, vatue, transactions (1nc1111i... thou spouse and dependent chitdren; see pp. 34-61) 1ifJilin. NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 	

Description Assets 1-:c!n ---10,::.- .;T 
reporting period reporting period
(including trust assets) - (l) (2) 	!l) 12) --! Place "(X)" after each asset Value Value Type (e.g., exempt from priur !x.cmpr from prior disclosure  buy, sell,  Month  
redemption)  Day  

(3) Value Gain 
Code2 	Code (J-P) (A-H) 
ldcmity buyer/seller (if private 
transaction) :...$ 1,000 l)r less -$1.IHll  Sl,500 "'-'$,501 -S-5.000 $5,001  SJ5,tJ;J  E=Sl5,00I  $50,t}OU  
(See Cohmm anJ 04) =SS0,001 00,0llO  G=SI U0.00 -SI .000,000 =SI.000,001 -S5,00tl,O,00I  S50,000,000 =More than $50,000,0()() =Cot i'RNI Estate Only) =Assessmnt =cah Markt:t  
('See Colum11 C:!) ""BOlk luc  V=Other =-fatimated  

VII. INVEST11ENTS and STS -income, value, transactions (Includes those and depndent children; pp. 34-60 /ilin11 in.>trut'tfons.) NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 

Dote Reporr 
ame Person Reporting 

McMahon, Colleen 
VII. .INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS -income, value, cransacrions (Indudes 1h""' and dependent c1tudren; see PP 14-60 filing ins1ruc1io11s.J NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions) 
Transactions during rcpnrting p(:riod 
Description Assets Income during G.ross v;duc 1:1.t end 
{including trust assets)  reponing period reporting pc:riod (1) (2) ti) (2) 
(I) 12) (3) (4) (5) Place "(X)" nfter each asset iAmount Type (e.g., Value Value 
Type (e.g., Date Value Gain Identity cxmpt from prior disclosure Code div., rent, Code::! Method 
buy, sell, Month-Code2 Code buyer/seller 
redemption) Day (J-P) (A-fl) {ifprivatl!
------  -----(J-P) 
(St:e Columnl> and 04) 
Vah1 Code (See Coumn:-. ("J anJ DJ) 
Vafuc Method Codes (Se Cnlunm C2/ ... 1,000 1>r le.'>s SSO,OOt -St00,000  5,00tl less S250,01)  SS00,000 =S25.000,001 -$50,000,000 "'Appraisal =Uook Value [l-$1,1101 $2,505.001. 515.0tlO =$15.001 S50.0UO  
(SeeCulunms and 04) =$50,001  ,')J00,000 =$100,1101 -Sl,000.000  fll =$1.000.001 -$5.000.(J(XJ =Nfore than S5,000,000 Value Codes -J.15,tlOO 15.IXJI  $50,000 sso.001. s100,ooo =SllJO,OOi  $250,000  
{See Columns anc..1 CHJ $2111,001 -$51Xl.OIJO =$500,001 -SI ,On0,01)(1 =s1,ooo.001. ss.000.000 =>5.iJOO.tll  S15.000.000  
f:l =S2!i.OOfl,flOI  $50,0(10,000 =More than $50.000,000 V:llue Me1hod Cmles  (}=Appraisal =Cost (Real Estate Only) =Assl!ssme.n!  T'"-f'a.,.hMarke1  
tSt:e Column C2; .-B0tJk Value  V=Oth NONE (No reportable income, assets, transactions.) 
(2) Place "(X)" after each asset Amount Type (e.g., Code 
exempt from prior disclosure div., rent, (A-H) int.) 
Gross value end 

reporting pcritJd 
(I)  (2)  
Value  Value  
Codc2  Method  
(J-P)  Code3  
Transactions during reporting period 

Type (e.g., Date 
buy, sell, Month-redemption) Day 
(3)  (4)  
Value  Gain  Identity  
Code2  Code  buyl.'r/scllcr  
(J-P)  (A-H)  (if private  
transaction) Jr.come Gnm (o,,ie: ""S 1,000 lell'i SJ.001  S2.5UO =12,SO -55.UUIJ =$5,001  $15.UOO  E,,,.$i5.00l -SSO.mJO  
(Se Columns 1uid 04) $50.ClUI  SI00,4XM>  OaS!OO,Ofll Sl,000,000  111 =Sl,000,001  S5,l>00,000 .:.:Mor than SS,000,000 Value Codes =SI S,000 tir lei:..-; =SIS,001 -S5U,000 SS0,001 -SI 00.000 :$!00,00! -$250.000  
{Sec Column and OJ) =SlS0,00  $Sllll.000 =5500,00  1.000,0(JO =Sl,000,(101 -SS,000,000  P::? =55,000,00J  $25,000,000 wS25.000,00I  Sl0.000,UUO =>More th11n S50,000,000 Value Mclhod Cm.les "'Appmisal =Co!'t (Real E:..wte Only) "'Asssrnent :::('ash M