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Judicial Watch • Dan M Russell Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Dan M Russell Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Dan M Russell Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: Dan M Russell Jr Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:16

Date Created:February 3, 2005

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Gulfport, Dan M Russell Jr, Lease, NUVEEN, hancock, Series, Russell, south, bonds, Royalty, 2003, EPA, IRS, Financial Disclosure, ICE, CIA, income, Judge

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A0-10 Gonrnmcnt Act 'l78 --"' ,Calendar Year 2003 V.S.C. app.  IOI-I ill.
Re'. l/00 Court Org;mil.ation Date Report Person Reporting (last nam.:. Firs! name, Mim1ing 
Paue 1of3 
incmc. value, trnnsc:uiuns induilrtabk: mcomc:. assets. transacuons) 
NONE  Lauderdale Co. Housing Tax Free Bonds  
Series 456 Nuvcen Tax Exempt Unit Trust  
Series 512 Nuvcen Tax Exempt Unit Trust  Nuvei:n Insured Quality Municipal Shares  Nuvcen Investment Quality Municipal Bonds  Checking Acct-Hancock Bank, Gulfport,  Interest  Interest  Interest  Interest  ln:rcst  Interest  

redeemed  09/02  Paine Webber  
redeemed  05115  Paine Webber  
redeemed  04115  Paine Webber  

Checking Acct.-Bancorp South, Gulfport, Interest 
Money Mkt Acct.Bancorp South Gulfport, ln:rest 
Plains Marketing. Adams Co. Royalty 
10.  Marshall Young. Hancock Co. lease  Royalty  
11.  UNOCAL Exploration.Mobile Co.,  Royalty  
12. Petroleum Co.lnc.. Hancock Co.  Royalty  
13. 14.  Transok, Inc. Lease 375 minerals Hancock Co. Tominson Interests, Inc., Jefferson Davis Co,  None None inactive  
IS.  Vintage PebOlcum, Hancock  None  
16.  Denbury Resources, Glucksladt Field, Madison Co.,  12/15  
17.  Amer. Nat. Crude Oil (Foremost Operating) Lincoln Co.MS  Royalty  
18.  CSV Life Insurance  None lncomc.'(iam Code>: S.:c Culunuis 111 and [)4)  Valw Codes: Sec ulumns 1 and OJJ 1'3 1,000 lcs.  550.tllll 100.00U 0-$I 5.000 less  S250.(Kl0-S5!KJ.Cl00  $25.l>OIJ.IKll-S:>n.llOU.tlllll $1.001-52.500 00.001-S 1,000.1100 15.00 -S'.,000 $500.001-S .OOll.1100 111 l'4  =S250lS5,tKIO l.000.UO 1-SS,IJ00.000 S51l.ll01-$ ICKl.OOO =Sl.000,001-$5,000,00ll $Mure than $50,0110.ClllO Asscsn.enl =S5.(llll-Sl5.0lI  More than ,OUU .000 100.00 l-S15U.OUO  $5,0CKl.00 l-$2:Jl(Ml.UOCI   SIS.001.sso.t-111 ln.:u111ciU111n l'otlcs: Sl.OOOorless  =SI .OU S:?.5IKI S2.50l-S5.000 $5.00l-Sl5,000   .!JI SSll.tKJll