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Judicial Watch • Complete Dayton Production 612011

Complete Dayton Production 612011

Complete Dayton Production 612011

Page 1: Complete Dayton Production 612011


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Date Created:May 4, 2011

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Musto, John 
From:  Musto, John  
Sent:  Friday, October 30, 2009 3:39  
To:  'Thawley, Barbara (CRT)'  
Subject:  City Dayton  
Attachments:  DOC001.PDF  

Barbara, Here the information from Civil Service vendors for the testing. Please give call when you get chance. 
John Musto Assistant City Attorney 
-----Original Message----From: [mai to:do_not_reply@cityofdaytonorg] Sent: Friday, October 30, 2009 4:35 To: Musto, John Subject: Scan from Xerox WorkCentre 
Please open the attached document. was scanned and sent you using Xerox WorkCentre. 
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Giselle Johnson 
Talbert Grooms 
Lela Estes 
Betty Toney 

City Dayton, Ohio 
Civil Service Board 
October 30. 2009 
TO: 	John Musto Law Department 

FROM: 	Giselle Secretary and Chief Civil Service Board 
SUBJECT: Dayton, Case No. C-3-08-CV-348 you may recall, during our recent meeting with attorneys for the Department Justice, indicated that would provide copy the information reviewed part the vendor selection process. Attached please find copy the presentation from Fire and Police Selection, Inc. ("FPSI"), the vendor selected the Civil Service Board provide testing services for the upcoming Police Recruit and Firefighter Recruit examinations. You will also find list the standard questions asked each presenting vendor. are presently working with this vendor finalize contract for services. Once the draft contract has been received, will forward the Law Department for review. the meanwhile, please provide the attached documents along with this memo the Department Justice. 
cc: John Danish (w/o att.) 
371 West Second Sneet Dayton. 45402 (9371 333-2300 Fax 1937) 333-2 www rnyofdayton_orglcMi service 

FPSI 2009 Partial Fire Police Client List 
Anchorage Fire Dept  All Products  Independence Township  CFT  
Soldotna Central EMS  CFTISIPIPAT  Rochester Hills. City  CEBIPSTISIP  
Hoover. City  TPM  Oakland Township Fire Dept  CFT  
Chandler. City  CEBJPST  West Bloomfield Police Dept  TPM  
Mesa Fire Dept  TPM/PST Cloud Fire Dept  Custom Promo  
Pinewood Fire District  CEB  Moorehead. City  FPAPiCFT  
Tempe. City  CEBJPST  Berkeley. City  All Products  
Flagstaff, City  CEBJPST  Westfield Fire Dept  CFT/SIP  
Anaheim Fire Police Depts  All Products  North Plainfield Fire Dept  CEB/PST  
Glendale Fire Dept  TPMIPST  Henderson. City  Custom CEB  
Burbank Fire Dept  TPMIPST  North Lake Tahoe Fire Prot  TPMIPAT/SIP  
Fresno Fire Dept  PATITPM/WSI  Las Vegas, North Las Vegas  TPM/PST  
Hollister Fire Dept  All Products  Westlake, City  TPM  
Menlo Park Fire Dist  TPMIPST/WSI  Brunswick. City  CFT/WSI  
Orange County Fire Authority  CEBIPST  Ashland, City  All products  
San Leandro, City -Pollce Dept  SIP  Fairborn, City  ;OH  CEB  
Santa Monica, City  PATITPM/CEB  Canton, City -Fire Pollce  TPM  
Tracy, City  CEBJPST  Springfield. City  ;oH  TPM  
Sacramento Metro Fire Dist  FENG/TPM  Forest Park, City  CEB  
Berthoud  All Products  Lake Oswego Fire Dept  .Off  CFT  
Black Hawk Police Dept  TPM  Jackson Fire Dist  .OR  TPM  
Cripple Creek EMS  TPM/PST  Tualatin Valley FR  :OR  TPM  
Denver Police Dept  SJ/WAT  Erie Fire Police Depts  PA'.  'TPM  
Union Colony Authority  TPM  Williamsport, City TPM  
Poudre Fire Authority  TPM  Mount Pleasant Fire Dept  PAT  
Stamford, City  TPM  Cleveland, City  TPM/PST  
Milford Fire Dept  CEB/PST  Bradley County Fire  TPM/PST  
West Manatee Fire Dept CFT  Chattanooga, City  TPM  
Gainesville, City  'TPM  Orange Fire Dept  FPAP  
Palm Bay, City  CFT  Killeen, City  Promo  
Davenport Fire Police Depts  SIP  Weatherford Fire Dept  CBIPSTNVSI  
Cedar Falls, City  TPM/PST  Texarkana, City  TPM  
Kootenai County Fire  CFT/ FPAP  Corpus Christi, City  CEB  
Quincy, City  TPM  Lubbock, City  CFT  
Quincy Commission  TPM  Logan, City of, Police Dept  TPM/SIP  
Mundelein Fire Dept  TPM  Salt Lake City  CEBIWSI  
Rolling Meadows Fire  CEB/PST  Ogden, City  CFT/WSI  
Lincolnshire Riverwoods Fire  CFT/Prorno  Hopewell, City  TPM  
Bloomington Fire Dept  TPM  Petersburg Fire Dept  TPM  
Fort Wayne Fire Police Depts  TPM/WAT  Virginia Beach Fire Dept  TPMIWSI  
Greenwood Fire Dept  All Products  Richmond, City  CEBIWSI  
Goshen Fire Dept  TPM  Tacoma, City  TPM  
Bloomington Fire Dept  TPM  Spokane Co. Dist  CFT/TPM  
Frankfort Fire Dept  TPM  Mason County FPO  TPM  
Hyannis Fire Dept  CFT  City Beloit -Police Dept  TPMIWAT  
Barnstable County  TPM  Kenosha Fire Dept  TPM/FPAP  
Nantucket! Fire Dept  TPM  Wheeling Fire Dept  TPM  
Police Dept  SIP  Fire  TPM  
CFT Certified Firefight< Test PAP Fire Promotlonat Asseument Pl