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Judicial Watch • CRB Chairs Report Exec March 2012

CRB Chairs Report Exec March 2012

CRB Chairs Report Exec March 2012

Page 1: CRB Chairs Report Exec March 2012


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Date Created:July 9, 2013

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CRB Chair Report Executive Committee 
March 2012 
 Death Trayvon Martin. Our deepest condolences the family CRB Executive Committee member Ronald Fulton upon the tragic death his nephew year old nephew Trayvon Martin Sanford Florida. Mr. Martin was enrolled Michael Krop Senior High and was previously student Miami Carol City Sr. was shot and killed under mysterious circumstances while visiting family members Sanford Florida.    This young mans death has caught the attention local activists and along with Miami-Dade family members.  People are questioning the killing African-American youth during unexplained altercation with Sanford resident white male, age years).  The shooter was described neighbors member the Neighborhood Watch who regularly patrols the area night. understand that Trayvon was confronted the shooter who was vehicle. not known family members what was said between the two who initiated the fight. Trayvon was not armed and died less than 100 yards from his family members home.  Trayvons father truck driver from Miami-Dade and was the family members home when the shooting occurred.  Trayvons mother, Sybrina Fulton, employee Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency. The family awaiting more information from the Sanford Police.    CRB Community Intervention staff has also reached out the Sanford Police Department and have also not received any additional information. understand that, this time, the young man who shot Trayvon has not been arrested.   

 Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Joe Martinez has submitted his mandatory resignation the Clerk the Courts and the Supervisor Elections.  Mr. Martinez has announced his candidacy for the Office Miami-Dade Mayor.  His resignation will effective November 20, 2012.  That the date that his term commissioner expires and newly elected Commissioner will take office representing District 11. anticipated that new County Commission Chair will selected shortly thereafter.   

 Wage Theft Legislation letter: The CRB prepare letter Florida Legislators encouraging them protect the successful Miami-Dade Wage Theft Ordinance.  The Miami-Dade Office Intergovernmental Affairs assisted forwarding the letter key members the Florida Senate this past week. bill that would preempt the county ordinance has been adopted the Florida House and there are efforts by-pass Senate Committees place companion bill for vote the Senate floor this week. press release about the CRBs efforts has generated some media coverage.  Mario Artecona was interviewed live Spanish language radio, article has appeared Diario las Americus and the Florida Independent.  

 Wage Theft Demonstrations. Local supporters the Wage Theft Ordinance have conducted demonstrations and distributed flyers outside the downtown Macys department store this past week.  Macys Vice President Legislative Affairs, Mr. Paul Imbrone the chairman the Board Directors the Florida Retail Federation.  The Retail Federation has been major supporter bills that would preempt local wage theft laws. You have received copy flyer that being distributed the streets outside the downtown store.  

 pleased report that Miami-Dade Corrections Director Tim Ryan has agreed meet with the CRB the April General Membership Meeting. your package letter that was forwarded Mr. Ryan response his letter the CRB wherein stated that would not address the board this time. met with Mr. Ryan and representative the county attorneys office and encouraged the Corrections Director meet with the CRB and that would respect his need cautious sharing information relevant the U.S. Department Justice investigation unconstitutional conditions Miami-Dade jail facilities.  

 pleased announce that the RACE Exhibit Fundraising Committee has met its goals for bringing the exhibit our community. total $16,000 has been collected including $500 donation from the CRB and $10,000 from the Childrens Trust.  The exhibit will presented the Museum Science February, March and April 2014.  Congratulations Reinaldo Valdes and other CRB members and supporters who have participated this initiative. community meeting begin implementing programming that will explore the meaning race our community will convened March 2012.  All other members are welcome participate.  

 Gideon 50. For your information, CRB member Maritza Lopez will represent the CRB planning committee meeting for the Gideon Celebration.  The year anniversary the U.S. Supreme Court ruling Gideon Wainwright established the right counsel criminal felony cases state court.   The first meeting the committee this Friday 3:30 p.m.  The Miami-Dade Public Defender organizing activities our community and the CRB has been invited participate the planning.  

 the Company Women. The Commission for Women co-hosting the the Company Women event March the Biltmore Hotel.  You have invitation this signature event that recognizes outstanding women our community.