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Judicial Watch • David B Sentelle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

David B Sentelle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

David B Sentelle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Page 1: David B Sentelle Financial Disclosure Report for 2003

Category:Financial Disclosure

Number of Pages:7

Date Created:November 28, 2004

Date Uploaded to the Library:November 13, 2013

Tags:Marvel, Comfort, Evergreen, Competition, David B Sentelle, asset, travel, david, lodging, school, university, court, 2003, EPA, dividend, Financial Disclosure, CIA, income, Judge

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FI?iA.NCIAL DISCLOSURE RJ'.PORT 1'amc oL?mon Reporting Sentelle.. Oav:id  512412.004  
ID. NON-INVESTMEl'lT INCO!VIE. (Reponing ioctividua1 and spouse;sce pp. 11-24 nffilinginsrructionsJ Filer's Non-Investment Income NONE   {Norepartablenoo-investmeotincome.)  
(youn;, not spouse's}  112003  GMU Law School (teaching)  $22,500 Spouse's Non ..Jnvestmeilt Income (If you were married during any portion th:. reportingyear.please complete this section. (dollar amount not required except for honorn.1.a) 
 NONE {N'oreporta'Jler.oninvestroentincome,)
IV. 	REIM:BURSEMENTS -transportation, lodging. food, enlerlainrnent. (Inciudes those spouse and dependent children. See pp. 25-27 instructions.) NONE (Nosuchreponablereimlrursements.)
 Duke University School Law 	Moot Court: Competition (travel, food, lodging) 
Florida State University School Law 	Speech (ttavei food, lodging) 
Duke University School Law 	Meeting (travel, fo....d, lodging) 
American Inns Court 	National 1'.1eeting {travel, food, lodging) Duke Unlverslty School l..a'h' 	Moot Co:trt Competition (travel, food, lodgir..g) 
FI;l.A.'!CJAL DJSCLOSLKE REPORT INrae o!?e: rgec.detion) Code 
(All'; (JPJ

CJ-?} {if private 
(Q-W) ttansaction) 


19. Sun America Dividend Strategy f'ucd 
20. ToysR 

21. Holding Co. 

22. Ho!ding 0:.1. 

m,,,,,,,;Q,,ill Cedes::  ""$1,000 less  ::::. Sl,Ml-S2,5CJ::>  ::: $2,501$5,000  ;:".$5,001..$15.,0C".)  $15,CGI-$50,000  
(See Colamus andD4}  :::: $50,,001$106,CO)  ;:;: SIOO.,OOl-$1,DC-O,OOD ""$1,000,GOJ$5,000,000 =.'1ore-th.'.in SS,DOO.OCO  
'.:".. Valu Cor; $15,000 :ess  ::::: S!5,00l-S30JXJO  S.50.001-SJO'.J,OO(} s;o:.001-s2so.000  
{See Columns and D3)  :::: S250,CG0-$5D:l.OOC;  ""$500,0CJ-Sl,OOJ.OCO s1,ooo,oo ;-ss,ono.oo::i '.5,000.00l -s:S,000,W:J  
U'" $25,000:'.l(il-$50,000.CVO =$More than $:SC,{i(li},000 i'>.!);::-.US:ti C;:n;: :Rc:.1 Esum: Ouly) Assessrrent ::::.l.SIV'Mutket  
=Boot: Value  :.O:...'ier  ""Estirrutc