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CRS Part I

CRS Part I

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Date Created:May 31, 2012

Date Uploaded to the Library:February 20, 2014

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Battles, Thomas (CRS) 

Sent: Friday, March 1:13 -J 
To: Battles, Thomas (CRS) 
Subject: FW: Update Controversial Shooting Miami Youth Sanford Florida Carswell, Amy (fl.dvofy:),,

..ooarch 02, 2012 4:07
Subject: Update Controversial Shooting Miami Youth Sanford Florida 
FYI: Update controversial shooting death Miami-Dade teenagr Sanford Florida understand that Trayvon Fulton currently enrolled Michael Krop Senior High and was previously student Miami Carol City where was member the track and field and wrestling teams. This young man's death beginning catch the attention local activists whom-, along with Miami-Dade family members, are questioning the shooting AfricanAmerican youth during unexplained altercation with Sanford resident (white male, age years). The shooter was described neighbors member the Neighborhood Watch who regularly "patrols" the area night. understand from Mr. Fulton, that Trayvon had left the housing complex where his family members reside about p.m., Sunday, February 26, 2012 and walked local convenience store. Not long afterwards Trayvon was confronted man vehicle, returned the complex property foot. The local man exited his vehicle and altercation took place. not known family members what was said between the two who -initiated the fight. Trayvon was not armed and was found possession bag candy, soda and $22. died less than 100 yards from his family member's home Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, 
truck driver from Miami-Dade, was the family member's home when the shooting. occurred. Trayvon's mother, Sybriria Fulton, employee Miami-Dade Public Housing Agency, was her way Sanford pick her son and bring him home. Family members understand that the man who shot Trayvon has not been arrested. The family awaiting more information from the Sanford Police. CRB Community Intervention staff have. also reached out the Sanford Police Department. Mr. Futon stated that Trayvon was not known have been involved previous serious criminal gang activity. 
our deepest condolences tlte tamuy CRB Executive committee member Ronald Fulton 

Pleas find below information the memorial services for Trayvon Martin, nephew Community Relations Board member Ronald Fulton. Martin, resident Miami-Dade County, was shot and killed under mysterious 
-.. ---efeamstaflGeWAHe-visittflfaffli-fftember-s ifl SaflfG.,aGft-ki -P0t,,-ar, will keep you 
informed further developments they become available. 
From: Ronald:fultn 1..i.
Set: Friday, March 02, 21J1l.
To. Carswell, Amy (Advocacy), ...... ... Ji..  .k.dt-c..

...,-, ---

E=rlward (DIS17) Balzebre, Frank (Office the Mayor); quavis Fulton; Hawkins, Ryan (DISTl);
i.iliject: Fwd: rayvon 1v1an:m 

This what have, when receive more information will let you know. Robles, Mildred 
From: Battles, Thomas (CRS) 
Re: Monitoring Tensions Over Shooting Miami-Dade Teen Sanford Florida -EXTENDED 

5.04 the case and CRB leaders and staff are monitoring local tensions. The CRB extends deep 

Committee recommended Mr. Fulton that contact the Office County Commissioner Barbara Jordan who represents the community where Trayvon's family resides, for constituent services. Mr. Fulton has done so; The CRB working determine the level tension here Miami-Dade and leaders will respond appropriate. have been touch with Commissioner Jordan's office and 
Subject: News Stuff 
To.;cr -:I 

Yahoo(Alot comments) 


From: Dt-t.A.sent: 
09, 2012 ii:27 
To: Carswell, Amy {Advocacy)

Subject: Emailing: Beta -17 year old boy killed over pack skittles -SPEAK UP!.htm 

Country*: [United States 

Stat: [AA 

ZIP code*: 

Privacy policy 
Note: Civic Action sponsors 
signing-. you agree receive email messages from Civic Action and year old boy killed over pack skittles SPEAK UPI Ashley Pierce delivered to: Bill Lee, Chief Police, Sanford and Rick Scott, Governor 
We, the signers this petition, 
demand that 
George Zimmerman prosecutedfo:rhis unlawful actions and take responsibilities for the crimes which has corntnHled message needs sent ALL "neighborhood watch" organizations that taking.:the. law 
Trayvon Martin (17 years old) was walking home from the store gated Stanford, community with pack skittles and driok when was labeled "suspicious" and shot and KILLED armed neighbomood watch guard. Despite the fact that Trayvon was 
completely unanned, George Zimmerman white man) believed the young black teen dangerous and even AFTER being told 
police "stand down" took his own hands and shot the young boy cold blooded murder. We're calling you, An:ierica, 


Subject: RE: Please Help Identify Events and People Sanford. are lso assessing the number and type participation anticipate from Miami-Dade folks who wish travel Please provide contact information for appropriate Sanford leaders. Thanks. Likewise, wili try keep you informed 
about retated events/activities Miami-Dade. 
Amy Carswell 
Program Officer 
Miarili".'tJade Caunty Eammunity Refatiaos Board 
Hnard:af Eo1:1nty Eommissianers 
Office the Ehair 


Sanford, Fla --Friday, March --Sanford City Manager Norton Bonaparte, Jr. officially introduced Captain Darren Scott 

and captain Robert O'Connor who will leading the Sanford Police Department during Chief Lee's absence. 

Captain Scott 22-year veteran the Sanford Police Department. has Masters Degree Public Administration 
from Troy University and graduate the FBI National Academy. has served variety positions the Police 
Department include Patrol, Investigations, Special Operations and the Office Professional Standards 

Captain O'Connor has extensive experience Investigations, Intelligence Led Policing, Multi Organizational Mutual Aid 
Management, Terrorism/Domestic Security and Critical Infrastructure Protection. has Bachelors Degree 
Criminology from Florida State University and Masters Degree Criminal Justice from the University Central Florida. 

Mr. Bonaparte spoke during the press conference today, have complete confidence Capt. Scott and capt. O'Connor 
and their ability lead this department move forward." 
The Sanford Police Department proudly serves the 53,570 residents Sanford, Florida. 

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This sundays event the park. 

Sent: Fri Mar23 12:21:39 2012 
Subject: Fwd: COi for Protect the Children Campaign 
Hello Jennifer, 
I'mjust ensuring you have this insurance certificate. 
Without you this would'nt have been possible. will also like inquire about getting some televised exposure possible assist this musical inspiration event. 

Protect the Children campaign calling this event "Tray Day". Our campaign asking for all year olds wear RED HOLLISTER BRAND Tee Shirt REGULAR PLAIN Tee Shirt show connection and LOVE for Trayvon Martin "Tray Day" March 25, 2012. 

Thanks much ... 


PLEASE NOTE: Florida has very broad public records law. Any written communication from City officials regarding City business public record available the public and media upon request. Your e-mail communications may subject public disclosures. 

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