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Judicial Watch • Cormac J Carney Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Cormac J Carney Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Cormac J Carney Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Page 1: Cormac J Carney Financial Disclosure Report for 2009

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:10

Date Created:November 7, 2013

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Cormac J Carney, CAPITAL, Small, Schwab, ATF, SAVINGS, funds, American, Growth, mutual, vanguard, 2009, dividend, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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Report Requin'd the Ft/lies 
;-:AO Government Act 1978 ... ie. FOH CALEDAR YEAR 2009 U.S.C. a1p 101-1 Person Reporting last n.1mc. iirsr. middk :nltil) CARNEY. COR.MAC Court Or;1niDt1ion DISTRICT COL RT. CEJTRAL DISTRICT CALJFORNV DJtc Report 04/26121)10 Title (Article Ill judges mdiCllC ::ict1vc senior stan1s: magistrate judges indicat::: full-llr U.S. DISTRICT JUDGE ACTIVE  5a. Rrporl T)pl' app'Op1iatc !)pd '?:(lrninJion. L);1f.;,' lnit::.J.I !nnu.:11 Final Sb. A1r.nJcJ Kq:(Jrt Rtporlin Ptrlod 01/01/200? 12131/200') Ch:imbers Office Add res RONALD REAGAN FEDERAL BUILDING WEST FOURTH STREET SANTA ANA. CAUFOR.JIA 927Ul-4516 lht' hn,i tht: lnfot m:i.tion conl:iined this Report and DTI)' modifirntionm.j NONE (No reportable positions.) 

,.,, I'-.)
II. AGREEJ'11'iTS, (Reporci11g individ11a/ on/;'" pp. N-16 ofjilin;; instructions.) [2J NONE (:Vo reportoble agn-ements.J 

Carney, Cormac 

Ill. Q]';-JNVSTJ1ENT CQ!J (R,pmting individt1afond spou tliuse {WllJe nnd deperident children;'"' l'l" U-60 filing in. value end Tr:ms:ictions durinr, rcpo1ting pl!rinure 
Code '.Cod.:-li (All)
Code 3or 1:it.) 
(if private 
trnns.:tc! ion)--(QW)

18. -AMAT Sold 09/28/09 
19. -CSCO Scild 09/28:09 

Sold 09/2H/09 
22. -Clipper Fund CFIMX 23. -HD MRK 25. 26.  MSCC BRKB  Sold Buy  09'28/09 03/04/09  
127. 28.  TGT cnc    lluy  03'0S'09  
29.  -Meridian Gro\th Fund ffRDX  

-Schwab 1000 Index Fund -S!XSX -Schwab Intl Index Fund SWIXX 
32. -Tweedy Browne Global Value f-und 
33. -Vanguard Small Cap ln(ex ftmd -NAES.'< 
.14. l{kJ 	None 
.--------- In.come Gain CuJc: :)1,!JOO (ir less '-Sl.Of1 -S:,5fl S2.50  S5.0llO -=S5,0fl -SI 5,0fl1; SJS.tJOt -S50.llll0 (SceCoh:nu3 .Jnd ().l) =S50 r101. Sit10,con "')100,UO!  51,CfJ1/,G1J1) !li ... 51,crn.001 -ss.000.:x;o =More thn SS.OuU,ODO 
V.1fur.Co.b. "'515.f).'1C Je.c; :-.: :.' 1..r::)I -sso 1:on  SO,OC -Sfl(l,001) =-St00.001 -S250.000 

!See Columns .md l>J) 	.'I =5250,i'OI -S:iCO.J)fl) ,.,.5/)C.illJI -S: L(:1),01!1J l,OC'},001 -'S-5 OfiJ,000 =55.000,001 -525.000,000 -S25.MO.OOI -':'O.Ono Lf{li i'-J ;.;fore rhwt 550.Ctl!i.OOO 
V.ilue MtlhC anti de?entlenr childrrn; ,.,, Pl' 34-60 lJfjiling imrritctions.) NONE (No reportable income, ussets, transactions.) 
DescriptiO:-t A.;i;ets Income during Grn:-.s value ('nd 

(including tru.;t a:;sc!s) Place"()" :.iitcr asse: 
r.::por!ing period rcpmthg ri.:riod 
D:itc Value
(I) (2)Type (c.g. 
Amount (:!1 
Value (iHin 
ldcotiry huyc:-r/se:Ua
CO FunJ Dividnd TWSHCX
-American Funds !'cw Perspective Fund Dividend 
f144. -Putnam Tax Fxempl Income 
CLC . 
145. IRARolloer .o, 1)1v1,endJ 46. -Gro'.th Amer Inc -GFACX 
47.  -Franklin Rising Dividnds FRDTX '49. 50.  -Allianz NFJ Sm:ill Cap PC"CX -Capital World Gro.1h lncorre rnocx -Pirnco Total Return -PTTC.   

-Amer !Jalanccd Fund -BALCX 
-- Income GJ.m (>deets Income dtirhb Grni; valw.: i:nd Trans111.;t1NlS Jurin n:po11ing period 
(including trust asset.) reporting pi:ri1J r'111)rting pcrii..:.11
ii! (5}Place ''(Xl" nncr cnch as:.:...::t Arncunt lypc (.g "aJiJc V:th1c 1rpc f..:.g., Date 'alut! Gain Identity
 exempt from prior di::dosurc CoJ .empt from pri()r ell. mm./iM/yy Co(k 
div., rcr.t. 
(A-II) int) 
rcckmptiL1n) (Jf') (,.Iii (Lfrriv:ite
1.Q-W) 	t:'a:t"action) 
69. -American Funds -:"Jew Prspctive Fund  
70. -ashington Mutu:il In.;csrors Fund -American Funds -Capital Income Builder 72.  -American Funds -lfa.Lmct:d Funrl 73.  -American Funds -Bond Fund  
74. 75.  Va1iabk Life lnoura11cc .:t-;V Mutual -Mid Grth Steck  DivjJnJ 76. -NW Mutual Growth Stock Fund 

77. -NW Mutual Index 400 Stock Fund -Russell Real Estate Securities Fnd 
-Small Cap Value (t;irmcriy :: 	 1.0CO le.s nSJ.O:)J -S."'.,5l)f =S:?,50 -$5,000 -=-S5,Cll -S: l5,t)t)O t.: '""'li S,001 -S50,fhl1}(Sec Columns and 04) - S)O,(H"i -'SI 00.L)(:O =-S OO.i1ll ,r;'JO,VOO si.orn,001 ss.000,000 H2=i:orc1h:rn S5.