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Judicial Watch • Cormac J. Carney – 2003

Cormac J. Carney – 2003

Cormac J. Carney – 2003

Page 1: Cormac J. Carney – 2003

Category:Federal Judges

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Date Created:February 3, 2005

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Tags:Camey, Cormac J Carney, Assessment, funds, account, Growth, Estate, Gross, 2003, assets, Codes, dividend, disclosure, report, Federal Judge, financial, income, Judge

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Govemment Act 1978 Calendar Year 2003 U.S.C. app.  101-111) Person Reporting (Last name, First 1name, Middle initial) Court Organization DateofR 
Carney, Connac District Court -Central 
412312004 Title (Artfole Judges indic;rte active ciueniorstatus; ReportType (check appropiatetype) Reporting Period magistratc:1 judges indicate full-orparl:-time) Nomination, Date 11112003 
U.S. DistriJudge-Active Initial @Annual Final 1213112003 Chambc:m Office Address the basis the information contained this Report 
and any modifications Pertlt.ining thento, is, opinion, compliance 
Ronald Reagan Fecknl Building 
with applicable laws and regula1ions. 411 West :Follrl:h Street 
Reviewing Officer 
Santa.Ana, 92701-4516 
Ill-fi>C)RTANT NOTES: The ins1ructi.ons accompanyingthis foan JllWlt followed. c.omplete allpaI1s. cbeckingthe NONE l>ox for each part  11me you have reportablc1 illf01mation. Sign last page. 
POSITIONS. (Rcporthligindividual only; aeepp. 9-13 offilinginstructions)I. 
NAME ORGANIZATION/ENTITY Judge Superior Court ofCalifbmia. Coun1y Orange 
JI. AGREEMENTS. (Reporting individual on1y. see w-14-16 offiling instnictioos) 
 NONE (Norcporlableai:reema11s.> 
PARTIES AND ..,,>:;oz 
Camey, Connac 
III. NON-INVESTMEI INCOME.(Reportingindividualandspouse;seepp.17-24offilinginslruc:tions) Fifors Non-IBestment Inct>m NONE -(No reportable non-mvemnent income.) 2003 SOURCE AND lYPE State ofCaliibmia GROSS INCOME (yams, not spouscs) 36,4:ts 2003 11,0;53 SpllHHJeS Non-lnvestmeillt Jncom6fyou were marriiid during any portion ofthereportingyear,pleasecomplete1his section. (dollar amount not required exc:ept for bonoraria) 
AND TYPE 2003 Admjnjstaff(Morpho Technologies) 
(lncltudesthose spouse and: dependent cluldren. See pp. 25-27 instrud:ians.) fiti NOJSIE -(Nosucb.rep011tahle1reimbursemenls.) 
Camey, CormacJ GIFTS. (Includesthoseto npousunddependentcbilclren. Seepp. 28-31 ofinstructions.) 
VI. LLAfULITIES. (Includes tb11>Se spouse and depcodent children. See pp. 32-34 instructions.) 
NONE -(No reportable mibilities.) 
Income during 
.Page ofS 
VII. INVESTMENTS and TRUSTS-income.vaiue.1ranscations(mc1u:1esthoseorthespouseanddepeodentchil Seepp.34-57offilinsinmuctions.) 
Transactions during reporting period 
Oross value end D:scriptionof Assets (im:luding trust assc:ls) 
reporting period 
(2) (1) (2) not exempt from 
(2) (3) 
Pince (X) after-each asset ex1c:mpt fromprior disclomR -DNONE (No tepCll1able income. assets. erlnmsactiOD!I) Amount Codel (A-H) JYpe (o.g.div. rent. int) Value Code2 (J-P) Value Method Code3 (Q-W) Type Ce.s buy, sell, merger. =lcmp!ion) Date: Month-Day Value Code2 (A-H) Identeyof buyerhiellc:r (if private: transaction) Wellls Fargo Bank Account Inten:st 
Wellls Fargo Bank.Account ]Dividend --Wellls F:argo Bank Account 
World BankAl:ICount Inten:st Jan11s TWmty Fund DiYidmd 	 
Stci11 R!oe omig InveslDr fund ]Dividend 	 
Jan11s Global Technology AMGN(X) 	None 
Ammm Century Ultra Dividend 
10. --County I>cfi:ned CoiqJ. Plm-Slablc Value FUDd Dividend 
11. IRA Bllllkerage Dividend 
--SChwllb TOlal Bond Fund 
13. -AMAT 
14. --A.lML 
16. .O>S1: 
17. -ELN Income/Gain Codes: Sl,OCIO Jess Sl,001-$2,500 $2,501-$5,000 $5,001-$15,000 0Sl5.00J.$>0.