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Judicial Watch • CRB Chairs Report April 2012

CRB Chairs Report April 2012

CRB Chairs Report April 2012

Page 1: CRB Chairs Report April 2012


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Date Created:July 9, 2013

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The CRB members and staff have been actively working reduce tensions related the shooting death Miami Gardens teenager Trayvon Martin.  Trayvon Martin the nephew CRB Executive Committee member Ronald Fulton. you know, Trayvon Martins death and the official response lack response it, has created national and international focus issues regarding racial profiling and criminal justice.  This conversation has been particularly poignant Miami-Dade County.  The CRB has conducted the following activities: 
-Soon after were notified Mr. Fulton about his nephews death, staff reached out the Sanford Police Department unsuccessful effort obtain further information.  
CRB members and staff have attended numerous events associated with the death Trayvon Martin.  These included. 
 CRB Vice Chair Reinaldo Valdes attended the funeral Antioch Missionary Baptist Church Miami Gardens March 3rd.  

 March 21, rally and march Liberty City drew two three hundred people 

 rally and march the Little Haiti/Lemon City community organized Haitian American leaders.  About 1,500 people attended this event March 28th.  

 March and 23, demonstrations and/or walk outs took place that involved involving tens thousands students Miami-Dade County senior and junior high schools.  The School principals and Superintendant Carvalho allowed the events without repercussions students, long the students did not break any laws and returned classes following the events. are aware two incidents involving students who had walked-out. group students became disruptive and some committed minor vandalism the Macys store the Cutler Ridge Mall and other group wrecked displays and knocked over merchandise Walgreens Store North Miami Beach. are not aware that any students have been arrested this time for their activities those incidents. 

 The CRB chair attended rally Goulds, Florida organized area religious leaders March 23rd.   

 CRB members and Office Community Advocacy staff participated special meeting the Sanford City Commission that paid tribute Trayvon Martins family. The meeting was followed rally attended ten twelve thousand people, including civil rights activists Rev. Sharpton and Rev. Jesse Jackson. CRB Staff coordinated with representatives the Sanford City Managers office effort help ensure that the representatives the CRB and Black Affairs Advisory Board had opportunity participate.  CRB member Priscilla Dames Blake and Black Affairs Director Retha Boone Fye represented our community those events.  

 Buses carried several hundred Miami-Dade residents rally Sanford Florida that was organized the Florida NAACP Conference Branches and the Miami-Dade NAACP Branch.   CRB past chairs Adora Obi Nweze and Dr. Bradford Brown were key organizers. understand that about three thousand people marched peacefully through downtown Sanford from local park the police department.  

 The CRB Chair was speaker the Miami Neighbor-hoodie Rally conducted Bayfront Park. Several thousand people attended the rally and heard from Trayvons parents, the familys legal team, celebrities and civil rights leaders.   Talk about your perspectives.  The CRB staff worked closely with County Commissioner Barbara Jordan and the event organizers help ensure that accommodations were place for peaceful and productive event.  The CRB Goodwill Ambassadors provided much needed crown control and about thirty county employees participated.   

 There Gospel Music Event commemorating the anniversary the shooting Dr. Martin Luther King Liberty City and call for justice for Trayvon Martin has been incorporated into the program.  

The CRB also had opportunity meet with senior attorneys from the Office State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle.  Ms. Rundles staff had made aware very early that Floridas Stand Your Ground law may play significant role the handling the Trayvon Martin case.  CRB Executive Committee member Shohat facilitated meeting with CRB members and the attorneys, including Don Horn, Kathleen Hoague, and Jose Arrojo along with Ms. Rundles Communications Director Griffith.  The attorneys described the key provisions the law and how they may impact the Trayvon Martin case.    
Following the attorneys briefing, the CRB members convened discuss the key points and determine what provisions and outcomes the law they believe need amended.  Those recommendations were incorportated into CRB Position Paper.  See position paper your meeting package. 
The CRB Position Paper addresses the need for unity and acknowledges the leadership the Martin family, well teenagers and young people, demanding justice through non-violent action.  The paper recommended specific changes the Stand Your Ground law and other legal provisions and recommends support for actions being undertaken Florida and local leaders reduce tensions and promote equal justice.  
During all the public conversation, became clear that there was need provide opportunity for the young people heard.  This theme that Ronald Fulton had emphasized with since the funeral his nephew. request, the CRB began working with the Miami-Dade Economic Advocacy Trust convene Youth Speak Out Trayvon Martin and related issues. The event was scheduled for April the auditorium Miami Carol City Senior High School. Young people, ages years and under, were invited address panel youth leaders and local officials and heard the community-at-large. School administrators and student leaders Dr. Michael Krop, Norland, Carol City and American Senior High Schools worked with reach out the youth and the north Dade community.  County Commissioner Barbara Jordan and School Board Member Wilbert Holloway were early supporters and lent their prestige the planning.   Unfortunately, April 11, the day before the Youth Speak Out, were informed the Associate Superintendent, that the event may not held the high school. stated that the event would disruptive students preparing for the FCAT exams. will have opportunity discuss next steps later our meeting.  
Also, included your meeting package newspaper article about the activities the U.S. Department Justice Community Relations Service who has been Sanford calm tensions and empower community members. The CRB works closely with the Community Relations Service who has been recognized for their activities, which are consistent with the efforts the CRB and its staff, during times community tension.  
Dr. Richardson was guest WQBA Radio 1140 p.m. this evening, Monday, April 2012. was interviewed the program Prohibido Callarse (Prohibited Stay Quiet).   The programs hosts were Roberto Rodriguez Tejera and Helen Aguirre.  The interview will conducted Spanish. 
The interview went extremely well. The staff WQBA was pleased, well those who called participate. Questions and concerns covered number areas including, the Trayvon Martin tragedy, Stand your Ground law, perceptions blacks Cuban Americans, what blacks prefer called, i.e. African Americans first, Americans; Cuban American and African American relations, etc. was full hour conducted MOSTLY Spanish. Even though speak and understand Spanish, felt more comfortable addressing many concerns English that choice words were politically correct. Raul Diaz, former chair CRB, was also present and participated the segment. 
The CRB looking into the in-custody death George Salgado, age years. April 13th. Salgado was reported naked and acting erratically, and West Miami and Miami Gardens Police responded.  During their attempts restrain him, Mr. Salgado was tasered several times. later died Larkin community hospital.  His family raising questions about the cause death and the injuries his body.  Eddie Harris has more report.  
The CRB Executive Committee also discussed concerns around the multiple shooting North Miami.  Two people were killed and twelve were injured outside funeral.  Many, not all, those killed and injured were innocent bystanders.  Community members stated that the shooting was gang related and that gang activity the area growing problem.  The CRB Executive Committee asked that the issue addressed the Criminal Justice and Law Enforcement Committee.  There plan convene the committee meeting the affected community during the coming weeks.  Your participation appreciated.